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  • I set up TJP to enable companies to access the best talent easily and remove some of the inefficiencies around the recruitment industry
  • Self selection
  • It becomes so important when you realize that the mobile internet is becoming people’s preferred access point even in their own homes
  • “The obsession towards an exceptional candidate experience can sometimes be a stilted aspiration.  After all - at some point you need to validate a candidates suitability for the role which can sometimes be a less engaging process.”
  • Recruitment reimagined
  • Laptop and desktop shipments declined for the first time ever year on yearSmartphones continued to increase in shipments globally Tablets saw the most significant growth in popularity Slide transition – what is happening in 2013? Will this trend continue?
  • PC market will stay very similar, decreasing 1m. Some analysts think it will be more after disappointing Windows 8 responses from consumers. Both Smartphone and Tablet shipments will increase significantly again this year globally.PCs are generally replaced in a 5 year cycle, vs. 2 years on phone. The likelihood is that PC shipments will continue to decline as people turn to tablets and smartphones for “light usage” (social networking, internet browsing etc)
  • 2 hours 42 mins spent on average on a smartphone per day. Main activity in mornings, afternoon and evenings. A significant proportion of that use is from home too. (Not necessarily just about getting people on their commute / on the move)80% of time spent in an app rather than mobile web. Heavily skewed by social networking apps. Points to a user experience point, where people are turning to native applications for the the best experience44% emails are opened on a mobile. Is the content that recruiters sent optimised for mobile? 550k (2.5%) smartphone owners use their phone to browse job listings. This excludes tablet traffic, which is most suitable for browsing. Sources182 mins – Comscore & Flurry analytics80% - Comscore & Flurry44% - Experian Marketing Services550k – Mintel & eMarketer2.3% UK smartphone owner panel used phone to view and browse jobs – Mintel ReportAdditional InfoEstimated to be 19.2m smartphone owners in UK today – emarketer January 2013Estimated to be 41.9m smartphone owners in UK by 2016 – emarketer January 2013550k is smartphone only, not tablet
  • ROI, it’s simply – to build an implemented we estimate 6 employees move, in year 1, then 1 for each year after

SRTech Bristol SRTech Bristol Presentation Transcript

  • SRTech13 Roadshow - Bristol
  • Future of Talent, Technologyand Social Recruiting#SRTECH13The Future of RecruitmentImpact on Your In-HouseRecruitment StrategyAlan WhitfordOperations Director+44 7971
  • Why Me? Over 25 years experience in recruitment and in the start-up andexpansion of high technology businesses in Europe Provide strategic and practical insights to the automation and web-enablement of Human Resource and Recruitment Process activitiesthroughout Europe Clients include Times 500 companies and software and servicesvendors in the Human Resources and e-commerce arenas Founder of RCEURO, web portal for the European recruitmentindustry Published in a number of on-line and off-line media covering technicaland strategic issues around HR, technology, social media and business Lead training programmes on the use of social media and networkingtools Founding board member of HR-XML Consortium European Chapter Chair of the highly successful Social Recruitment Conference series Operations Director of the Direct Employers Association Europe
  • The Importance of Talent80% of executives surveyed globallybelieved that "the ability to attractand retain the best people" will bethe Primary Force influencingbusiness strategySource: Deloitte - 2001
  • What Is The Future of Recruitment?
  • Recurrent Themes Improved or emerging technology Candidate communications The War for Talent Workplace talent shortages HR has no budget Cultural changes Candidates as customers (and vice versa)
  • Marketplace and Societal Challenges The War For Talent is now 15 years old The Candidate Won 14.9 years ago Everybody knows Not enough skilled workers Too many unskilled workers They are all in the wrong place 5+ Generations in the Workplace Our brand is what „they‟ say about us Double Dip Recession
  • The Candidate Scene
  • Candidate Behaviours According to an Inavero study, 98 percent of candidates reported using searchengines at the beginning of their research phase (when they‟re searching on amore broad level, and not yet researching specific companies). 58 percent of candidates say they complete all research before they ever apply to anorganisation. Only 14 percent of candidates believe what a company says about themselves The “Social Conundrum”: 78 percent of candidates believe what users or employeessay about a company 88% of employees leave a company for reasons other than money 89% of employers thought that employee left BECAUSE of money 60% of employees would recommend job to friend or family Only 23% participate in referral programmes 55% of employees believe it is important that people want to work here
  • What Are The Candidates Saying? Remove the long winded application process Treat me with respect - CALL ME! Why do I want to be in your Community? Be transparent Your job is a step down in class for me (Academia) I don‟t really care about your recruiting/sourcing technology or platform I want a job that: Pays more money Gives me satisfaction I can contribute to society Career progression - FAST
  • Where Are The Candidates ComingFrom Now?
