Brian Giesen Ogilvy 360 Degree Digital Influence Practical Steps To Identifying And Engaging Influence


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Brian Giesen Ogilvy 360 Degree Digital Influence Practical Steps To Identifying And Engaging Influence

  1. 1. Future of Influence Summit Practical Steps to Identifying and Engaging Influencers Online
  2. 2. 01 Why Social Media Matters
  3. 3. Why Does Social Media Matter? It’s Where the People Are
  4. 4. Why Does Social Media Matter? It’s Where the People Are Australians have become very active users of social technologies like blogs, podcasting, forums, and social networks. 75% of Australian online adults now use social technologies 50% are members of a social network 25% create their own content Source: Australian Adult Social Technographics® Revealed, Forrester, November 2008
  5. 5. Why Does Social Media Matter? Trust is Shifting Trust in Advertising, Nielsen 7.09
  6. 6. Why Does Social Media Matter? Content is Consumed Differently
  7. 7. Why Does Social Media Matter? Search is the New Home Page
  8. 8. Why Does Social Media Matter? Leads to Smarter Marketing
  9. 9. Why Does Social Media Matter? Generates Offline Action
  10. 10. Why Does Social Media Matter? It’s Actually Safe… (Really) 3,000+ Comments! Less than a dozen could not be published.
  11. 11. Why Does Social Media Matter? Builds Preference Tourism Australia is Engaging Influential Global Bloggers and Creating Personalized Travel Experiences to Generate Word of Mouth.
  12. 12. Why Does Social Media Matter? Addresses Customer Service Issues
  13. 13. Why Does Social Media Matter? Generates Revenue
  14. 14. Why Does Social Media Matter? Leads to Awareness of Health Issues
  15. 15. Why Does Social Media Matter? Expands the Reach of Offline Events
  16. 16. Why Does Social Media Matter? Employees = Hungry for Training
  17. 17. 02 The First Rule of Engaging Influencers… External Blogs Internal Blog Photo Feeds Video Feeds
  18. 18. Strategic Approach to Social Media & Word of Mouth Blogger & Influencer Engagement Programs Conversation Maps Influencer Audits Co-creation Program Design & Management Live Community Events Video Content: Viral, Episodic, Channels Community Design & Management Social Network Activation Search Reputation Management Digital Media Relations
  19. 19. Listening: Message Boards, Blogs, Social Networks, Opinion Sites… I will not recommend Sleep Number to anyone again (and I have done so in the past) and if it comes up in the conversation. I post on Epinions and Craigslist and intend to mention this in my posts and on my Blog. Instead of using a little common sense, looking at longtime customer satisfaction, you have lost this customer for life. We were sorry to read about your experience and hope to be able to resolve this issue and regain your confidence in us once again. In order for us to do so, we’ll need more information from you to access your account and remedy the situation. Please call Select Comfort directly at 1-800-787-5230 and ask to speak with AJ Stewart. Two days after my diatribe about the Sleep Number bed appeared on this screen, I was apologized to and told to call a number and ask for a particular person. When I called I got a nice young lady named Amanda who asked what the problem was and then the poor dear had to endure my ire while I detailed the trouble. She listened with patience and asked me to hold on to see what could be done. About 2-4 minutes later she comes on and says “we’ll be taking that charge off your Amex”. I rescind my cessation of possible future purchases of their product. The beds are as good as they advertise.
