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  • Ans: Tangled! Initially titled Rapunzel.
  • Ans: Bikini, After the Bikini islands.
  • Ans: The Hunger Games by Susan Collins.
  • Ans: Katy Perry.
  • Answer: M&M’s
  • Ans: Kristen Stewart.
  • Answer: Canine- Santa’s Little Helper Feline-
  • Answer: The first food coloring used by man.
  • Answer: Lady Gaga ( The song is Radio Gaga )
  • Answer: Terminator.
  • Answer: Youtube Sensation-Annoying Orange, Dane Boe Productions.
  • Answer: Patrick Star and Gary the Snail, From SpongeBob SquareParents are cousins!
  • Answer: Fifty Shades by E.L James.
  • Answer: Daisy Dukes!
  • Answer: Hanna- Barbera productions!
  • Answer: Everybody’s favorite nerds, Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter.
  • Answer: Laakhonmeinek
  • Answer: Works of Richard Castle ( Played by Nathan Fillion ) from the TV series, Castle!
  • Grey Matter presents Ladies Quiz Finals

    1. 1. Round 1: Elimination! On the Buzzer. + 10 Correct answer -5 wrong answer
    2. 2. 1. Too Trichky? Initially titled after the main protagonist, it waschanged to its current title as a marketing ploy. Themovie which cost $260 M to make, marks WaltDisney Pictures’ 50th full-length animated feature.The cast includes five main characters, 21 thugs and38 townspeople. Animation team includes a hairsoftware engineer, Kelly Ward, who got hercomputer science PhD in the study of hair, and hasspent the last ten years specializing in thatarea. Which movie are we talking about?
    3. 3. AnswerTangled! Initially titled Rapunzel.
    4. 4. 2. The answer may be too revealing!In May 1946, French engineer Louis Réard firstadvertised it as the "Atome,", then decided to takethe name from the ____ Atoll, one of a series ofislands in the South Pacific where testing on the newatomic bomb was occurring that summer. Historiansassume Reard termed it that way because hebelieved its revealing style would create reactionsamong people similar to those created by America’satomic bomb in Japan just one summer earlier. Whatis the iconic thing being discussed here?
    5. 5. Answer• Bikini, After the Bikini islands.
    6. 6. 3. Let’s play.Inspiration for this book came to the authorfrom channel surfing. On one channel she observedpeople competing on a reality show and on anothershe saw footage of the invasion of Iraq. The two"began to blur in this very unsettling way" and theidea for the book was formed. The Greekmyth of Theseus served as a major basis for thestory, with the author describing the protagonist as afuturistic Theseus, and Roman gladiatorial gamesprovided the framework. Which is this book thatspawned 2 sequels and a movie?
    7. 7. Answer• The Hunger Games by Susan Collins.
    8. 8. 4. No longer Branded.She said, “I’m a gay activist and I say that proudly.”She’s known for her humorous, bright in color, andreminiscent of different decades style of dressingand she frequently uses fruit-shaped accessories.She has written several songs for othersingers, including Ashley Tisdale ("TimesUp"), Selena Gomez & the Scene ("Rock God" and"Thats More Like It"), Kelly Clarkson ("Long Shot"and "I Do Not Hook Up"), Jessie James ("Bullet"and "Girl Next Door"), Lesley Roy ("SlowGoodbye"), and Kady Malloy ("Wish You theWorst"). Rebecca Black featured in one of her
    9. 9. Answer• Pop Star Katy Perry, who recently called splits with Russell Brand.
    10. 10. 5. Not to be confused with the rapper!• According to, A rumor debunking website, some of the various urban legends associated with this product include:• Green: aphrodisiac• Orange: good luck• Brown: bad luck• Red: grants wishes• Yellow: causes sickness• The aphrodisiac qualities of the green ones was acknowledged by the company in 2007, with the introduction of a green female mascot and a special edition Valentine’s Day all-green pack being introduced that year. What product?
    11. 11. Answer• M&Ms
    12. 12. 6. Answer this with a straight face.This American fantasy film is based on a Germanfairytale compiled by the Brothers Grimm. Its lead hadbeen played by the highest paid actress of May 2011-2012 whose alleged affair with the director of the moviecaused a huge controversy after being linked with herco-star from an earlier starring role. Who is the actressin question?
    13. 13. Answer• Kristen Stewart.
