Emy Baker's Originals-Freshening The Eco-friendly Way


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Slideshare presentation on green plant-based eco-friendly, biodegradable freshening products for automotive,commercial and residential applications and more.

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Emy Baker's Originals-Freshening The Eco-friendly Way

  1. 1. EMY BAKER’S ORIGINALS Freshening The Eco-Friendly Way Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/EmyBaker1 Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Emy-Bakers-Originals
  2. 2. How versatile and safe are your current aerosol and car fresheners? Emy Baker’s Originals Organic Eco-Friendly Teabag Fresheners can freshen and deodorize almost any area you can imagine and then some! www.emybaker.com 440-941-3820
  3. 3. Freshening Your Ride From “pimped out” to conservative, from family van to an RV, Emy Baker’s Originals has a safe, ecofriendly way to keep your ride smelling fresh day after day. Our 100% biodegradable plantbased organic car teas are free of phthalates, formaldehyde, and other toxic substances. They freshen without overpowering and we have a fragrance for you no matter what your taste. Order yours today at: www.emybaker.com
  4. 4. Fresheners For The Fur Family Adopting a pet can sometimes be as daunting as adopting a child. The care and feeding and yes, the toilet training can sometimes create an odoriferous environment in your otherwise pristine home. Like people, their smell should not announce their presence. Most likely you wouldn't use an air freshener as personal deodorant, you shouldn't use it as a pet deodorant either. Emy Baker's Originals 100% Organic Pet Are Tea Fresheners were created to deodorize without spewing chemicals into the air. Need more info? Contact us at jim@emybaker.com Shop us at www.emybaker.com
  5. 5. OTR Freshening Power If you are an over the road trucker your rig is your second home. It is often the place where you eat and sleep and it is also the place that is hardest to keep smelling fresh. http://www.emybaker.com Most of the commercial car fresheners on the market contain far more ingredients than necessary to get the job done. Some of them even include toxic substances in greater than trace amounts. Prolonged exposure to many of these products can trigger allergies, headaches and even stomach distress. Emy Baker's Car and Home Teas have two ingredients that make our product so safe it is listed in the USDA Bio-Preferred Catalog. Our products are biodegradable which makes them eco-friendly and most importantly they get the job done!
  6. 6. The Designer Collection For Men Emy Baker’s Originals has created a line of masculine designer fragrance type ar fresheners unavailable in stores. Our offerings include: Cool Water Type For Men Intuition For Men Type Drakkar Type Ed Hardy Type* Twilight Woods For Men* Very Sexy For Men Type* Special orders- Call Us at 440-941-3820 Order yours today at www.emybaker.com
  7. 7. The Designer Collection For Women Emy Baker’s Originals has created a line of feminine designer fragrance type car fresheners unavailable in stores. Our offerings include: Amber Romance Type* Beautiful Type* Beneath The Stars Type Ed Hardy For Women Type* Heavenly Type* Michael Kors For Women Type* Pear Glace Type* Pure Seduction Type Vera Wang Type* Very Sexy For Women White Linen Type* *Special orders: Call us at 440-941-3820 Order yours today at www.emybaker.com
  8. 8. Smelly Shoe Solutions Foot odor, known in the medical profession as bromhidrosis, can be traced to bacteria that find odor moist and warm feet, socks, Foot your and shoes the perfect place to breed and multiply. Thousands of sweat glands on the soles of the feet produce perspiration composed of water, sodium chloride, fat, minerals, and various acids that are the end products of your body's metabolism. In the presence of certain bacteria (namely those found in dark, damp shoes), these sweaty secretions break down, generating the stench that turns people green. www.emybaker.com Emy Baker’s Originals 100% plant-based shoe teas freshen and deodorize smelly shoes without toxic chemicals and are ecofriendly solutions that reduce the carbon footprint.
  9. 9. A Multitude Of Uses That Traditional Fresheners Can’t Do
  10. 10. Created and Produced by EastWalk Media ©2013 Eastwalk Media Disclaimer: All images used in this presentation are the intellectual property of the original copyright holders and no infringement is intended.