  20. 20. Listening Post Brand Planning & Strategy Insights Category Rapid Response & Engagement Topics Measurement Competitors Conversation Criteria Technology Reporting
  21. 21. Listening Post Conversation Criteria Research Methodology: Keywords Topic Sub-Topics Keywords Non-Traditional • Online Education – Online Education - Student focused education Education and the • Teacher Focused – Education + Talent gap - Student centric education Kaplan POV Model – Adaptive education - Student oriented education • Student Focused – Experiential learning - Student goals in education Model – Experiential teaching - Learner focused education • Learner Focused – Work study programs - Teaching for best learning Model – Life learning and education - Learner oriented education – Change and education - Learner centric education – Education Reform - Diversity and learning – Teacher training - Work experience and learning – New teaching methods - Conscious learning – Better teachers - New teaching Online University • Online University – Online University - Online MBA • Online Grad School – Online College - Online law school • Adult Education – Online Classes - Online graduate program • Continuing – Internet University - Online career advancement Education – Internet College - Adult Education – Internet Classes - Continuing Education Kaplan and • Kaplan University – Kaplan University, Kaplan online university, Concord Law* Competitors • University of – University of Phoenix, U of P Phoenix – Strayer University, Strayer • Strayer University – Devry University, Devry • Devry University – Walden University, Walden • Walden University – Capella University, Capella • Capella University * Because of larger connotations of Kaplan, Inc., we were unable to search simply using the term “Kaplan” as we were for competitors
  22. 22. Monitoring Tools Type Free Google Alerts, Google Blogs, Technorati, Blog Pulse Trends,, BoardReader,, Facebook Lexicon, Consolidated Radian 6, Buzz Numbers Monitoring Advanced Nielsen My BuzzMetrics Services Visible Technologies (enterprise & response) Brandtology BuzzLogic Cymfony (CGM & traditional) Umbria Kaava Andiamo Biz360 eWatch MediaSource
  23. 23. Radian6
  24. 24. Radian6 Fast, keyword-driven platform that collects social Web mentions across multiple global markets. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES – Easy, quick set up – Keyword pull will catch irrelevant – Keyword-based posts – “Source filtering”, i.e. set up a – Does not include sentiment whitelist to track – 30 day history – Free 7-day trials allow for new biz work – Very affordable – Easy-to-use user interface, graphs, charts for reporting • English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
  25. 25. Crimson Hexagon
  26. 26. Crimson Hexagon Crimson Hexagon is ideal for reporting sentiment – it is one of the few platforms that returns superior automated opinion reporting. Opinion Monitor version is strongly recommended over the same company’s “Buzz” tool, which is a free, but less effective, Radian6 style tool. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES – Natural language-based (high – Takes about 2 weeks for accuracy) initial setup – Automated sentiment scoring – More expensive than – Create categories for Radian6 “positioning” tracking – Good quantitative tool – Up to 6 month historical data – Easy-to-use user interface, graphs, charts – “Source filtering”, i.e. set up a whitelist to track – must request Crimson to have this English only done
  27. 27. Visible Technologies: TruCast
  28. 28. Visible Technologies: TruCast Visible Technologies offers a more comprehensive enterprise-level CGM monitoring and response solution. Ideal for operationalizing large organizations to listening and responding to social media conversation. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES – Natural language-based (high – Takes about 1-2 weeks for accuracy) initial setup – Automated sentiment scoring – Interface can be limiting – Structured, easy to – More expensive than understand interface Radian6 and Crimson – Comprehensive data Hexagon – Measures of influence (although we use different influence measures) – Excellent “engagement” tools for flagging and tracking responses English only
  29. 29. Primary uses 1. Provide marcom insight 2. Assist with rapid response 3. Optimize media 4. Measure brand/campaign metrics 5. Provide product development insight 6. Provide data useful for search optimization
  30. 30. Listening to… Gather Marcom Insights New business snapshots Conversation Maps Ongoing listening posts (daily, weekly reporting)
