Take Charge of Breast Health


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Take Charge of Breast Health

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Take Charge of Breast Health

  1. 1. www.TheGardnerGroup.com Health and wellness tips for your work, home and life—brought to you by the insurance specialists at The Gardner GroupTake Charge of Breast Health Regular breast exams help detect cancer earlyBreast exams are extremely 1. Lie down and place one arm taking birth control pills or other behind your head. hormone therapy. However, if youuseful in detecting cancer notice changes at other times in 2. Use the pads of your middle your life, it is strongly suggestedearly. Clinical exams, breast three fingers on the that you visit a doctor opposite hand to check yourself-exams (BSEs) and immediately. breast tissue in overlapping,mammograms should be dime-sized circular motions. More in-depth information on how to perform a BSE is available atcompleted regularly so that 3. Use an up-and-down ww5.komen.org. This website pattern starting at your also provides a Breast Self-it’s possible to determine if underarm and moving all Awareness Interactive Tool that the way to the middle ofthere are changes in breast you can view. Or, check out this your breastbone to feel for diagram ontissue, indicating breast changes. www.breastcancer.org, which 4. Standing with your hands illustrates how to perform acancer or other potentially on your hips, look in a thorough self-exam.harmful conditions. mirror for changes in size, shape, contour or coloringClinical Exams and of your breasts.Mammograms Breast Tissue ChangesThe American Cancer Societyrecommends clinical breast Contact your doctor if you noticeexams every three years for any of the following changes towomen between 20 and 40, and your breast or nipple tissue whileannually for women 40 and older. doing a BSE:Starting at age 40, healthy  Lumpswomen should have yearlymammograms.  Dimpling, red or scaly skinPerforming Self-Exams  Nipple discharge or painIn between clinical exams and It is normal for breast tissue tomammograms, women should change during menstrual cycles,complete BSEs to become familiar pregnancy, menopause, or whilewith the look and feel of theirbreasts when healthy, so thatchanges can be detected as early Did You Know...?as possible. Breast cancer is the seventh leading cause of death for womenThe American Cancer Society in the United States.recommends the following stepsfor conducting a BSE: This brochure is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. For further information, please consult a medical professional. © 2008-2012 Zywave, Inc. All rights reserved.