How To Get The Most Out Of Recruitment Agencies, Oussama Mansour


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There certainly seems to have been a growing sense of informal negativity towards recruitment consultants in the region. A recruitment agency should help speed up the recruitment process and take a significant workload of your plate. The better consultants should be well connected and be able to provide you access to strong candidates that would be otherwise impossible to gain access to. Due to the significant sums of money involved in the recruitment business, this have caused a drastic shift in how some recruitment companies in the middle east approach their clients. Some have abandoned the mature, well informed true consultative approach and instead replaced it with a high volume, sales orientated approach. Others have become CV passers and nothing more. Finding and getting the best out of a recruitment agency, however, requires planning, preparation and determination.

This presentation was used at HR Summit and Expo 2013

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How To Get The Most Out Of Recruitment Agencies, Oussama Mansour

  1. 1. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be with you today. Getting the best from the recruitment agency Presented by; Mr. Oussama Mansour C.E.O. Profiles International, M.E.
  2. 2. It is all about: Is there a Bad-Good Person! NO Bad-Good JobOrg. FIT!
  3. 3. The Challenge The Target Job Role & Responsibilities Growth-Productivity Competencies (S,K) Personality (Behavioral Traits) Interest Thinking Capacity Your Cultural & Value Fit Leadership & Management Style Fit Good Fit Marriage Bad Fit Divorce-Law Suits Your Pool Of Potential Candidates
  4. 4. Going down the agency route The relationship that you have with your recruiting agency is integral to the success of your company. Like any other good relationship, communication is important. You want to be able to engage in honest and open dialogue. You want to know that you can have complete trust in your agency.
  5. 5. Going down the agency route Many businesses simply don't have the time or internal knowledge required to hire the best staff, especially if they're recruiting in a new location or for a newly created role. Agencies give you the opportunity to hand this responsibility to experts who, in return for a fee, will aim to bring you candidates matching your exact requirements. You have the choice between generalist agencies who can offer you candidate volume, or smaller niche agencies that attract more specialist candidates.
  6. 6. However, as with any form of recruiting strategy, there are some downsides: Using an agency is often more expensive than recruiting independently. Agencies operate in different ways, so you have to do your homework before you find the one that matches your needs. If you don't brief you agency properly, you may actually spend more time dealing with unwanted candidates.
  7. 7. Ask Questions One of the best ways to build that trust is by asking questions. By asking specific and well thought out questions you will figure out if you and your recruiting agency are compatible. Here are some examples of the types of questions that you can ask: What kind of assessments do they use to screen potential job applicants? What is their experience in your industry? Do they perform background/reference checks? Of course there are numerous other questions that you can ask as well. On the flip side you should also encourage your recruiting agency to ask you questions as well. It is important that they understand the needs of your company. This two-way question and answer process will establish a strong working relationship.
  8. 8. Finding the right agency There are questions you need to ask yourself before deciding which agency to use: Has the agency recruited for similar positions before? What are the credentials of the consultants that will handle your account? Can they supply testimonials from previous clients? Do they comply with recruitment industry standards? Does the agency have a clear pricing structure?
  9. 9. Finding the right agency There are questions you need to ask yourself before deciding which agency to use: How do their fees compare with the industry average? What background checks will the agency perform on candidates? What role will you be expected to pay in the process How much contact will you receive from the agency?
  10. 10. Placement Or right placement.
  11. 11. TIP – find out how long your recruiter has been in the recruitment industry, how long they have been with their current agency and how long they really believe they will stay in recruitment. Also find out what practical experience they have in the industry they are recruiting in to justify taking on your assignment.
  12. 12. POSITION DESCRIPTION TIP – if your recruiter does not want to come out to meet you and see the working environment to understand your culture and your drivers, be wary that they don't really care about making the right placement, just a near enough placement
  13. 13. CONTINGENT versus RETAINED ENGAGEMENT TIP – always only select one recruiter and either engage them on retainer for greater leverage or exclusively if they have not yet proven their success. Contingent sounds like you get greater choice and effort, but the reality is it is often the leftovers.
  14. 14. Give Feedback One of the key ways to get the most benefits from your recruiting agency is by giving honest feedback. Some people assume they only should give feedback when there are issues. Even though you want to be upfront about any problems, it is also important to give feedback when an employee works out well. Both types of feedback will help your recruiting agency understand what you are looking for in your employees. This will help them understand your needs and pair you up with individuals that are the right fit for your company.
  15. 15. Build Connections Your recruiting agency has extensive network connections. By taking advantage of your relationship with your agency, you can tap into those connections. By tapping into those connections you will find a tremendous resource for market research. Here are some of the benefits which come from building connections: access to cross-marketing opportunities learn about innovation the insider’s scoop on industry trends
  16. 16. Always make sure you provide comprehensive briefs. If you haven't provided your agency with the exact details of what you're hoping for in the perfect candidate, then they can't be blamed for not finding them. Make sure you let them know which criteria are mandatory, which are highly desired and which are optional. It's better to provide them with too much information than not enough.
  17. 17. Organizational Culture (Customer Orientation, Sales Orientation, etc.) Succession Planning Promotions Coaching & Mentoring Managing Change Training & Dev. Team Building Performance Management Career Planning Recruitment & Selection
  18. 18. • Can the person do the job? • How will the person do the job? • Will the person want to do the job?
  19. 19. Top Performer Profile Shaded areas indicate the required potential The Profile shows requirements for superior performance in your organization.
  20. 20. Good Match
  21. 21. The Job Pattern Design & The Job Fit Technology (Benchmarking)
  22. 22. MULTI-JOB MATCH REPORT Career Planning Promotion Succession Planning Mr. Ahmed has scored the following percentage fit for the following jobs; F & B Manager Customer Service Manager Front Desk Manager Marketing Manager Human Resources Manager Accounting Manager Training & Dev’t. Motivation 81% 75% 73% 61% 55% 44% Team Building
  23. 23. MULTI-CANDIDATE JOB MATCH REPORT Career Planning Promotion Succession Planning The following candidates have scored the following percentage fit for the Job of Customer Service Manager; Ahmed Rola Ranjana Sahel Noora Rashid Training & Dev’t. 81% 75% 73% 61% 55% 44% Motivation Team Building