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Howard Parry-Husbands - POI Presentation
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Howard Parry-Husbands - POI Presentation


Published on

19 May 2009 - "Power of Influence" Lunch …

19 May 2009 - "Power of Influence" Lunch
The Insight Exchange
Howard Parry-Husband's 8 minute statement presentation.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Two different types of WOM Organic WOM occurs naturally when people become advocates because they are happy (or not) with a product.Amplified WOM occurs when marketers launch campaigns designed to encourage or accelerate WOM in existing or new communities.66
  • 6
  • 6
  • (active TV ad skippers were 25% more likely to participate in message boards) Intelliseek6
  • Bazzar voice showed that they get 50% more click through rates from an EDM that featured consumer based reviews – (Petco WOMMA). Bob loves his pet as much as me, , I think I’ll buy bobs cat toy. Highly persuasive! 6
  • 6
  • 6
  • Intelliseek : online WOM 14% more trusted than TV adsDo we know what is a bogus review? How do we know to trust it? Research has shown that we are more likely to trust a site that has some negative reviews than all positive reviews. People expect that others will not LOVE it all the time that makes it feel real and well….human. We start to smell a rat otherwise. Not about offline vs online word of mouth – they are complementary and should work together. 17
  • <number>
  • Building community will make WOM travel further and be sustained.Community is a sense of belonging, there is a higher purpose that people are building towards. People are not there to help the brand they are there to help each other. The community of review sites is very strong.Why do people write reviews on the website (when they become part of a community – they want to do it for the community). <number>
  • As community is breaking down in our offline lives it is building in our online lives.<number>
  • Car stereo website forums & experience with zealous gaurdians!<number>
  • Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Stanford UniversityCar stereo website forums & experience with zealous gaurdians!<number><number>
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  • Transcript

