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Feedback Sum up Sheet

  1. 1. Sum up your feedback I find the feedback quite useful and honest, even though they are my peers they haven’t held back with giving me the constructive criticism I need to help me when doing similar tasks in the future. The strengths I got from my proposal also help me to see that my final product will appeal to the right kind of audience as my peers are in the same age range that I am aiming at. From looking at it in depth there is a lot of guidance and criticism that will really help me to improve my proposal, overall the feedback tells me that I didn’t really include a lot about my target audience and I didn’t really section it up very well, when creating things I tend to ramble and say the same thing over and over in different ways. Some of the feedback will definitely help me and I agree with it however some feedback I don’t agree with and therefore will be useless to me although I appreciate the effort. What do you agree with in your feedback and why? I agree with how the colour change in the story would be ‘effective and set the tone’ it was a last minute idea but I’m very impressed with it. I agree with the colour changes in the story will make it ‘different’, I’d like for my graphic novel to be unique and interesting. I agree that the last paragraph seems quite rushed, I’ll use this information to improve my proposal and make it seem less rushed and easier to read. I agree with the strength of generation ideas where the peer mentions I researched, I did research, quite thoroughly and ended up with a pleasing result. I agree that I went in to a lot of depth on the last spider diagram about my idea – I did, I had a lot of ideas for my final product and I researched about some and ended up with a pleasing end result. I also agree that there was too much information on the in-depth spider diagram, I went a little overboard explaining the story, even if it is the short version. I agree that I didn’t explain why I chose that particular target audience and when editing my proposal, I will be sure to add that in. What do you not agree with in your feedback and why? I disagree with the use of headers, there’s no use in using an extra few lines just to tell the reader what font I want to use when I can include it when talking about a topic that’s relatively similar such as layout and style, the use of paragraphs is to show the reader I’m talking about another topic. I disagree that I mentioned the methods I would use, I didn’t mention the format in which I was going to create my product (6 panels, 4 pages etc)