October           Can Your Company Afford To Not Purchase Headsets     2011                                 For Phone Inte...
will then be given to any employee who wants them.  Promotions                       The News-Democrat has published a ser...
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The Headset Team News October 2011


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Can Your Company Afford To Not Purchase Headsets For Phone Intensive Workers? $128,000.00 injury claim awarded in Illinois.

New MDA200 allow you to use one headset for Telephone, PC and Cellphone.

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The Headset Team News October 2011

  1. 1. October Can Your Company Afford To Not Purchase Headsets 2011 For Phone Intensive Workers? A recent $128,000.00 injury claim awarded in Illinois because an employee did not get the headset she asked for set the bar for such future related judgments. The Return on Investment (ROI) for the Risk Aversion versus the low cost of a quality headset is not the only consideration. Can you imagine the Public Relations nightmare related to the Associated Press (AP) publishing such a negative article about your company or organization? In This Issue Whether risk aversion or avoiding a PR nightmare a headset might be the solution to avoid a nightmarish situation. No Headset for Prison Clerk Cost Illinois Taxpayers Report: No headset for prison clerk cost Illinois $128,000.00 taxpayers $128K The Associated PressPlantronics MDA200 Posted Jul 10, 2011 @ 07:00 PM Multi Device Adapter Illinois taxpayers will have to pay more than $128,000 because a state employee didnt get the telephone headset she asked for, according to a published report Sunday.Win A Free MDA200 "Like" Us On The Belleville News-Democrat, citing workers compensation records, reported a prison finance Facebook clerk had complained that not having an ergonomically sound work station or a headset made her strain her neck, causing pain and worsening her spine problems. Free Voyager ProUC Vehicle Charger The newspaper reported that Angela Grott, a clerk at the Menard Correctional Center, testified Promotion - Extended in a hearing in December that not having a headset was the primary reason for her pain and she said supervisors repeatedly denied her requests for a headset or altered work station. A surgeon who operated on Grott said she had "a pre-existing disc degeneration that was aggravated" by holding the phone in an awkward manner, according to a summary provided by the Illinois Attorney Generals Office. Now, the clerks workers compensation claim in medical bills is $128,424, according to the News-Democrat. Grott, who has been a state employee since 1989, declined to comment to the newspaper. Illinois Department of Corrections officials said they are waiting for headsets to arrive, which 800-847-7068
  2. 2. will then be given to any employee who wants them. Promotions The News-Democrat has published a series of reports based on its own probe of workers compensation claims. The newspaper reports that its probe has led to five investigations, New PlantronicsSavi W440 Wireless including two criminal probes. System Special Pricing $169.99 Ending Soon Switch Your Unified Communications StrategyBuy 5 CA12CD PTT Wireless Headset The MDA200 Enables InstantSystems Get A Free Multifunctional capabilities for H Top Headset Plantronics Devices “Organizations today need flexibility and new ways to leverage existing technology,” said Bill Loewenthal, Vice Great President, Unified Communications, Resources Plantronics. “The MDA200 provides flexibility and enables companies to Plantronics leverage their existing Plantronics audio Warranty Link devices. No matter which headset is being used - corded, wireless DECT or Bluetooth, the Plantronics MDA200 can connect enterprise workers to both their softphone and their desk Accessories phone.” The MDA200 ensures IT departments can leverage their existing devices while they Headset & pilot, test or deploy softphones from leading UC vendors including Avaya®, Telephone Cisco®, IBM® and Microsoft®. Compatibility Tool September Promotions andFeatured Solutions Ways To Use The Plantronics MDA200 3 Unified Communication Scenario’s Free HeadsetEvaluation ProgramPast Editions Of TheHeadset Team News Scenario #1 MDA200 + Blackwire® Corded USB Headset You arrive at work and settle into an unassigned desk that has a desk phone and a docking station. With the MDA200 hooked up to your desk phone and PC, all you need to do is plug your favorite corded USB headset, like the Blackwire 420, into the MDA200 and you are ready to make and accept calls from your PC and desk phone. 800-847-7068
  3. 3. Scenario #2 MDA200 + Voyager® PRO UC Quote of the Month This scenario is similar to the first, except your favorite headset happens to be the Voyager PRO UC. (Happy On its own, it’s a wireless solution that connects to Halloween) both the PC and mobile phone. However, when the Voyager PRO UC mini USB adapter is plugged into the MDA200, calls can be made from the PC, the desk“Buy low and sell phone and the mobile phone.high, thats mymotto. Timing is Scenario #3critical. You have MDA200 + DA45 + SupraPlus Headsetto know when tobuy and when to Enterprises or call centers who already have made asell. significant investment in corded Plantronics desk phone headsets, like the SupraPlus wideband, canThis year I add a DA45 USB adapter to the MDA200 and getinvested in instant connectivity to both PC and desk phone—pumpkins. without breaking the bank.Theyve beengoing up the Plantronics MDA200 Detailswhole month ofOctober and I gota feeling theyregoing to peak Win a Free MDA200-Join us on Facebookright aroundJanuary. “Like” The Headset Team on Facebook to enter the drawing for a FREE Plantronics MDA200. The winner will be announced in our NovemberThen bang! Thats Newsletter.when Ill cash in” - Homer Jay Simpson- Click the logo above and Press “Like” on our Facebook page to enter the drawing The Simpsons Get a Free Voyager Pro UC Vehicle Charger Extended Buy a Voyager Pro UC from The Headset Team and receive a Voyager Pro UC Vehicle Charger for FREE! The offer is valid from September 1st to November 30th, 2011. If you have any questions contact The Headset Team at 800-847-7068 and one of our headset experts will assist you. 800-847-7068
  4. 4. Click here for details about the Free Voyager Pro UC Vehicle Charger Promo Contact Us Support@TheHeadsetTeam. com 800-847-7068 312-528-9172 Fax Hours 7am-11pmIf you receive more than one newsletter and would like only one click here.To discontinue receipt of this newsletter click here and submit your request. 800-847-7068