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Mobile: ultimate personalised marketing
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Mobile: ultimate personalised marketing


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Rob Thurner, Independent Mobile ConsultantAsk any group of friends or strangers to share their mobiles, and you'll get an awkward response. Our mobiles provide a secure gateway to our social media, …

Rob Thurner, Independent Mobile ConsultantAsk any group of friends or strangers to share their mobiles, and you'll get an awkward response. Our mobiles provide a secure gateway to our social media, photos, calendars, maps, emails, games, store cards and the internet.

Mobile is the ultimate personalised marketing channel. Because we users don't share our mobiles, marketers can be sure of capturing realtime data for interactions with identified prospects and customers via SMS, QR code, mobile web browsing, geo-location and App usage. Every mobile interaction carries a unique time and location based data trail.

But there's a major catch: permission.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Internet World 24.4.12 Mobile : ultimate personalised marketing Rob Thurner Burner Mobile @burner_mobile@theidm
  • 2. Rob Thurner – Mobile consultant, trainer, speaker• 20 years digital and traditional marketing experience – Journalist, Group Marketing Director at international media owner – Commercial Director with Mobile agency Incentivated – Digital tutor and trainer: IDM, IAB, IPM, theknowledgeengineers – Founder, Burner Mobile• Mobile clients: – British Airways, GlaxoSmithKline, Heineken, Jaguar, John Lewis Partnership, King of Shaves, M&S, Macmillan, NSPCC, Specsavers, STA Travel, Virgin
  • 3. Mobile perceived as personal & innovative medium newspapers comprehensive up to date information immediate trustworthy internet convenient on PC persuasive personalised for me innovative radio mobile TV media undemanding entertaining mood setter relaxing fun creative magazines stylishSource: Exposure, Orange Home UK plc
  • 4. Old Service Mobile .com Call Center ConsumerService Paid Media Brand Branch
  • 5. New Service Model Events Gaming Branch Sponsorship .com BlogsService Brand Consumer Mobile Paid Media Call Center Social Networks Mobi Apps
  • 6. Now Consumers Want More….. Gaming Navigation Web browsing Personal organizer Call Camera + pictures Email Shopping Text SearchMobile TV Music Social networks Micro- payments Content Download Vouchers + tickets Tablets
  • 7. Challenge 1 Harness mobile behaviourMessaging Mobile sites Apps Geo-socialMobile ads Mobile search mCommerce Codes & coupons
  • 8. Challenge 2 Handset diversityTop 10 handsets = 23% of UK mobile users only Rank Manufacturer Model Subscribers Market Share Previous Rank Change (vs (Feb ’10) Feb 10) 1 Apple iPhone 3,972,692 8.19% 1 ↔ #1 Apple iPhone 2 Nokia 6300 1,310,913 2.70% 2 ↔ RIM - BlackBerry 1,121,834 2.31% 3 Curve 4 ↑ 4 Nokia 5800 1,043,093 2.15% 3 ↓ #2 Nokia 6300 5 Samsung Tocco Lite 934,662 1.93% 11 ↑ Nokia 753,525 1.55% 6 2330 Classic 20 ↑ #3 Blackberry Curve 7 Motorola Razr V3 678,301 1.40% 5 ↓ Samsung Tocco SGH- 592,086 1.22% 8 F480 8 ↔ 9 Nokia 6500 Slide 564,012 1.16% 6 ↓ #4 Nokia 5800 10 Nokia N95 473,676 0.98% 7 ↓ #5 Samsung Tocco Lite Note: iPhone includes iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S 32GB, 3G S 16GB Total UK market size: 48,500,000 N95 includes N95 & N95 8GB Devices per 100 of population: 84.49 (Global avg: 59.3)``` 6500 includes Classic & Slide RAZR V3 includes V3 & V3i & colour options Curve includes 8520, 8300 & 8900 Source: ComScore
  • 9. All change
  • 10. Mobile is no longer “just a phone” Fast connection over 3G, 4G and WiFi enables fast web Smartphone browsing penetration – now Big storage for video, > 50% in UK and US pictures and music GPS enabled for mapping, navigation & geo location Smartphones are now the sole focus of all handset manufacturers Downloadable apps, games, and content Large touchscreen enables better user experience across all services
  • 11. Tablet: Mobile device, laptop or hybrid? • Steve Jobs: PC is the ‘pick-up truck’, Tablet for day to day use (iCloud) • Portable (10 hrs battery), but not pocket size • Wi-fi and network enabled, but not ‘unique’ cellular device • 50% interactions whilst watching TV • Online commerce, but not in-store shopping with coupons
  • 12. Challenge 3 Legislation and Regulation• Governing bodies – Ofcom: harassment texts – PECR: SMS regulation – DPA: data storage and sharing – PhonePayPlus: premium SMS – CAP Code: children, alcohol, tobacco – Ministry of Justice: accident & debt mktg• Advisory bodies – DMA: Mobile best practice guidelines – IAB: multiple digital channels – MMA: international
  • 13. Challenge 4 Measurement and ROI• Mobile is 100% accountable• Data trail tracks customer, time and location• One mobile has one UNIQUE user with UNIQUE user profile