  • Referrals Are Efficient
  • FuturesTechnology, Trendsand Engagement
  • The Impatient Generation Eager to live “now” Social networks are live, ongoing and instant One to one communication channels Mobile phones are the game changer Mobile is always on, always accessible Mobile is live and interactive
  • Candidates Never Leave Their MobilePhone
  • More Than A Phone
  • Always On - Always Locatable1984: Big Brother isWatching You2011: Person ofInterest “You are being watched.The government has a secretsystem, a machine that spieson you every hour of everyday. I know because I built it.I designed the Machine todetect acts of terror but itsees everything.”
  • What Do Jobseekers Want To Do OnMobile?
  • What’s Next?
  • Seamless and Sustainable Conversations We must communicate in the preferred medium(s) of ourconstituency Conversation and engagement cross multiple channels Meet via online or offline ad, search or agency Research the employer online - mobile device or laptop Apply online via the Career Site Continue the engagement from the ATS and recruiter viamultiple comms channels How many devices are we going to use in this journey? There is no “One Size Fits All” Let‟s eradicate recruitment‟s legacy of poorcommunications
  • What Is Next?
  • The Direct EmployersAssociation
  • What Is The DEA? The first UK Trade Body specifically created for commercial hiringorganisations with a specific focus on the TalentAcquisition/Resourcing function and the in-house professionalswho deliver the recruitment agenda Provides the members with a single voice supported by thepower of the collective force of the UKs best and mostinnovative employers Work with and influence policy makers, key stakeholders andbusiness leaders to create the right environment for effectiverecruiting Formulate and deliver best practice in all aspects of therecruitment function whether that be permanent or contingentworker hiring
  • The DEA Agenda Influence Government and Policy Makers Educate and Support Business Leaders Establish Best Practices, Develop and SupportResourcing Practitioners Educate the Supply Chain Community and Talent Acquisition Members only free job board
  • Member Benefits Membership of the DEA is for the organisation, with a named individual leadingthe relationship We have no limit on the number of individuals that can take part, including colleaguesfrom other areas of the HR community Attendance at DEA events, participation in workshops and webinars, andtaking part in research Access to the free for members job board and talent community which willlaunch this summer Saving 1-2 agency fees will more than pay for the annual membership Be seen as a leader in driving change for in-house recruiters - helping todevelop standards, education and templates for best practice Learn from global leaders in recruitment strategy, process, technology, social mediaand agency management such as G4S, the worlds 2nd largest private Be a major part of the Collective Voice that the DEA has with government andpolicy makers employer
  • Our Most Recent Event HMRC Whitehall Briefing 3 April 2013 Topics included Supply chain compliance IR35 Contingent workers BIS Agency Conduct Regulations
  • THANK YOU!!Any Questions?
