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Rockbot - Buffalo Wild Wings Case Study


Using Local Social - to launch your restaurant brand in new markets …

Using Local Social - to launch your restaurant brand in new markets

How one Buffalo Wild Wings franchise utilized Roqbot's local social media tactics to produce the most successful openings of the entire chain.

Published in Marketing , Business , Technology
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  • 2. ROCKBOT.COM SHARE   THIS  WHITEPAPER   THE ROCKBOT INSIGHT THE  QUESTION  AT  HAND   Going   from   zero   to   brand   awareness   in   a   new   market   presents  a  challenge  for  any  restaurant  brand–whether   you’re  a  new  fast  casual  concept  tackling  a  new  city  or  a   surging  enterprise  entering  a  new  region  of  the  U.S.       INSIGHT     Rockbot  analyzed  the  tacJcs  of  top-­‐performing  Buffalo   Wild   Wings®   franchisees   to   find   that   five   hyper-­‐local   and   unconvenJonal   social   media   tacJcs   accelerated   brand  awareness  in  new  markets.       1.  THINK   LIKE   AN   SMB.   Partnering   with   community   groups,   from   liRle   league   teams   to   university   student  clubs,  reaches  local  consumers  in  authenJc   contexts  and  provides  custom  social  media  content.   2.  COMMIT   TO   LOCAL-­‐FIRST   CONTENT.   PrioriJzing   local-­‐specific  content  on  social  media  over  naJonal   brand  messaging  increases  consumer  sharing.   3.  BEFRIEND   YOUR   COMPETITORS   ONLINE.   Take   the   high   road   and   menJon/tag/retweet   other   restaurants   in   the   area.   Make   it   clear   you’re   invested  in  being  part  of  the  community  and  that   you’re  there  to  stay.   4.  MAKE   YOUR   REGULARS   FAMOUS.   Your   loyal   customers  are  the  most  willing  to  share  online.  Spoil   them   with   shout-­‐outs   &   rewards   on   social   and   watch  your  brand  spread  across  their  networks.   5.  TRAIN  YOUR  STAFF  LIKE  A  STREET  TEAM.  Task  staff   with   recruiJng   on-­‐premise   guests   to   your   online   channels.   StarJng   the   consumer   relaJonship   with   an   in-­‐person   experience   will   boost   social   media   engagement  later.    
  • 3. ROCKBOT.COM SHARE   THIS  WHITEPAPER   IS LOCAL SOCIAL AN OPPORTUNITY? WE  THINK  YOU’LL  AGREE.   Over   51%   of   adults   are   learning   about   new   local   restaurants   online   –   as   opposed   to   tradiJonal   channels  like  newspaper  (31%)  and  TV  (8%).  However,   just   because   the   acJon   has   shibed   to   search   and   social,  does  not  mean  it’s  shibed  away  from  local.     Over  half  of  adult  consumers  (52%)  are  more  likely  to   eat   at   a   restaurant   that   supports   their   community.   Does   this   mean   hometown   SMBs   have   an   inevitable   advantage   when   it   comes   to   customer   loyalty?   Or   does   it   simply   present   an   opportunity   for   enterprise   brands   to   reach   consumers   at   the   local-­‐online   intersecJon?     Since   restaurants   will   spend   69%   more   in   2014   on   locaJon-­‐based   markeJng,   local   social   may   be   emerging   as   a   major   opportunity   for   brands   to   win   awareness  and  loyalty  in  new  local  markets.  
  • 4. ROCKBOT.COM SHARE   THIS  WHITEPAPER   Restaurant   brands   face   a   difficult   markeJng   quesJon   in   whether   or   not   to   uJlize   local   social   media   channels   on   Facebook  and  TwiRer  (e.g.  an  “Applebee’s  Downtown  San   Francisco”   page,   in   addiJon   to   the   primary   “Applebee’s”   naJonal  brand  page).       According  to  NaJon’s  Restaurant  News  and  the  Restaurant   Social   Media   Index   (February   2014)   produced   by   Paul   Barron’s   DigitalCoco,   the   following   brands   rank   highest   among   all   fast   casual   concepts   uJlizing   social   media.   Buffalo  Wild  Wings®,  Hard  Rock  Café®  and  Smashburger®   are   among   those   currently   uJlizing   regional   or   locaJon-­‐ specific  pages  –  to  varying  degrees  –  to  engage  customers   with   hyper-­‐local   content.   Smashburger®,   for   example,   maintains   a   strictly   naJonal   Facebook   presence,   while   uJlizing  TwiRer  for  naJonal  and  local  pages.     LOCAL PAGES IN FAST CASUALTO  USE  LOCAL  BRAND  PAGES  OR  NOT  TO  USE  LOCAL  BRAND  PAGES—THAT  IS  THE   QUESTION.  SEE  HOW  THE  TOP  FAST  CASUAL  BRANDS  ON  SOCIAL  ARE  ANSWERING  IT.   TODAY    
