Page Layout Task 3

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  • 1. Page Layout – Task 3 Aby Jones
  • 2. Step 1: create a default, A4 document in InDesign. This gives you this blank document layout
  • 3. Step 2: I created a text box for my title to go in using the Type Tool using the Selection Tool to drag out the sides of the box to get it to the size and place that I desire.
  • 4. Step 3: I add the text using the Type Tool, clicking in to the text box enables me to write my own title, in this case its: Fibbers (the name of the venue). I changed the font from Ariel to Poplar Std. I changed the text size from 12 pt to 150 pt. I changed the alignment from Left to the middle so it’s right in the centre of the page.
  • 5. Step 4: Using the same techniques to create the box and text, I changed the text font to: Broadway and the size to 50 pt. Using the Fill tool, I’m going to be changing the colour of some text.
  • 6. To give the poster a bit of diversity, I’ve decided to mess around with the alignment of some of the text to break up the writing. Rather than all of the text being in the middle, I have separated the key information and put the date on the Left and the time and entry fee on the right.
  • 7. I have also used an Inner Shadow effect on the title: Fibbers by using the fx tool – this adds an effect on to an object, in this case the text.
  • 8. As we can observe, I’ve added a variety of different sized boxes’ on to this document – this is to help me with the size and position of the text. I have used a variety of different fonts as well, this mostly differs when it comes to the titles of bands i.e. Broken Arrow, Old Man etc. I don’t feel like this one is as clear when it comes to knowing what is what, for instance, it’s very easy to think that Broken Arrow is the name of the venue and Fibbers is the name of the band.
  • 9. To tilt text, a box text box or box in general must be created and using the corner boxes, I simply drag the mouse forwards or backwards and it tilts the box, also showing the angle, this one for example is 5.5 degrees.
  • 10. To change the colour of the page, I need to utilise the Rectangle Frame Tool and drag it over the area that I wish to colour. After the page is covered it will come up with a box, such as this one, I then choose the colour option at the side and then pick the fill tool, going back to the colours on the Colour option, selecting my desired shade. This changes the whole colour of the document.
  • 11. Final Products