  • Contact DetailsAlan Whitfordalan@directemployers.euTel: +44 (0)845 519 3322Mob: +44 (0)7971 864620LinkedIn GroupTwitter: @DEAEurope
  • SRTech13 Roadshow - Bristol
  • Recruitment Crowdsourcing:Super-charge your supply-chainJohn Paul CafferyFounder & CEO
  • A new approach to sourcing talent1. Internal Direct Sourcing2. External Direct Sourcing3. Agency Suppliers4. Crowdsourcing SuppliersA new approach to finding talent
  • A new approach to sourcing talentTheJobPost is a crowdsourcingplatform enabling employersto access the UK‟s entirerecruitment industry as one supplierA new approach to finding talent
  • First identified by Jeff Howe– Wired Magazine in 2005Crowdsourcing is when a company takes a job onceperformed by employees, and outsources it in the form ofan open call to a large group of people using the internetA new approach to finding talentA smarter way to solve complex problems
  • 34Crowdsourcing platforms that we all use
  • Recruitment: Perfect for CrowdsourcingCrowdsourcing allows a company to involve largegroups of specialists to:• Extend visibility and reach• Leverage specialist knowledge and experience• Improve speed and deliveryA new approach to finding talent
  • Our platform is already delivering• 34,000 specialist UK recruiters registered on the platform• Over 300 UK employers users• Average of 3 recruiters engaged per vacancy• Current CV to interview ratio of 3:1• Typical reduction in recruitment fees of 10-15%• Salary range posted between £20,000 - £150,000A new approach to finding talent
  • TheJobPost: Super-charge your supply-chain• Add an extra dimension to existing sourcing channels• Access the extended UK recruitment community• One platform, one contract• Choose when to present vacancies to recruiters• Set the fee level• Each vacancy presented to a focused selection of potential suppliers• Only suppliers that believe they can deliver will pay to access the role• Once engaged, communicate direct and retain end to end controlA new approach to finding talent
  • Employer - Posts a job asking for engagement
  • Recruiter - Reviews the vacancy market by sector
  • Recruiter selects the job & pays to engage
  • Review applications & feedback
  • Employer/Recruiter – Easy on-going communication
  • A simple solution that offers real returns• One contract– easy access to a network of 33,000 recruiters• Set the fee– vary fee level by role, sector, urgency or versus your PSL• Access new suppliers with fresh talent pools– trial a range of recruiters in a controlled manner• Standalone or integrate with your ATS– dependent on volumeA new approach to finding talent
  • We deliver excellent results for these companiesA new approach to finding talent
  • Super-charge your supply-chainA new approach to finding talent
  • SRTech13 Roadshow - Bristol
  • metashift limited © 2013The Future of The Corporate Careers SiteMatt
  • metashift limited © 2013metashift
  • metashift limited © 2013What I’m going to talk about• Careers Sites - Where are we now?• The Future• The Digital Eco System• Content Marketing• Examples
  • metashift limited © 2013The Careers Site Crisis© MetaShift 2012
  • metashift limited © 2013The Future of the Careers Site……
  • metashift limited © 2013The Problem = Rise in Expectations
  • metashift limited © 2013Some of The Key IssuesSocial ProofChanging Nature of SEOPersonalization and Brand SegmentationMobileProcessSpeed
  • metashift limited © 2013Social Proof
  • metashift limited © 2013Marketing Screws……© MetaShift 2012
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  • metashift limited © 2013The Mobile Revolution
  • metashift limited © 2013Mobile isn’t actually mobile
  • metashift limited © 2013Some of The Key IssuesSocial ProofChanging Nature of SEOPersonalization and Brand SegmentationMobileProcessSpeed
  • metashift limited © 2013The Solution?© MetaShift 2012
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  • metashift limited © 2013Ecosystem Model
  • metashift limited © 2013Content Marketing• Owned• Curated• User Generated© MetaShift 2011
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  • metashift limited © 2013How?• Original Content• Curated Third Party Content• Curated Internal Content• User Generated Content (Apps, Competitions etc)• Individual Recruiters• Content Buckets
  • metashift limited © 2013Examples© MetaShift 2012
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  • metashift limited © 2013The Future of the Careers Site?
  • metashift limited © 2013In Conclusion• Is your Careers Site Fit for purpose?• Build an Ecosystem• Be Mobile• Create a Content Strategy
  • metashift limited ©
  • SRTech13 Roadshow - Bristol
  • Can the selection process ever maintain apositive candidate experience?Kirstie KellyTheJobPostFuture of Talent, Technology & Social Recruiting
  • “In a market where talented candidates aresometimes hard to find, your approach to yourcandidates, can be the difference between successand failure.”
  • Stating the flipping obvious......?
  • Is an exceptional candidate experience possible?
  • A study last year of over 800,000 individualswho had applied for jobs within the pastyear provided six solid reasons whycandidate experience matters:
  • • 44% said they had a worse opinion of a company thatdidn’t respond after they applied for a position• 32% said were less likely to buy products from a companythat didn’t respond to their job application• 21% said they’ve experienced a recruiter who wasn’tenthusiastic about the company as an employer of choice• 15% said they didn’t think the recruiter was professional• 15% said they had a lower opinion of the employer afterbeing contacted for an interview
  • But why does it matter....
  • Approach =Perception
  • How you act + howyou look = whatpeople think of you
  • Mood
  • Tone of Voice
  • sincerity
  • How you projectyour brand
  • Your mannerismsin the selectionprocess
  • Your technologybecomes animage of abusiness…
  • Schizophrenic
  • So what…
  • the bestcandidates willvote with theirfeet...
