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Team USA Business Building
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Team USA Business Building


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Team USA Beyond Organic Compensation Plan & Business Building Training
  • 2. Compensation Plan
    • Go to
    • Login with your email and password
    • Click on “Back Office”
    • There are two PDF documents to download (Training Document & Chart)
  • 3. Customer or Mission Marketer
    • Beyond Organic is very unique in that it offers two very distinct sales opportunities and you are compensated for both.
      • Customer Program
      • Mission Marketer (Business Builder)
  • 4. Customers
    • Retail Customer
      • Purchases at Retail Price (from a Mission Marketers website)
      • No Discounts
      • No Annual Fee
      • No ID #
    • Good Candidates
      • Skeptics
      • Those that just want to try the food w/o any commitments
    • Compensation
      • 20% to Mission Marketer
  • 5. Customers
    • Preferred Customers
      • 20% Discount
      • $19.95 Annual Fee
      • No rebates, no commissions if they sign up friends/family
      • Intro offer to have fee waived
        • Autoship 3 months (80pts min per month)
    • Good Candidates
      • Just want product for personal consumption
      • They plan of buying enough to make autoship or the annual fee worthwhile.
    • Compensation
      • 7% to Mission Marketer
      • Points included in PPV (for rank advancement and additional commissions)
  • 6. Mission Marketers
    • Basic MM package
      • $39.95 Starter Pack
      • Beyond Organic Website
      • ID #
      • 20% off retail purchases
      • Able to earn commissions
      • Tentatively- Basic Pkg can upgrade within first 30 days
      • Packs to be sold in September
    • Good Candidates
      • Dabblers- not really sure of their commitment level
      • Those that wouldn’t mind making a bit of extra income to help pay for their food (they have a few friends and family that might want to become customers)
  • 7. Mission Marketers
    • Deluxe Mission Marketer Package
      • $199.95 deluxe package
      • All benefits of Basic Package (Website, 20% prod disc)
      • 10 Books (Live Beyond Organic, Jordan Rubin, Retail Value $19.95)
      • 10 Beyond Organic Magazines (Value TBD)
      • Access to Beyond Organic University (Details TBD)
      • First step necessary for those Founders Club Bound
      • Able to earn bonuses on Deluxe Packages sold
        • $100/$30/$20 paid to first, second, 3rd level mgrs respectively
    • Good Candidates
      • Serious business builders (part-time or full-time)
      • Anyone that wants to earn Founders Club
  • 8. Mission Marketers
    • Enroller Bonuses
      • Both business packages qualify
      • 7% bonus paid on E1’s & E2’s
        • E1- Someone personally enrolled by you and placed anywhere in your organization
        • E2- Someone enrolled by one of your E1’s and placed anywhere in your organization
      • Strategy
        • Compensates mission marketers for building strong teams
        • Excellent way to motivate and inspire potential leaders
        • Once you have 6-10 strong first levels start to think about you can support them by placing your newer sign ups under them
        • At launch you will have the opportunity to “enroll” your insiders turned mission marketers under another MM in your group
        • After launch, the sponsor/enroller option will happen at sign up.
  • 9. Founders Club
    • What is it & why is it exciting?
      • Rewards brave, hardworking mission marketers that are so passionate about the Beyond Organic message that they are willing to devote time and energy during pre-launch and initial launch. It’s exciting b/c it will only happen once in the lifetime of this company.
    • Benefits
      • Share 1% of all company points for as long as you maintain rank. Translation- nice check this year, potentially awesome check in 3 years.
  • 10. Founders Club
    • Requirements
      • Register to be an Insider prior to launch
      • Purchase Deluxe Mission Marketer Pack ($200)
      • Obtain Rank of VP by Dec 31, 2011 (more on level 2 call)
      • Maintain VP Rank
    • Strategy
      • Start building a strong group of mission marketers
      • Create a plan to reach potential customers, especially while this is the new “hot” thing
      • Attend Founders Conference & Invite Your Business Builders (West Palm Beach- July 11-13)
  • 11. Customer or Mission Marketer
    • Consider your potential sign-up
    • Should they be one of your customers or are they interested in building a part or full time business?
    • How do you decide?
      • Simply ask, “Jane, thanks for your interest in Beyond Organic. Are you interested for personal food consumption, or the business opportunity? I’d just like to know so that I make sure I get you the appropriate information. Either way, welcome to Beyond Organic.
  • 12. Terms
    • Autoship
      • Uninterrupted monthly supply of Beyond Organic products of your choice.
      • Creates enough personal volume to meet the personal qualification requirements for bonuses.
      • Order is customizable on a monthly basis.
    • Point Value
      • Every Beyond Organic product that is purchased carries an assigned Po int Value (PV)
      • Points are not a 1:1 dollar equivalents. Water will be but meat will probably be at 60%.
      • Very important to consider this when looking at rank advancements.
  • 13. Terms
    • Personal Point Value (PPV)
      • Personal purchases
      • Preferred Customers
      • Retail Customers
    • Total Team Points (TTP)
      • Total points created by you, your customers and Preferred Customers and all Mission Marketers in your entire organization.
  • 14. Terms
    • Active
      • As a Mission Marketer of any rank, one must accumulate 150 PPV or
      • A 100 PV Autoship order during the monthly pay period.
    • Business Builder Pack Bonus
      • Paid out weekly on 3 levels when you sell the $200 packages
  • 15. First Order Bonus
    • What is it?
      • 10% additional bonus on the very first order for those you personally enroll
    • Two Methods to Qualify
      • Personally purchase 500 PV on your 1st order (Anticipate taking pre-orders in Sept)
      • Accumulate 2000 PPV over any period of time
  • 16. Healthy Living Account
    • Replaces the Car Allowance that is common with network marketing
    • $200-$800 based on rank
    • Use it for healthy living expenses such as massage, chiropractic, farmer’s market
    • Network of discounted providers
  • 17. Rank Advancement
    • Mission Marketer
      • Register as a Mission Marketer (MM) for $39.95 or Purchase a Business Builder Kit for $199.95
      • Maintain Active Status
        • 100pt Autoship or 150pt PPV
      • Compensation & Benefits
        • Purchase products at Wholesale (20% off retail)
        • 20% Commission on retail sales
        • 7% Commission on preferred customer sales
        • 7% Bonuses on E1 & E2’s
  • 18. Rank Advancement
    • Manager Status
      • Active Status with 1000 TTP to advance
      • Maintain rank- active with 750 TTP
      • Same compensation as MM
      • Additional 3% on Level One
        • Level one- everyone in your group until someone achieves your same rank
  • 19. Rank Advancement
    • VP Rank
      • Active Status with 4000 TTP to advance
      • Two Active Mission Marketers
      • 60% Rule (only may use 60% of the points from each leg)
      • Maintain rank- active with 3000 TTP
      • Same compensation as Manager
      • Additional Generational Bonuses (to be discussed next time)
      • Healthy Living Account Bonus
      • Qualifies for Founders Club
  • 20. Business Building Strategy
    • Determine interest level- customer or business builder
    • Customers- stay in touch with general product info and company updates
    • Business Builders
      • Add to our “secret” Facebook group
      • Invite to the Product Standard Conference Call with Trish and the Business Building Webinars
      • Ask for help from your upline for strong potential business builders
      • Strong potential leaders should be added to our Team USA page (
      • Develop a communication plan
    • Start studying your training documents