  31. 31. Listening for… Rapid Response Monitor a breaking issue online and inform response strategy Track volume and sentiment Flag conversation for comment or follow up
  32. 32. Listening for… Media Optimization Analyze key trends in social media discussion around a brand, product or issue Mine examples of actual vernacular used in social media discussion
  33. 33. Listening for… Measurement Measure key social media metrics that map back to the Conversation Impact model – Brand positioning % associated with target attributes – Share of voice – Tonality* – Earned social media mentions *Crimson Hexagon sentiment is automated, Radian6 is manual
  34. 34. Listening for… Product Development Feature, positioning, pricing and marketing insights for new product development – Quantitative Metrics: Discussion for products in the category express specific need, e.g. “lower price” – Qualitative Metrics: Discussions around competing products, desired features, vernacular for marketing, etc
  35. 35. 03 Identifying Influencers Online
  36. 36. Karen Cheng
  37. 37. Inbound Links RSS Subscriptions Site Traffic Conversation Index Recency & Frequency Identity & Affiliation
  38. 38. Assessing Influence • Blogs & Twitter • Message Boards & Forums – Number of inbound links – Breadth of boards – Frequency/timeliness of posts – Quantity and timeliness of activity – Followers & subscribers – Search engine visibility – Number and content of comments – Affiliation – Affiliation of author – Membership numbers – Search engine visibility – Traffic – Traffic – RSS feed subscriptions • Social Networks – Membership numbers • Videos & Photo Communities – Types of community features present – Number of views and downloads (e.g., profiles, blogs, video, message – Number and content of comments boards) – Ratings/peer assessment – Activity level on features – Relevant groups – Affiliation – Number of subscribers – Search engine visibility – Number of inbound links
  39. 39. “Mapping” New Influencers + Relevance + Influence
  40. 40. Ford Social Media: Influencer Mapping Influencer Segmentations
  41. 41. How to create an influencer audit 1. Determine categories of influencers to target based on DI Strategy 2. Use tools to search for influencers: ― Blogs: Technorati, blogrolls, Google (Google blogs), ― Message Boards: Boardreader, Google (issue+forum), WhirlPool ― Social Networks: Mashable ― Multimedia: You Tube, Metatube, Flickr, Google Images ― Bookmarking Sites:,, sk*rt ― Consumer Review Sites: Epinions, Amazon ― Groups: Google groups, Yahoo groups 3. Follow Blog Rolls
  42. 42. How to create an influencer audit 4. Use Tools to Determine Influence – Frequency of Posts: read blog/forum – Quality/Frequency of Comments: read blog/forum – Traffic:,, Media Kits – Affiliation: About page, news search – Search Visibility: Google topic + blog – Followers: Read Twitter profile – Membership: Read forum “About” page or bottom of homepage
  43. 43. WORK SESSION: Create an Influencer Audit Find & document 1 influencer relevant to your business/client in each of the following categories: 1. Blogger or Microblogger (Twitter) 2. Message Board or Social Network Group 3. Multimedia (photos/video)
  44. 44. 04 Engaging Influencers *How to be a human being, play well with others, show some respect and not shoot yourself or your client in the foot
  45. 45. How to Reach Out to Bloggers STEP 1: Familiarize Yourself Have they posted about your client (issue, brand or product) in the past? What has been the tone of the post? Positive? Negative? Have they posted about being “pitched” in the past and being turned off? Have they talked about someone who reached out to them in an effective way? What do they write about and in what context are they likely to write about your client’s brand, product or issue? Are they serious? Do they like to make people laugh?
  46. 46. How to Reach Out to Bloggers STEP 2: Contact Them Appropriately Send the blogger a personal email (no cut and paste jobs) and clearly identify yourself. Tell them why you are specifically reaching out to them. What was it about their blog that makes them relevant? If you get a response from the blogger indicating that they are willing to engage, follow up right away: send product for them to review or additional information they’ve requested. Urge bloggers to be transparent about the projects on which they are engaged and divulge any relevant information: do they get to keep the products they review? Don’t pester them unnecessarily, but build relationships with influential bloggers who are relevant to the clients with which you work so that you can approach them again in the future.
