Paul Connolly - Work4 labs - 24th September


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  • Source : Facebook data; PewInternet, Why most Facebook users get more than they giveIncrease Candidate Flow: Facebook growth and worldwide adoption have impacted all industries, including the Recruiting industry. With more than 1 Billion active users, over 15 million businesses, companies, and organizations with a Facebook page, and 1 in 7 minutes spent online spent on Facebook, Facebook is definitely the platform where it makes sense to put jobs and drive candidates flow. The people you are looking to hire are on Facebook in very large numbers, from engineers to sales reps, to graduates, drivers, entry-level workers, seasonal workers, and other specialized occupations. Putting a Facebook Career site on top of a Facebook page with Work4 solution allows to tap into the largest & diverse talent pool. It makes it possible to drive initiatives that are challenging to drive on other social networks, such as diversity initiatives, such as targeting veterans or different genders, or targeting by interest.Reach Candidates: Candidates spend most of their time on Facebook: 1in7min spent online is spent on Facebook, 83% of time spent on social networks is spent on Facebook. Facebook is the platform where you have candidate attention. It’s an ideal place to reach more candidates, especially passive ones, with a recruiting message. Increase Employer Branding: With more than 4.5 BN likes a day & 4.75 billion content shared items daily, Facebook has shown to be ideal to increase Employer Brand awareness, and distribute a recruiting message through job sharing.
  • Jobs seekers are using it to find jobsCompanies are recommending it to search for talent----Job seekers want to see jobs thereHiring professionals see success thereJob seekers want to be there because they want to see your company/ Job seeking is personal, makes sense to be on a personal network you want to know and interact with the company you apply for, you want to be recommended by a friendPersonal nature of facebook, able to attract passive candidates, referral candidates, more engaged people, that’s why they see more successSources: (81%)- (85%)
  • Today, job searching is a seamless multi platform experience that ties together mobile, social, desktop. Point: all solutions should work together.
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  • Paul Connolly - Work4 labs - 24th September

    1. 1. Your Speaker Paul Connolly Strategic Account Director #SRTech13
    2. 2. So What’s All the Hype about Mobile? More than half of Facebook users access the site from mobile 1 in 5 job searches already start on mobile Source: Mobile Recruiting Conference 2012 #SRTech13
    3. 3. “I browse jobs at work and save a few jobs for later. I get alerted on my mobile device, research companies on my tablet during my commute, and submit applications from my desktop at home.” Job Searching Today: A Multi-Screen Reality #SRTech13
    4. 4. But Building a Career Site on Facebook Isn’t Enough Add a Careers tab to your branded Facebook page #SRTech13
    5. 5. Steps for Facebook Recruiting Success 1. Start Social Job Sharing 2. Target the Right Talent 3. Go Mobile! #SRTech13
    6. 6. Step 1: Drive Referrals with Social Job Sharing 150,000+ The average number of users Facebook users can reach through their Facebook friends Source: Pewinternet #SRTech13
    7. 7. Step 2: Attract Candidates with Recruiting Ads 90% The percentage of time Facebook reaches its intended audience for narrow targeting versus an online industry standard of 35% Source: Facebook Studio Target Lookalike Audience Retargeting Target Fans’ Friends Target by Education Info, Workplace, Interests, Location, Age, etc. Target Custom Audience #SRTech13
    8. 8. Step 3: Recruit Anytime, Anywhere by Going Mobile 86% of job seekers say they would use a smartphone to search for a job Simple. Search, Save and Apply from a mobile device Visual. Frictionless branding experience Social. Sharing capabilities #SRTech13 Source: The Undercover Recruiter
    9. 9. Get In Touch! @work4labs #SRTech13