  • What‟s the solution?
  • Turn recruitment thinking on it‟shead....
  • 96Identify cultural fit andattributes...Sooner
  • Reduce the time spent with greatcandidates who are just not greatfor you....
  • Approachabilityand friendliness
  • And engage with candidates alongthe way....
  • Video killed the CV starScreenshot of review page?
  • Video and mobile issupported by three keytrends.Increased bandwidth: 75% of UK homeshave broadband access, expected tocontinuing growing. The average downloadspeed is 9Mbps.The rise of video calling: Skype has madevideo an established way of communicating.Its 250m users worldwide rack up over 300mminutes of video calling each day.An applicant rich market: The currenteconomic climate has increased the number ofapplicants per available position. This meansmore potential candidates to interview.Sources: The Ofcom Communications Market Report 2011, OfcomResearch (August 2012), Skype Internal Figures
  • Who gets it right?
  • 103
  • Employer branded videos to engage yourcandidates
  • Consistent branding and tone of voice
  • Video interviewing givesrecruiters a fuller picture of acandidateRecorded interviews can beviewed remotely, at therecruiter‟s convenienceRecruiters can comment onand share interviews withinternal stakeholdersRecorded video screening with LaunchPad
  • To learn more.....Kirstie Kellykirstie@launchpadrecruits.com07787 130512TheJobPostFuture of Talent, Technology & Social Recruiting
  • SRTech13 Roadshow - Bristol
  • The Power ofMobile to Retain Talent
  • From mobile banking to m-commerce,we help 1 in 5 of the UK‟s top 50 brandstransform their businessesAbout Us
  • The ConnectedRevolution
  • 2012: The Post-PC World ArrivedGlobal shipments of PCs, smartphones & tablets-6% +31% +53%vs 2011Laptops and desktops346mTablets130mSmartphones639mSource: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, May 2012 & July 2012 & October 2012 / Gartner Worldwide PC Shipments October 2012
  • 2013 Forecast: The Gap Will WidenGlobal shipments of PCs, smartphones & tablets-1%vs 2012Laptops and desktops345mSource: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, March 2013Tablets200m+54%+44%Smartphones919m
  • Browsing BehaviourBrowsing behaviour of smartphone ownersSource: Experian Marketing Services January 2013. Mintel Smartphone Survey June 2012, eMarketer January 2013, Flurry Analytics April 2013Emails are opened ona mobile44%Smartphone owners in theUK view job listings550kSpent on average ona smartphone per day182 minsTime spent in app vs.20% on mobile web80%
  • Acquired for$1bnFiled forBankruptcyIn Early 2012: Turning Point…
  • Mobile In Recruitment
  • Key principles for a successful Resourcing App1PositionDiscovery2StreamlinedApplication3Talent Retention
  • HomeFrom the Home Page, candidates are ableto search roles by:• Key Word• Current Location (GPS)• Manual Location• Job Sector• Job Grade (Internal)Candidates can also access the Menu bar(Top Left) where they can change settings,view history and favourites.
  • Search CriteriaCandidates can narrow their search usingpre-defined Job Sectors to list areas ofinterest and expertise.
  • Detailed SearchExisting employees can also use internalpay grades/banding metrics to filter rolesmost relevant to them.
  • Search ResultsJob results are displayed in either List orMap format, allowing for easy browsing.Candidates tap once on a job role ofinterest and are taken through to a moredetailed explanation of the opportunity.
  • Job Role Detail &ApplicationOnce a candidate reaches their desired jobrole they can perform three major actions:• Favorite the role – By tapping the star(Top Right), the job is saved to Favorites.• Apply – The candidate can applyimmediately, either by submitting an auto-created CV via Linked-In or by taking anentry test(Aptitude/Verbal/Numerate/Character).• Share – Sending the role to a contact viaemail or SMS (to download app and view).
  • Custom Alert NotificationsCandidates have the ability to choosewhether they would prefer to be alerted tonew opportunities via email or pushmessage by altering the settings within theapplication.This then updates the Candidate databaseand alters the method of communicationfor job alerts.