  47. 47. How to Reach Out to Bloggers STEP 3: Offer Something of Value Serve as an advisor as you develop and launch your campaign Provide them with an experience (event, access, exclusive content) Become a host, face or visible contributor to your effort Co-create content Participate in offline events, summit, blog storms If engaged in a meaningful and engaging way, influencers help create organic WOM among target audiences
  48. 48. Blogger Code of Ethics Code of Ethics Download Code of Ethics Take 2 Code of Ethics Take 1
  49. 49. Sample E-mail from Nestle Crunch Hi Jeremy, I’m working with Nestle Crunch on a Wii giveaway contest and I wanted to see if Discovering Dad would be interested in participating. When I found your blog, I loved your commitment to being a good dad and the playful way that you interact with your kids. The Crunch brand is all about finding the kid in you no matter what your age. That means doing something that you enjoyed as a kid like playing on the capture the flag or "don’t step on the cracks", or eating candy before dinner. As a dad, I’m sure you can relate to this concept of having a young, playful spirit. We would love to involve you in the "For the Kid in You" (, campaign, which aims to start an online conversation about what people do to keep the kid in themselves alive. Would you be interested in working with us to create a contest around this theme and give away a Nintendo Wii game system to one of your readers? We'd never ask you to talk about Nestle Crunch without giving you a little product experience yourself. In addition to doing a Wii give away for your readers, we would also send you a piñata filled with Nestle Crunch bars so you can inspire the kid in you with this fun game. This might not be good for your diet (I know I’d have a hard time resisting), but it could be fun for a summer BBQ. Please let me know if you would be interested in helping us jump start this conversation and give away a Nintendo Wii. If you are, I will provide you will more information about the contest. I look forward to hearing from you. Warm Regards, Sarah PS- Here at Ogilvy, we have a code of ethics that we use to reach out to bloggers. Check it out here. You can also read my bio to find out a little bit more about me.
  50. 50. What NOT to do…
  51. 51. Not Following the Blogger Code of Ethics… “You are a marketer, and you obviously didn't read my post about what crap it is that your client is NOT producing real food. It's an insult to real food. But thanks for giving me something ELSE to blog about. Sorry. Read the blog next time.”
  52. 52. Best Practice Blogger Engagement 1. Do Your Homework 2. Engage. Don't Pitch. 3. Write The Perfect Email. 4. Remember It's Not Their Day Job. 5. Follow The Code…
  53. 53. 1. We reach out to bloggers because we respect your influence and feel that we might have something that is “remarkable” which could be of interest to you and/or your audience. 2. We will only propose blogger outreach as a tactic if it complements our overall strategy. We will not recommend it as a panacea for every social media campaign.
  54. 54. 3. Before we email you, we will check out your blog’s About, Contact and Advertising page in an effort to see if you have blatantly said you would not like to be contacted by PR/Marketing companies. If so, we’ll leave you alone. 4. We will always be transparent and clearly disclose who we are and whom we work for in our outreach email.
  55. 55. 5. We won’t pretend to have read your blog if we haven’t, and we’ll make a best effort to spend time reading the blogs we plan on contacting. 6. In our email we will convey why we think you, in particular, might be interested in our client’s product, issue, event or message.
  56. 56. 7. We will seek to present you with a range of opportunities to work together around a campaign, so that you can create the best experience possible for your audience. We acknowledge that, when it comes to knowing your audience, you are the expert. 8. We encourage you to disclose our relationship with you to your readers, and will never ask you to do otherwise.
  57. 57. 9. You are entitled to blog on information or products we give you in any way you see fit. (Yes, you can even say you hate it.) 10. If we reach out to you with news about a product, campaign or issue, we will not provide monetary compensation, because we believe it is unethical to “buy” favorable reviews and not want to appear as if we are.
  58. 58. 11. If you have advertising opportunities on your blog, we will counsel our clients to consider purchasing advertising as a way to reach your readers. We will make it clear, however, that paying for advertising does not mean that you will post about the campaign or … 12. If we engage you as an advisor on a specific project, we will consider providing you with compensation (agreed upon at the start of the project).
  59. 59. WORK SESSION: Write Blogger Outreach Email 1. Choose an influencer from the Influencer Audit. 2. Determine how they could best get involved in your campaign. 3. Draft an email asking them to participate.
  60. 60. To Sum Up...
  61. 61. To Sum Up... • Many business reasons for participating in social media • Listening is the best first step to getting started and there are many free and paid tools available • Identifying and engaging influencers makes it easier for WOM to spread farther, faster, and to a wider audience • When engaging consumer influencers, remember to do your homework, contact appropriately, and follow the code of ethics
  62. 62. “ One company that goes with this online- initiated flow is Ogilvy. ” THANK YOU! “ Ogilvy's digital specialist Brian Giesen outlined the best strategies for getting business results on social networking site Twitter. ” Brian Giesen Director | 360° Digital Influence “ 25 China Experts you should follow on Twitter… Thomas Crampton. ” Ogilvy p 61 2 8281 3853 e