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Some More Development


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My development for my Creative Media course

My development for my Creative Media course

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Give examples e.g. For likes: They’d be a fan of Doctor Who. For Dislikes: They might HATE One Direction etc.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Critical Responses By Shania Carter and Abygail Jones
    • 2. Shania’s Slide
    • 3. Qualitative Research Used to find out the requirements, interests and needs of audience members such as : • Likes • Dislikes • Salaries/Income • Addresses This information is collected using : • Focus Groups • Questionnaires • Face-to-face Interviews Advantages? • From face-to-face interviews the interviewer receives a more personal and true statement. • Questionnaires are quick and easy. • Makes it easier to meet the requirements of the audience. Disadvantages? • People could lie in their answers. • People might not like to be approached for face-to-face interviews. • Hard to form a focus group. • PB Media could use this in a very effective way: •Forming focus groups to collect ideas from readers •Quickly create questionnaires to help get the answers that they need + ideas •Conduct a few face-to-face interviews to help better understand the audience Ask questions such as: •Do you read any magazines? •What is your favourite magazine? •How often do you read magazines? •What do you like about your favourite magazine? To show the received information, it could be put in to a graph, chart etc. Favourite Magazine Kerrang! Classic Rock OK! Radio Times
    • 4. Shania’s Slide
    • 5. Socio-Economic Status (SES) This is measuring the social position of an individual or a family. SES focuses on 3 categories which are: • Income • Education • Occupation • This information is then used to split households in to classed categories Advantages? • Makes it easier for production companies to advertise • Quicker market research • Production companies know where to place their product – almost guaranteed to sell Disadvantages? • There might be a range of classes in one area • The magazine won’t appeal to everyone • Could potentially lose sales by misplacing the product PB Media could use this quite effectively: •Asking a number of readers questions that will tell them what class they are in •Put those answers in to a visible graph •Use that graph to help them produce products that appeal to certain classes They could ask questions such as: •What is your average income? •Are you still in education? •If so, what do you study? •Are you employed? •If so, what are you employed as? Readers = 100 Employed Unemployed In Education Other
    • 6. Shania’s Slide
    • 7. Lifestyle or Psychographics There are 7 different types of categories for Psychographics: •Belonger – Family oriented, e.g. Iceland advertisements. •Achiever – Wants to achieve more power, craves success e.g. ASDA advertisement. •Emulator/Wanna be – Wants to achieve but can’t quite get there e.g. Go Compare advertisement. •Socially Conscious Type A – Are very aware of how their actions effect the world e.g. Natural Scotland’s recycling advert. •Socially Conscious Type B – Don’t care for how their actions impact the world/anything e.g. The Tango adverts. •Balanced/Totally Integrated – People who strive to achieve when it comes to saving the Earth e.g. McDonalds. •Needs Driven - People who shop/buy on impulse – buy items they don’t really need e.g. Any infomercial. Advantages? •Better knowledge of the audience •Know how to keep them happy •Helps the producer to know what to put in to the context Disadvantages? •There are a lot of other ways for this knowledge to be found •It will take a while to receive all the data •Might be hard to generate ideas on how to get the information PB Media could use this to help them better understand their audience: •Give them a better understanding of the audience •Make it easier to generate ideas for advertisements or context They could use questions such as: •Do you recycle? •Which state/town/city do you live in? •Marital status? •Children? •If so how many? •Employed? •Unemployed? •Work as? This information can then be put in to a graph.
    • 8. Shania’s Slide
    • 9. Age Extremely important to any media product. There is always a target age Uses the idea that: similar ages have similar likes and dislikes. • Using this idea it will appeal to most of the targeted audience – may not appeal to some. • Can receive this through questionnaires, online profiles etc. Advantages? • It’s easy to create products that appeal to a wide variety of the target audience • It’s easier to know what to incorporate in to the text • It’s easy to receive the data •PB Media could use this to collect the data via questionnaires or using online profiles when people like their pages e.g. On Facebook, follow them on Twitter etc. Disadvantages? • It might take a while to get all the data • Some ideas may not appeal to the targeted audience • It might take a while to receive data 31 - 40 • • • •The data can be presented in a graph to help the company develop new designs and ideas. •Can use questions such as: •What is your age? •When is your birthday? 0 to 10 11 to 20 50 40 30 20 10 0 21 to 30 40+
    • 10. Shania’s Slide
    • 11. • Smaller groups with more specific needs such as: • Doctor Who magazines • Kerrang Magazines • Adventure Time magazines They only appeal to certain people that want specific thing from magazines that aren’t mainstream – things to do with heavy metal or rock music, a specific television show etc. Advantages? • If it appeals to a majority of the selected target audience – it will raise the profit significantly • As long as the context remains interesting consumers will continue to buy it on a regular basis • Easier to write Disadvantages? • More specific demands • Not as many readers • Can be hard to appeal to a majority of readers Niche PB Media can use this information to help in questionnaires, asking readers what they like, if they prefer another magazine etc. If PB Media was to create a niche magazine, they could collect information that would help them make their magazine more appealing to readers. They could then collect this information and put it in to a graph or chart to show their findings and make it easier to use techniques in their writing. They could use questions such as: • What Magazine do you read the most? • A) Adventure Time • B) OK! • C) Hello! • D) Doctor Who 25 20 Adventure Time 15 OK! 10 Hello! 5 Doctor Who 0 Males Females