  • Key Benefits ofRetaining Talent
  • Key benefitsof retaining talentImprove employeemoralEngagementImprove succession planning byputting power in their handsSuccessionretention tool accessible„real-time‟ to allPro-ActiveSignificant reductionper hireReduce Cost
  • Case Study
  • Barclays JobsHelping Barclays become the first UK bank to enable job applications through mobileHelping Barclays become the first bank toenable job applications on mobile,supporting talent acquisition & retentionA powerful tool to reach and communicate withfrontline, in-branch employees who may nothave intranet accessThe application seamlessly integrates withTaleo and other internal systems
  • 18,000+Active Internal UsersAverage Re-visits Per User Per Month2.265,000Sessions Since Launch15%Of Barclays Work Force Are ActiveBarclays JobsConnecting jobseekers to job opportunities whenever, and wherever they are
  • Innovative Agencyof the Year 2012Marketing Innovation‟s“Grapple has achieved somany incrediblesuccesses…driven by theirteam‟s huge passion andexpertise”“Already established as -arguably - the public face ofapp development”“Grapple has grown to becomeone of Europe‟s leading appdevelopers”“Delivering real bottom-linebenefits to an impressive list ofblue-chip clients…the very seriouspotential to be a world leader”Marketing Innovation Mobile Entertainment The Drum Startups Awards
  • Thank youRyan EdwardsCommercial Manager07812 076 177020 7952
  • SRTech13 Roadshow - Bristol
  • Integrating leading recruitmenttechnology for maximum efficiencyChris KendrickRecruitment Services Director
  • leading recruitment solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • ‘the act of combining or adding parts to make a unified whole’Collins English Dictionary: ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’AristotleSynergyCombining actions, systems or processes to give a much greater resultthan that of the individual elements.Integration and Synergy
  • important is integration?
  • impact of new platforms
  • Quarter 4 Sales0.7m 2.6m 2.7m 6.2m7.3m 43.5m 144.7m
  • apps integration
  • recruitment solutions
  • recruitment solutionWhat is it?• A single solution or a combination of systems and websites?• Does it support your processes or it used only when it must be?• Is it a single source of your most up to date information?Do you…• Search multiple networks for candidates?• Advertise your roles externally?• Test candidates?• Use electronic timesheets?• Have strong real-time management information?
  • in one placeRegister VacancySearch CandidateNetworksAdvertisePositionsTest CandidatesReview Selections& ApplicantsSubmit only thebestInterviews andOffersCreate and issuepaperworkManage invoicing
  • solutions vs. Recruitment software
  • of an integrated solution
  • SRTech13 Roadshow - Bristol
  • about Broadbean•••••••
  • job board performance - usageAdvert VolumesApril 11-March 13
  • job board performance - usageJob Boards used perAdvertApril 11 – March 13
  • job board performance - effectivenessResponse VolumesApril 11 to March 13
  • Application perVacancy Apr 2011 toMar 2013Consider Impact ofwider economicconditions on this?job board performance - effectiveness
  • rise of the Aggregators
  • social media:hot or not?
  • companies that have hiredthrough social media58% in201063% in201173%in2012Source: Jobvite
  • social media – the facts05000100001500020000250003000035000Dec 2010 - Ad Volumes010000200003000040000500006000070000Dec 2011 - Ad Volumes010000200003000040000500006000070000Dec 2012 - Ad Volumes
  • social media – the factsResponse growthJanuary 11 – December13
  • talent pooling
  • All previousapplicants can bestored and madeavailable to thewhole businessSearch using bothkeywords andfacetsTag candidates toadd value tofuture searchestalent pooling
  • and don‟t forget …employeereferral•••••••Source:
  • employee referralAutomaticmatching of jobsagainst youremployees’ socialnetworksTools to helprecruiters utilisethis channel, andadminister the inhouse scheme
  • conclusions••••
  • SRTech13 Roadshow - Bristol
  • CVRadarUnlocking the power of LinkedIn‘Find active candidates fast’ 169Alex Farrell, MD, The IT Job BoardApril 22nd 2013
  • 170Agenda• Introduction• Video• Current Situation• What’s the problem• The solution - CV Radar• How does it work?• Key Benefits• Conclusion• Q+A
  • 171IntroductionPan European networkof IT Job Boards
  • 172Video
  • 173Current Situation
  • 174What’s the problem?
  • 175The Solution: CV Radar
  • 176How does it work?
  • 177How does it work?
  • 178How does it work?
  • 179How does it work?