    14. 14. 7. Everyone’s Favourite TV Family Name the two critters.
    15. 15. Answer• Canine- Santa’s Little Helper• Feline- Snowball II
    16. 16. Round 2: Infinite Bounce +20 Correct answer No negatives.
    17. 17. 1. I bet you’re dyeing to answer this! The native American lady in the image is collecting a whole bunch of those icky insects shown up top. Why in the world is she doing that!?
    18. 18. Answer• The first food coloring used by man.
    19. 19. 2.ID XSymbolism surrounding X, in her pictures andvideos, mixes those symbols with occultism ofsecret societies. Her vacuous, roboticand slightly degenerate persona embodies allthe “symptoms” of a mind control victim. Acouple of her pictures or videos show herconstantly hiding one of her eyes like theIlluminati’s All-Seeing Eye. Her stage name is areference to a song by the rock band Queen.
    20. 20. Answer• Lady Gaga ( The song is Radio Gaga )
    21. 21. 3. No, It’s not Avatar!• In Rome, during the release of Piranha II: The Spawning director James Cameron grew ill and had a dream about a metallic torso dragging itself from an explosion while holding kitchen knives. Shaun Hutson wrote a novelization of the film which was published in 1984. In September 1988, NOW Comics released a comic based on the film. Several video games were also released between 1991 and 1993 for various Nintendo and Sega systems. Name the film which is the first part of the lengthy saga.
    22. 22. Answer• The Terminator.
    23. 23. 4. Who is being described here?•He has several recurring mannerisms.•He often begins an episode by repeatedly yelling "Hey,(name of character)!" until the character responds.•If he does not like an object, he will often say, "Youre anapple!", even if the object is not.•He uses various tactics, such as telling rude and offensivejokes, burping, and making childish noises with histongue, to get attention. He also has a loud, brayinglaugh.•Whenever he screams ‘Knife!’, it usually means a suddenand gruesome end of the other character(s) with a chef’sknife (which could also range from a blender to atoy pinwheel).
    24. 24. Answer• Youtube Sensation- Annoying Orange, Dane Boe Productions.
    25. 25. 5. Put Funda.
    26. 26. Answer• Patrick Star and Gary the Snail, From SpongeBob SquareParents are cousins!
    27. 27. 6. This trilogy was developed from a Twilight fanfic originallytitled Master of the Universe and published episodicallyon fan-fiction websites under the pen name "SnowqueensIcedragon". The piece featured characters namedafter Stephenie Meyers characters in Twilight, EdwardCullen and Bella Swan. The books erotic nature andperceived demographic of its fanbase as being composedlargely of married women over thirty led to the bookbeing dubbed "Mommy Porn" by some news agencies.The series has sold 40 million copies worldwide, with bookrights having been sold in 37 countries, and set the recordas the fastest-selling paperback of all time, surpassingthe Harry Potter series. Name the bestselling series.
    28. 28. AnswerFifty Shades by E.L James.
    29. 29. Round 3: Let’s pounce! +20 Correct answer.+30 Pouncing -10 incorrect pounce ( Time limit: 15 Seconds )
    30. 30. 1. ID the pair of shorts. The garment ( pictured ) was named after thecharacter in the TV show, The Dukes of Hazzard whichwas portrayed by Catherine Bach. The shorts that shewore were so short that the network made her wearflesh colored tights! We see the same shorts makingtheir way to Pokémon in 2010.
    31. 31. Answer• Daisy Dukes!
    32. 32. 2. Connect!
    33. 33. Answer• Hanna- Barbera Productions.
    34. 34. 3. Who lives here?2311 N. Los Robles Ave.Apt 4APasadena, CA
    35. 35. AnswerEverybody’s favorite nerds, Sheldon Cooperand Leonard Hofstadter.
    36. 36. 4. Name the TV show.This new series will build on Satyamev Jayateand keep the focus on issues of socialconsequence. Produced by Big Synergy, the showwill be hosted by Pooja Gor of Pratigya.
    37. 37. Answer• Laakhon Mein Ek.
    38. 38. 5. Connect
    39. 39. AnswerWorks of Richard Castle ( Played by Nathan Fillion ) from the TV series, Castle!
    40. 40. 6. What has been blanked out?
    41. 41. AnswerGame of Thrones! ( Book series by George R.R Martin )Pictured are the houses from Game of Thrones