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Blackboard Collaborate Orientation Spring 2013

Blackboard Collaborate Orientation Spring 2013



This is a presentation that I use to give an orientation to Blackboard Collaborate to new San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science graduate students. It is meant to be fun ...

This is a presentation that I use to give an orientation to Blackboard Collaborate to new San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science graduate students. It is meant to be fun and interactive to allow students to get used to the functions in the web conferencing software that they will use throughout the masters program in library science.



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  • -Show how they can make a perfect circle.

Blackboard Collaborate Orientation Spring 2013 Blackboard Collaborate Orientation Spring 2013 Document Transcript

  • Welcome to SJSU SLIS! Welcome to Orientation! While you are waiting for the session to begin:Check your audio using Check your Internet Set up your profile.the Audio Wizard! connection to make sure you (optional) are using the right speed.• Find the microphone • Find your name in the icon with the red star, • PC: Edit> Preferences> Session participants list and click click on it and follow Connection on the menu to the right the steps to set up of it. your audio. • Mac: Collaborate> Preferences> Session • Click on “Edit Profile,” Connection and follow directions.
  • IntroductionsWho are we?Your Presenter:Jamie Davis, MLIS StudentTheJamieDavis@gmail.com Your Producer:
  • Introductions II Talk to us! Who are you? Let’s make sure your microphone works! • Click the talk button. • Tell us your name and where you live. • Remember to click the talk button again to turn it off.
  • Today’s Objectives What’s the plan today?Define Blackboard Collaborate: • What is it? • Why do we use it?How to Use the Basic Tools and Features Session Length:How to Create a Collaborate or D2L (Elluminate) Session 1 hourMobile options for CollaborateWhere to get Collaborate helpA short survey for feedbackYou get your keyword for 203! Session is beingHow to access the recording of this session recorded!Questions from you?
  • Best PracticesHow to get themost out of thissession.Give this session your fullattention.Participate!Ask Questions!
  • Asking a QuestionTwo ways to ask a question!Click the “raise hand” Type question in the chatbutton: window.
  • Defining Collaborate What is Blackboard Collaborate? What do we use it for?• Web conferencing software • Class lectures, meetings & guest speakers• Enables synchronous online communication • Office hours with instructors *What are some other examples of • Group work synchronous online communication tools and software? • PowerPoint presentations • Meeting with advisors
  • A Participant’s ViewThe Areas of Collaborate Whiteboard Area
  • Audio and Video Panel Using your Talk and Video buttons: • Don’t forget to expand• Click the “Talk” your video window to button to transmit see video and pictures audio. as people speak.• You know you are • Preview yourself before transmitting audio transmitting. when you see the blue microphone • Click “Video” to turn appear. on your video.• Click it again to stop • Click it again to stop transmitting audio. transmitting.
  • The Participant PanelYour Participant Panel – Let’s Practice!  Emoticons  Going “Away.”  Raise your hand.  Polling options.
  • Questions!Let’s try the poll dropdown!• Do you know how to pronounce Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia?• Do you know what it means?
  • Answer!Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is: The fear of long words.
  • The Chat Panel Using Chat • Practice chatting. • Private Chats • Send a private chat to the participant below you. • Watch for new messages.Type here and hit enter. • Chat Bubbles • Emoticons • Play with the emoticons! • Remember that the moderators can see all of your chats, including private ones!
  • The Whiteboard Tools Click and hold to expand options. Selection Laser PointersPen/Highligh ter Text Box Solid Rectangle Rectangle Line Screen Capture Clip Art
  • Practice Whiteboard Tools1. Type one of your favorite books.2. Circle a book you have read.3. Highlight a book you want to read.
  • Practice Whiteboard Tools IIUse one of the pointers to show us what pets you like.
  • Breakout RoomsBreakout Time! • What are breakout rooms used for? • Group work • Private meetings • Not recorded • Breakout Activity: • Use the whiteboard tools to draw a clown. • Raise your hand if you have a question. (We can still see that your hand is raised) Note to self: Pause Recording/start timer!
  • You are in a Breakout Room!Draw a Clown!• Using the whiteboard tools, draw a clown.• Use the mic or chatbox to talk with fellow students.• Raise your hand if you have questions.• The mods will bring you back to the main room. (About five minutes)• Have fun!
  • Contest Time!Vote for your favorite clown! The polling results are:
  • Clown Artists Extraordinaire!Congratulations! #1 Collaborate Clown Artists!
  • Save the slidesSaving Whiteboard Slides File Save Whiteboard All Pages Save as a PDF
  • Saving the ChatSaving Chat Log File Save Chat Save
  • Get to a Session How to get to a session.1. A web address (URL) will be provided to you via email, D2L news, Discussion board posts, etc.1. Desire 2 Learn (D2L) Online Rooms:
  • Online Rooms InterfaceOnline Rooms (Elluminate)
  • Apple Mobile FriendlyMobile Platforms • App available on iPad, iPod Touch & iPhone • Not Android compatible yet (Coming Soon) • D2L Elluminate is not compatible with mobile app. • You cannot moderate a session using the mobile platform yet.
  • Set up a Session BBIMHow to set up a session viaBlackboard Instant Messenger• Click the names of those who will participate.• Click the conference button.• Participants will be sent the link.
  • Set up a Session D2L How to set up a session via D2L • Click Online Rooms in the navigation bar. • Select New Room. • Edit Properties and Add Attendees. (Remember this uses Elluminate interface) 12 3
  • BB Collaborate Drop-InNeed Collaborate Help? • Log in to Blackboard IM • Click on the School tab • Double-click Collaborate/Elluminate Drop-in Center • Enter a brief summary of your question • A representative will assist you!
  • Session Hints!Helpful Reminders• Wired connections are best• Log in 10-15 minutes early• Audio Setup Wizard every time• Keep chat on topic• Turn off Talk button when done speaking• Use Whiteboard tools only with permission• Make sure to completely exit a session when it’s over!• Participate and have fun!
  • Feedback SurveyYour Feedback on today’s session! • Please take a moment and tell us what you think about tonight’s orientation with this short survey. • When you’re done, raise your hand.
  • Keyword Time!Tonight’sKeyword is: information  Yourpresenter tonight is Jamie Davis.  Today’s date:  January 22, 2013
  • Fin. Thank you forAccess to recording:(Available in 15 mins.) joining us tonight! • Please remember to completely exit tonight’s session: PC: Click on the red X in the upper right corner Mac: Click on the red circle in the upper left corner