Recipe Cards Task 8


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Recipe Cards Task 8

  1. 1. Planning Documentation Vegetarian Society Recipe Card Project Names: Abygail Jones & Shania Carter
  2. 2. Production Schedule Week 1 Mon Focus on creating the 8 card layouts on Photoshop/InDesign If this task is finished early – move on to the next task (meant for Friday) Wed Edit the background photograph for the cards Depending on how long that takes – begin to put the background on to the cards Friday In the morning: abbreviate the recipes down as much as possible to make them as simple as possible to fit on the card Evening: putting the recipes/ingredients on to the back of the cards
  3. 3. Mon/Tue If the tasks from the previous week are not completed – complete them today Design the masks – take photographs of it/them Preparing the recipes and cooking them Also taking the photographs of the food Wed Work on editing the images from Tuesday until break Adding the images on to the cards afterwards – add company logo on to the cards too. Friday Go through the finished cards Add text on to the front pages Touch up any mistakes
  4. 4. Risk Assessment Personnel Shania Carter & Abygail Jones Date/Time 6th May 2014 Location Aby/Shania’s house/kitchen Hazard Person(s) / Equipment at Risk Risk Control Taken Sharp objects i.e. knives Shania and Aby Having an adult present Burning/heat/fire Shania and Aby. Surrounding objects Avoid messing around near hot substances Undercooked food/food poisoning Anyone who consumes the food Cook the food thoroughly and make sure it’s 100% cooked Hair burning/falling in to food Aby and Shania + anyone who consumes the food Tie/clip hair back Falling objects on high shelves Aby and Shania Get a taller person to get something from a higher shelf. Make sure things are properly stacked
  5. 5. What Health and Safety legislation might you need to consider in this project? Health and Safety at Work Act 1974: “for the management of health and safety” during the cooking/preparation of the food. “Securing our health and safety against risks arising out of/in connection with said activities” i.e. cooking. Personal protective equipment at work regulations 1992: “a duty on every employer to ensure that suitable personal protective equipment is provided to employers who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety at work” e.g. bobbles/heat protective gear. Responsibilities Team members: Responsibilities: Shania Carter Initial research Cooking Photography Card design 1 (Photoshop/InDesign) Card design 3 (Photoshop/InDesign) Card design 5 (Photoshop/InDesign) Card Design 7 (Photoshop/InDesign) Funding Extra Production i.e. dye cutting Recipe 1 Recipe 3 Recipe 5 Recipe 7 Abygail Jones Initial research Cooking Photography Make up Card design 2 (Photoshop/InDesign) Card design 4 (Photoshop/InDesign) Card design 6 (Photoshop/InDesign) Card design 8 (Photoshop/InDesign) Funding Extra production i.e. dye cutting Recipe 2 Recipe 4 Recipe 6 Recipe 8
  6. 6. Contingency Risk to project Contingency plan Not being able to make the food/afford the ingredients Source the required photographs from the internet One of us being ill therefore not being able to participate in production For that day the active member will have to take on double responsibilities Design not effective/not working Have backup layouts we can create quickly to make up for lost time Losing images/plans Always have a backup of the images/plans Not being able to get certain ingredients Have backup recipes we can quickly turn to if need be
  7. 7. Budget