  • 12Key Benefits• Easy to set up• Product road tested by recruitment consultants• Efficient – target active candidates only• Time effective - instant contact details (no more InMail)• View and access the full CV
  •• First to market product (exclusivity)• Addressing a need in the resourcing chain• Providing recruiters with a market edge• Improved time to hire• CV Radar is positively disrupting the online recruitment spaceIn Conclusion13
  • 14Q+A
  • SRTech13 Roadshow - Bristol
  • Could you purchase one of these for yourorganisation without a business case ?185
  • But..have you recently hired these people ?186
  • The Bottom Line: Retention & PerformanceMore Green & Less Red & Some YellowStrong Performer – ButLeaves At Approx 2 yrs orearlierStrong Performer & Stays 2yrs +Weaker performer andleaves or stays at any timeOK performer and stays 2yrs +Length Of TenurePerformance
  • Who are Cut-e Talent SolutionsProfessional talent process and legal advisory services on screening and assessmentAssessment platform with tools 38 Asian & European & Arabic languagesOver 7 Million Candidates Per Annum AssessedFully integrated with all ATS providers – Taleo / Lumesse / SAP e-recruit Advorto / JobLink / AMRISFull time consulting teams in 23 countries with UK offices in Old Street London200 staff world wide – combination of Psychology , Technology , Talent & Recruitment SpecialistsIntegrated Screening & Assessment SolutionsOnline psychometric &competency assessmentsystemsFull suite of technicalknowledge tests MS Office / IT/ Call Centre / Aviation /Accounting / HealthOnline automated videointerviewing systems
  • Some Clients……
  • A weekend in Monaco…..
  • “...He was rattled.This was not theusual interviewformat, this was notcut-e...”
  • Expanding the Online ToolboxOnlineCandidateManagementSystemcut-eAssessmentHub• Ability tests• Personalityquestionnaires• Situational JudgementQuestionnaires• Skills / Language Tests•Video Interview
  • Assessment Hub• The cut-e assessment hub connects assessment toolsthat measure behaviours, technical skills, abilities,future potential and experience• This meets the needs of all stakeholders in theresourcing process and delivers the best candidates• The process is configurable for different roles andstakeholder requirements – You can control this
  • Psychometric Assessments194
  • Mechanical Technical Understanding
  • Situational Judgement Questionnaire
  • Colour Vision Test – Pre Medical
  • Technical & Knowledge Tests198
  • Custom Questionnaire Builder
  • Automated Video Interview & Assessment
  • ValidityCostInterview.$GraphologyAssessment CentreAbility & Skills TestsTrial PeriodApplication biodataStructured CBI InterviewPersonality QuestionnairesBiograph & Situational QuestionnairesThe Universal Economic Case For OnlinePsychometricsbased on:Metaanalyse, Mike SmithUniversity of Manchster; IS&TStructured video Interviews
  • The 2 key drivers to achieving ROIfrom use of online assessmentsProcess EfficiencyThe lean talent processscreening machine – speedand cost efficiencyHigh volumes andabundance of external orinternal applicantsEmployee ProductivityThe high value selection decisionmaking – Managing risk andmaking the right decisionModerate to low volumes, morescarcity of right talent , highbusiness contribution by hire202
  • 4 Cases - Clear Communication Of ROI• Dell - European Technical and Sales Consulting– Through use of cut-e shapesbehavioural styles questionnaire connected with a custom risk management interviewguide. New hires in model against 5 core behaviour areas achieve 36% more revenue and42% more profit than alternate hiring methods• Siemens – Though use of cut-e logical tests and interest inventories 7% improvementfrom 88% to 95% in successful completion of apprenticeship training. This equates toapprox €4,200,000 ROI per annum in wage and training costs.• Harveys Furniture – Second Largest Furniture Retailer In Europe – 14% salesgain in new hires using cut-e shapes and situational Judgment tools .• easyJet Airline - use simple verbal test and situational judgment questionnaire toachieve. 40% reduction in interview volumes across EU to complete hiring 2,500 cabincrew per annum. Approx 6,000 less interviewing hours cost and logistical expense.
  • An Overview of our Solution= Sourcing Speed & Secure SelectionTalent Pool Building / Sourcing /Advertise / AgencyOnline Application SystemOnlinepsychometric, skills, languageAssessmentsOnline Automated VideoInterviewFinal In Depth Assessment &Selection ProcessHiring Decision / OfferA Cost Efficient, High Quality Process
  • SRTech13 Roadshow - Bristol