Cw13 journy to the cloud by mohamed el mofty


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Cw13 journy to the cloud by mohamed el mofty

  1. 1. IBM Information InfrastructureJourney to the CloudMohamed El Mofty – Networking Solutions Manager – Egypt+20 10 0575 9883© 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. The World is Becoming Smarter Every DayThe World is Becoming Smarter Every DayWhat’s Making it Smarter? More Information! 2.5 billion RFID tags sold in 2009900 illi GPS d i ld ll 900 million GPS devices sold annuallyby 2013 76 million smart electric meters in 2009.76 million smart electric meters in 2009.200M by 2014 Text messages generate 400TBf d t d il i th U Sof data daily in the U.S. MRIs will generate a Petabyte ofdata globally this yeardata globally this year© 2011 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Smarter Systems are Creating an Information ExplosionSmarter Systems are Creating an Information ExplosionZettabytes Storage requirements growing 20-40% per yearExabytes Information doubling every 18-24 months Storage budgets up 1%-5% in 2010PetabytesSto age budgets up % 5% 0 0The information explosionmeets budget realityTerabytesGigabytesmeets budget reality© 2011 IBM Corporation2000 200520102015
  4. 4. Out of sight – out of mindOut of sight out of mindData we use everydayData we use everydayData we need to keep around everyday© 2011 IBM Corporationp y y
  5. 5. Storage Utilization TodayStorage Utilization TodayCurrent StateHigheofDataediumOrganizations stillacquire, operate andti t b j tValuewMeretire storage by projectLowLow Medium HighValue of Infrastructure© 2011 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Waste WaterfallsWaste WaterfallsunknownKnownPurchasedStoragePurchasedLogicallyWaste Waterfall ChartgCapacityg yConfiguredStorageCapacity AllocatedStorageCapacity toCapacity toFileSystemAvailableStorageCapacity toUsers TotalConsumedConsumedStorageCapacity25% -47%Unique DataStored© 2011 IBM CorporationPhysicalPhysical LogicalLogical AllocatedAllocated AvailableAvailable ClaimedClaimed UsedUsed
  7. 7. Storage Virtualization isStorage Virtualization is . . .LogicalTechnology that makes one set of resources look and feellike another set of resources, preferably with moredesirable characteristics…LogicalRepresentationA logical representation of resources not constrained byphysical limitations– Hides some of the complexityp y– Adds or integrates new function with existingservicesCan be nested or applied to multiple layersVirtualization– Can be nested or applied to multiple layersof a systemPhysicalResources© 2011 IBM CorporationSource: IDC
  8. 8. SAN Volume ControllerSAN Volume ControllerHelps Address the Explosive Growth of StorageMake changes to theVirtualVirtualVirtual VirtualManage the storagepool from a centralpointstorage withoutdisrupting hostapplicationsSANVirtualDiskVirtualDiskVirtualDiskVirtualDiskSAN Volume ControllerApply copyStorage PoolSAN Volume ControllerAdvanced Copy ServicesApply copyservices acrossthe storage poolStorage PoolHDSIBM DellHPSunCombine the capacityfrom multiple arraysinto a single pool ofNetApp© 2011 IBM Corporationinto a single pool ofstorage
  9. 9. Take the Next Step in Storage InfrastructureTake the Next Step in Storage Infrastructure Virtualized Storage– Single storage pool– Simplified LUN managementLANLip g Open Standards– Build on what you have– Designed for interoperabilityLinuxSunAIXWin2kDesigned for interoperability Reducing complexity– Moving away from box functions– Advanced features in the SANSANAFSAN VolumeControllerAdvanced features in the SAN Impact on performance– Application optimizationcapabilitiesJBODIBMAFAFpHPHDS SunAF AFAF5 i b fit >© 2011 IBM Corporation5 main benefits =>
  10. 10. 1. Take the Next Step – Resource Utilization1. Take the Next Step Resource UtilizationLinuxSunAIXWin2k Improve ResponsivenessDynamic volume expansionMaintain data availabilityMaintain data availability Simplify PlanningCentralized visibilitySANVolume ExpansionTrack actual applicationcapacity requirements Cost OptimizationBetter utilization ratesReduce planned outagesReduce acquisition costsHDSJBODIBMReduce acquisition costsHPSun© 2011 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. 2 Take the Next Step Volume Movement & Migration2. Take the Next Step - Volume Movement & MigrationLinuxSunAIXWin2k DowntimeMigration while maintainingapplication availabilityMigration Mode app ca o a a ab yReduce planned outages Staff productivityM i t t k d iSANMigration ModeMaintenance tasks duringbusiness hoursReduce reconfiguration of otherinfrastructure componentsinfrastructure components Business ImpactMore flexible choice of storaged tHDSJBODIBMXproductsEasier storage replacement atlease expirationHPSun© 2011 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. 3. Take the Next Step – Point in Time Volume CopiesLinuxSunAIXWin2k Operational FlexibilityVolume PIT copies acrossheterogeneous systemse e oge eous sys e sHelps centralize data protection Management EffortSi l i t f fSANFlashCopySingle user interface for copyservices across the enterpriseReduced skills and training Business ImpactUse commodity storage forsecondary/backup copiesHDSJBODIBMHelps reduce vendor lock-in foradvanced functionsHPHDSSun© 2011 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. 