    • 1. We Sell Conversations
    • 2. Unleashing the power of word of mouth
    • 3. Today: What is WOM? Why is online WOM so powerful? How to? Case Study: How online made Tooheys Extra Dry cool in Melbourne
    • 4. Soup and Digital Word of Mouth (WOM)
    • 5. Soup: Advocacy Agency We sell conversations
    • 6. Soup WOM Programs Brand Activists Influencer Parties Influencer Soup Menu Marketing WOM Programs Online Community Seeding Social Media © Soup 2009
    • 7. Current marketplace THE MEDIA ENVIRONMENT Mass Marketing Less Effective Need for Media Fragmentation & Cost breakthrough Rise of Internet Credibility of Conventional vehicles Tactics Low The World is Networked THE MARKETPLACE Level of Differentiation Low Established Brand/Business Models Under Threat Need for Short Term Financial Remarkable RISE OF Pressures Number of Choices/Brands Brands / WORD OF Distribution of Competition Up – More Confusion Contagious Product Lifecycles MOUTH Globalization of Ideas Shortened MARKETING Competition Pace of Technology Faster THE CONSUMER Scarcity of Time Tuning Out Importance Scarcity of Attention Want Authenticity, of Influential Intimacy, Remarkability Scarcity of Trust Consumers Rise of Word of Mouth The Heterogeneous Consumer © Copyright 2009
    • 8. What is Word of Mouth Offline WOM & Online WOM
    • 9. What is Word of Mouth • Genuine & honest • Individual • Buzz or Advocacy • The most trusted medium
    • 10. The Power of Online Word of Mouth
    • 12. IT CAN BE FOUND
    • 13. REACHES MORE PEOPLE THAN ANY OTHER MEDIUM Even the hard to reach guy down here
    • 17. Offline Word of Mouth Online Word of Mouth Most trusted medium Highly trusted Highly relevant Highly relevant Speeds through strong ties High speed of dissemination (days) (seconds) One to one (or few) Ability of one to many Temporary Permanent Difficult to seek exact match Can search for it (web) Source mostly known Source unknown and known
    • 18. Types of Online Word of Mouth WHAT DIRECT INDIRECT conversation, Badges, fan page, comments, viral, buzz etc. reviews etc HOW MESSAGE MEDIUM friends/ Twitter, Flickr, followers, YouTube, Digg, mentions, StumbleUpon, readers, tagger Facebook, blogs, etc community etc.
    • 20. A virtual community is a communication and information system of social networks whose participants share a common purpose, interact in a virtual society and are able to develop personal relationships. Wikipedia 2009
    • 21. We are in a community when we find somewhere we belong. (Community, The structure of belonging, Peter Block 2008)
    • 22. Strong communities: Irvin Yalom Facilitate Information Sharing Community Altruism: Part of something greater, belonging For the good of the community Builds hope and raises expectations
    • 23. How on-line amplifies WOM
    • 24. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Understand Who Engagement Sticky Motivate Network Influences platform Messages to spread
    • 25. Find the right Influentials in a network
    • 26. Recruiting Influentials is a crucial step • Cascade interviews are a pollinate proprietary technique based on social network theory. Top • We need to find guys who are sociable and the Bloke connected ‘hub’ of their network • Guys who organise and arrange the ‘good times’ for their mates cascade • Guys who are credible – they would be trusted to recommend a new beer.... We need to understand how recommendation works in the social network and to do these we map social networks
    • 27. How does it fit with a media plan?
    • 28. BIG EXCITING Tooheys Extra Dry CASE STUDY!!
    • 29. Tooheys Extra Dry Brand background and context
    • 30. Authenticity is crucial   + 25 ‘Key Social Organisers’ (KSOs) recruited + Armed with exclusive flip cameras, event tickets and beer cards + Asked to film their summer + Supported at their own events Authentic communication is the only way to utilize the Photo credit: Bourbon Baby power of influence
    • 31. TED Background • Part of a broader getting closer to consumers strategy. • Intrinsically a brand aimed at 18-24 years olds – digital natives. • Live with them not advertise at them. • TED is a brand owned by the consumer but custody awarded to LNA.
    • 32. Communication Context • Activity is based around the consumer – 6 beers of sep, 696, uncharted, festival sponsorship, tedconnected
    • 33. TED and Digital Digital provides the best pathway for two way communication and immersion: – Immediate – personal – influential – easy
    • 34. The Opportunity The Brief The Insights
    • 35. The Opportunity To live our “mantra” – let the consumer own the brand, influence it’s direction.
    • 36. The Opportunity Live in their world – don’t tell them what is cool but let them tell us.
    • 37. The Brief • Explode our impact in the Victorian market. • Let them tell the story – credibility. • Have a start, middle and end. • Give them something to hang their hat on.
    • 38. The Insights • Start with summer locations: a place for people to try new things, • Don’t tell people what to do, let them do it in their own way. • Online is where they communicate and share but real world is where they experience.
    • 39. The Idea
    • 40. Word of Mouth Campaign Strategic Framework 1. Understand 2. Most 3. Involve and 4. Sticky 5. Motivation Network Influential engage Messages to talk A successful word of mouth campaign is built ©Soup 2008 using the five key ingredients.
    • 41. Focus on the creators to spread • Melbourne: 18-24 years olds. • Key social influentials (the people who organise the others for summer). • Exhaustive face to face research in Melbourne to discover them. • They need to be found, they won’t find you. • Creators of online content. The 1% that will influence the 99% offline and online.
    • 42. Focus on the creators to spread Our Influentials Their Friends
    • 43. Community Building Blocks: Yalom Co-create Facilitate community and Information Sharing take ownership Summer Community Part of something name and identity. greater, belonging Video compilation. Expect a great Build hope and raise Summer (festivals, expectations VIP) then surprise.
    • 44. Facebook tags – part of their life Name withheld
    • 45. Facebook tags – authentic conversation
    • 46. Amplifying Impact Tags friends who are in his video ‘tagged’ friend then broadcasts to his friends 25 Key Social Organisers 17,000 Friends Combined Uploads videos, authentic conversations
    • 47. Impact and next steps for the program
    • 48. Incredible Results with online WOM • Digitally tracked: – 777,000 highly credible brand impressions • Independent 3rd party research: – early data demonstrates a 12% shift in adoration for the product in Melbourne. • Brand impact: Natural branding pieces that are credible among the target market. • Long-term impact: Adorers for life – harder to get a lover than keep a lover.
    • 49. Next Steps 1. Creation of a Extra Dry Panel (TED Connected) – the first to know. 2. Natural migration for the community – don’t dump them. © Copyright 2009
    • 50. Summary: to unleash the power on online WOM!!!
    • 51. Be Brave Be Responsive Be Human Be Fluid Be Versatile Be Immediate