My Proposal Re-Submission


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My Proposal Re-Submission

  1. 1. Proposal The format in which I chose to do my graphic narrative is a graphic novel; I have chosen the children’s fairy tale, Rumplestiltskin. As Rumplestiltskin is quite a short story, I’m not going to focus on just one section of it; I’m going to use it all. The story of Rumplestiltskin is about a miller’s daughter thrown in to a room in the castle and ordered to turn straw in to gold after the miller himself lied to the king, boasting that this was his daughter’s talent. When the miller’s daughter is in despair and fearing for her life over her father’s feeble lie, a small, strange man appears and turns all the straw in to gold in return for the girl’s necklace, when the king see’s this, he throws the miller’s daughter in to a larger room and orders her to do the same, again the man appears and turns the straw in to gold in exchange for her ring, when the king see’s this, fuelled by greed, he puts the miller’s daughter in to an even larger room and orders her to do the same and once again the little man appears however she doesn’t have anything else to bargain with and so the man asks for her first born child, she accepts and once again the straw is turned in to gold. When the king see’s this the final time, he married the miller’s daughter and she becomes queen, a year later she brings a child in to the world and the strange man returns for his bargain, not wanting to give her first born child away, the girl cries – the man, taking pity on her, gives her 3 days to find out his name. On the first day she is unsuccessful, on the second day again she is unsuccessful but on the third, a messenger who she sent out to collect all the names of the kingdom announces he saw a strange little man singing a song around a fire and that his name was Rumplestiltskin. When the strange man makes his appearance, the queen plays coy twice before giving him the final answer, Rumplestiltskin, who is angry and in disbelief stomps on the ground and tears himself in half. Whilst I am still sticking to the original narrative, I’m going to change some aspects of the story to make it more gothic and horrific so that it applies to an older audience such as: instead of Rumplestiltskin asking for a necklace the first time, he’s actually going to ask for the vision and the colour of her right eye to which she accepts, instead of asking for her ring the second time, he’s actually going to ask for her happiness to which she also accepts, although she can still feel love which means when she finds out Rumplestiltskin’s name she feels a massive amount of compassion instead of bliss or happiness. Another way I’ll be changing the story is before the miller’s daughter’s happiness is taken away, everything is in colour and when Rumplestiltskin does take her happiness away, the rest of the novel will be in black and white, symbolising the loss of happiness – everything is dull and sad and at the end when he rips himself in half, I want there to be quite a bit of gore. This is to suit my target audience which is ages 13-18meaning that my graphic novel is going to be young adult fiction, I have chosen this as my target age because I feel like they would fully understand the message that I’m trying incorporate in to my design; I’ll be using the fontHarrington for the captions and comic book.
  2. 2. I intend to take my pictures using my own digital camera, once uploaded I will crop them down and continue on to the production process – whilst changing some images using the rotoscoping technique on Photoshop I will also be using the ‘comic effect’ to give my images that graphic novel like feel.