4. Take the Next Step – Enterprise Scalability4. Take the Next Step Enterprise Scalability Architectural Flexibility Architectural FlexibilityModular growth and dynamiccontroller reconfigurationR d i kl t li tiRespond quickly to applicationperformance/capacity needs Storage ConsolidationC t li d d i i t ti dSAN Centralized administration andevent notificationImproved utilization of leftoverand spare capacitySANS l bilit and spare capacity Fast DeploymentImplement additional nodepairsith t d tiJBODIBMScalabilitywithout downtimeConsistent implementation ofconfigurations & policiesHPHDSSun© 2011 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. 5. Take the Next Step – Business Continuity5. Take the Next Step Business Continuity Data AvailabilityData AvailabilitySupport PPRCRecovery for planned andunplanned outagesLANLinuxSunAIXWin2kunplanned outages Asset ReductionHelps reduce proprietaryft d h dLinuxSunAIXWin2kSANSAN Volume Controllersoftware and hardwareCopy between heterogeneousdisks or subsystemsSANSAN Volume ControllerJBODIBM Increased ProductivityCommon platform formulti-vendor disksHDSJBODIBM Site2Reduce need for subsystem-specific skillsHPSunSite1Remote Copy© 2011 IBM CorporationSite1
  15. 15. SAN Volume Controller SAN Volume ControllerRAIDt ll 2RAIDt ll 1LUN4LUN3LUN2LUN1LUN4LUN3LUN2LUN1RAIDt ll 4RAIDt ll 3LUN4LUN3LUN2LUN1LUN4LUN3LUN2LUN1controller 2controller 1 controller 4controller 3SAN Remote Copy(MetroMirror/GlobalSAN FlashCopy“ t id th b ”© 2011 IBM CorporationMirror)“outside the box”
  16. 16.  Disk Array independanti i / fl hmirroring / flashcopy Lower Secondary Array Cost Flexible LicensingSAN Volume Controller SAN Volume ControllerRAIDt ll 2RAIDt ll 1LUN4LUN3LUN2LUN1LUN4LUN3LUN2LUN1RAIDt ll 4RAIDt ll 3LUN4LUN3LUN2LUN1LUN4LUN3LUN2LUN1Improve TCO +Protected Investment +I St Utili ticontroller 2controller 1 controller 4controller 3Improve Storage UtilisationCross-deviceconsistency groups© 2011 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. SVC Installation ProcessEvolutionary steps Install SAN Volume ControllerSVC Installation ProcessInstall SAN Volume Controller Stop host I/O to LUNs chosen formigrationM i ti LUN t SVC i Map existing LUNs to SVC usingImage Mode VDisks Reassign Image mode VDisks fromg gSVC to host Restart applications No data movement requiredSAN No data movement required Arrays now managed as a pool Data moved, striped, rebalancedBlock virtualizationBlock virtualization, p , Application unaware of physical changes Future migrations now transparentArray 1 Array 2 Array 3 Array 4© 2011 IBM CorporationArray 1 Array 2 Array 3 Array 4
  18. 18. In 1956, IBM asked : World ! Tell me what you need ?In 1956, IBM asked : World ! Tell me what you need ?© 2011 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. In 1968, IBM asked : World ! Tell me how can I make your life easier ?In 1968, IBM asked : World ! Tell me how can I make your life easier ?© 2011 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. IBM 2010 Storage New EraIBM 2010 Storage New EraWorld ! What’s the Storage System of your dreams ?Well, We need :© 2011 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. IBM Response is :IBM Response is :© 2011 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. © 2011 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. IBM Approach to solve :IBM Approach to solve :Stop Storing So MuchIBM Real-time Compression … up to 80% less spaceIBM ProtecTIER … up to 95% smaller disk backupsMove Data to the Right Placeo e ata to t e g t aceIBM Easy Tier … up to 3 times more performancewith just 2% solid-stateStore More with What’s On the FloorStore More with What s On the FloorIBM Storage Virtualization … up to 30% more utilizationIBM Thin Provisioning … up to 35% more utilization© 2011 IBM Corporationg p
  24. 24. © 2011 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. Sample ReferencesSample ReferencesFrench Telecom Operator :–Major European Storage customer–Major European Storage customer–Data Center total storage capacity: 14.5 PB of SAN and 10 PB ofNAS.© 2011 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. French Telecom Operator : Storage Political Resource AllocationFrench Telecom Operator : Storage Political Resource AllocationDMX/DS80001- By default on T22- Moving data depending onfT1 - High-EndFC drives 15krpmBlade CentersSVC AdminperformanceBladeCenter1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14Blade CentersCX,DS4000EVAAIX, X86,VM,T2 – Mid-RangeFC Drives 10 KrpmSolaris ServersMainSite•New Storage repartitionT1 > 20% ( 50%T3 - Low CostSATA Drive 7,2 KrpmVirtual StorageSecondSite•T1=> 20% (vs.50%without SVC)•T2 & T3 => 80% (vs.50% without SVC)© 2011 IBM CorporationgClariion CX3)
  27. 27. French Telecom Operator : Right Tiering Distribution ResultsFrench Telecom Operator : Right-Tiering Distribution ResultsSt Ti i Di t b tiStorage Tiering Distrbutions90%100%60%70%80%90%stributionCX SATA30%40%50%rcentagedisCX FCDMX FC0%10%20%perBefore Expected Primary Secondary ActualCX SATA 0 25 19 41 30CX FC 10 25 56 45 50.5DMX FC 90 50 25 14 19.5p y y© 2011 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. SavingsSavingsBefore AfterBeforeHigh EndDisks Systems90 % x 4AfterHigh EndDisks Systems20 % x 4Disks SystemsMid Range DiskSystems10 % x 2Disks SystemsMid Range DiskSystems50 % x 2SATA DiskSystems0 % x 1SATA DiskSystems30 % x 1Total 380 Total 21045 % Yearly Savings© 2011 IBM Corporation
  29. 29. © 2011 IBM CorporationMohamed El Mofty – Networking Solutions Manager – Egypt+20 10 0575 9883