  • 5. ROCKBOT.COM SHARE   THIS  WHITEPAPER   THE B-DUBS® LOCAL FORMULA B-­‐DUBS®  FRANCHISEES  CRACK  THE  CODE   Buffalo   Wild   Wings®   is   ranked   one   of   today’s   top   restaurant  brands  on  social,  and  the  brand’s  franchisees   are  tweeJng  to  the  beat  of  a  different  drummer.           BriJany  Ward,  VP  of  MarkeQng  for  B-­‐Dubs®  franchisee   Screamin’  Hot  Concepts,  reports  that  the  following  local   social  media  tacJcs  have  produced  their  most  successful   openings  and  helped  to  accelerate  brand  awareness.       1.  PARTNERS.  “In  new  ciJes,  we  partner  with  chambers   of  commerce,  sponsor  local  university  clubs  and  ask   other  local  groups  to  introduce  us  to  the  community   and  collaborate  with  us  on  social.”     2.  CONTENT.   “What   would   you   talk   about   with   your   neighbors?  Social  content  about  local  events,  people   or  organizaJons  resonate  more.  Create  fun  posts  to   repeat  each  week  -­‐  showcase  an  employee,  feature  a   customer,  and  hype  up  a  local  sports  event.”   3.  WHAT  COMPETITION?  “Don’t  be  afraid  to  ‘Like’  and   follow   pages   of   other   local   vendors   and   area   restaurants   to   show   your   connecJon   to   the   community.   Tweet   at   them   publicly   so   they   can   respond  and  consumers  can  see  the  relaJonship.”   4.  CUSTOMERS.   “Remember   that   you’re   targeJng   the   very   customers   who   walk   through   your   doors.   Celebrate  them!  Some  of  our  regulars  get  their  own   B-­‐Dubs®   birthday   cake   and   we   post   a   photo   of   the   cake  on  social,  so  they  can  share  with  their  friends.”   5.  STAFF.  “Our  employees  would  also  be  our  customers.   They  mirror  what  our  guests’  buying  decisions  would   be.   Allow   them   to   share   their   favorite   menu   items   online.  Have  them  recruit  customers  to  follow  your   social  channels.”    
  • 6. ROCKBOT.COM SHARE   THIS  WHITEPAPER   SUN   Hype  up  an  event  or  acJvity  your  fans  are  likely   thinking  about.  Example:  Sports   MON   Give  a  few  loyal  customers  (or  your  enJre  city)  a   big  local  shout-­‐out.       TUE   Promote  a  giveaway,  contest  or  event  that’s   only  available  at  your  local  store/s.   WED   Remind  everyone  of  an  exclusive  special  you’re   only  running    at  that  locaJon.   THU   Partner  with  a  local  spokesman  who  your  fans   love  and  feature  them  in  your  posts.   FRI   Remind  fans  of  a  weekly  acJvity  at  your  locaJon   (karaoke,  trivia,  Rockbot  night,  etc.)   SAT   Switch  to  naJonal  messaging  with  a  fan-­‐favorite   menu  item  to  rally  everyone  behind  your  brand.   SAMPLE  TEMPLATE:  POSTING  LOCAL  CONTENT  ON  SOCIAL  MEDIA  
  • 7. ROCKBOT.COM SHARE   THIS  WHITEPAPER   SUN   Hype  up  an  event  or  acJvity  your  fans  are  likely   thinking  about.  Example:  Sports   MON   Give  a  few  loyal  customers  (or  your  enJre  city)  a   big  local  shout-­‐out.       TUE   Promote  a  giveaway,  contest  or  event  that’s   only  available  at  your  local  store/s.   WED   Remind  everyone  of  an  exclusive  special  you’re   only  running    at  that  locaJon.   THU   Partner  with  a  local  spokesman  who  your  fans   love  and  feature  them  in  your  posts.   FRI   Remind  fans  of  a  weekly  acJvity  at  your  locaJon   (karaoke,  trivia,  Rockbot  night,  etc.)   SAT   Switch  to  naJonal  messaging  with  a  fan-­‐favorite   menu  item  to  rally  everyone  behind  your  brand.   BLANK  TEMPLATE:  EASY  TO  PRINT  &  SHARE  WITH  YOUR  SOCIAL  TEAM  
  • 8. ROCKBOT.COM SHARE   THIS  WHITEPAPER   EASY NEXT STEPS THREE  THINGS  YOU  CAN  DO  RIGHT  NOW  TO  CONVERT  THESE  INSIGHTS  INTO  ACTION.   1.  Email  your  markeQng  lead  and  ask   about   how   your   brand   is   uJlizing   local  social  media.     2.  Think   of   the   next   3   markets   or   ciJes   on   your   roadmap.   What   is   your  brand  awareness  like  there?   3.  Share   the   tacQcs   on   slide   2   with   your   social   media   managers   and   ask  for  their  feedback.  
  • 9. ROCKBOT.COM SHARE   THIS  WHITEPAPER   THANK YOUWe   hope   the   ideas   presented   in   this   report   on   local   social   media   strategy   sparked   even   beRer   ideas   of   your   own.   If   you   haven’t   seen   how   Rockbot   is   changing   the   restaurant   industry  and  engaging  today’s  generaJon  of  customers,  we  invite  you  to  see  it  for  yourself.   “The  most  disrupQve  and  relevant  new  music  soluJon  for  today’s  mobile  and   social  world.”  –     “Rapidly  innovaQng  outdated  background  music  in  restaurants  with  an  exciJng,   social  experience  for  customers.”  –  Na.onal  Restaurant  Associa.on     Learn  more  about  Rockbot  at   Rockbot  blows  your  customers’  minds  and  gets  them  sharing  your  brand  on  social  media.  We   replace  the  old  “background  music”  in  restaurants  with  a  social  music  experience  that  engages   today’s  smartphone  customers,  increases  social  media  buzz,  and  drives  customer  dwell  Jme.   WHAT IS ROCKBOT