Smarter Storage in the Smarter Computing Era - A New Approach to Storage - Akhil Kamat


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Smarter Storage in the Smarter Computing Era - A New Approach to Storage - Akhil Kamat

  1. 1. 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur Smarter Storage in the Smarter Computing Era A New Approach to Storage Akhil Kamat IBM India & South Asia
  2. 2. Constant Access to Information Fuels a Smarter Planet 2.7 zettabytes of digital 90% of organizations expect to data in 2013, adopt or deploy a cloud model in up 48% from 2012 the next 3 years Analytically savvyBig Data can increase data companies are 2x more volumes by 2x likely to outperform to 3x their industry peers Leading organizations Labor costs will be 70% of achieve 25% higher disk IT spend by 2013 utilization than average Source: Industry Analysts and IBM Market Intelligence 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  3. 3. There are clear challenges for CIOs and IT leaders Explosion of dataHow to manage data explosion to spot trends,predict outcomes and take meaningful actions? 450 billion online business transactions per day by 2020 Inflexible IT infrastructuresHow to manage inflexible, siloed systems and Only 1 in 5 businesses can allocatebusiness processes to improve business agility? more than half their IT budget to innovation Escalating IT complexityHow to manage IT costs and complexity while 23% of worldwide IT projects arespeeding time-to-market for new services? both over budget and behind schedule 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur Sources: 2012 IBM Data Center Study; IDC Directions Presentation, 2011; and a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM
  4. 4. Introducing IBM Smarter Storage™ Efficient by Design Manage cost and capacity growth • Maximize Storage Utilization • Simplify Storage Management • Predictably Grow Your Storage Infrastructure Self-optimizing Cloud AgileImprove performance and Increase information access andproductivity improve ROI• Properly Size your • Leverage more out of your Storage Deployment storage• Automate Performance • Automate Cloud Management Tuning Management • Enable New Business Models• Grow Your Virtual Server Infrastructure Easier 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  5. 5. The IBM Storage Platform PortfolioCentralized, Heterogeneous Backup, Recovery, &Storage Management De-duplication Services Tivoli Productivity Center Tivoli Storage Manager ProtecTIER Virtualized Storage Services Shared File Consistent Presentation Local Duplication Services SoNAS Remote Replication N-Series SAN Volume Controller Storage Area & iSCSI Networks IBM Non-IBM V7000 EMC IBM Tape DS5000 XIV HP V3700 HDS Ds 8000 Others Local & Offsite Backup Tiered Storage Autonomic Storage Other Storage 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  7. 7. IBM System Storage Easy Tier optimizes performance and costs across tiers Easy Tier• Storage analyzes data access patterns, Solid-State adapts and improves performance• Smart placement of data on the appropriate storage tier Fibre Channel• Data moves across technology boundaries – server and disk High Capacity SATA 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  8. 8. Easy Tier SSD Optimization boosts performance by 300% 250 HDD+SSD with Easy Tier Smart placement of 10% of a database onto TpsE SSD can result in a 300% increase in throughput 0 1 Interval (30 seconds) 286* Internal IBM Performance benchmark run with TPC-E-like workloadThe information on new product features is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information on the new product features is forinformational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract. The information on the new product features is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code orfunctionality. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  9. 9. Tiering data to the application server can boost performance Coming • Easy Tier moves the hottest data closer Solid-State to server and overcomes latency of the SAN • Both server and storage resources remain optimized for performance and cost objectives • Advanced self-tuning reduces administration costs further and allows IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur*Statements of IBM’s future plans and direction are provided for informational purposes only. Plans and directions are subject to change without notice
  10. 10. Efficiency is Designed into Smarter StorageExample: Storwize V7000 Introducing Real-time Compression for Active Data• Enterprise features in a midrange • The only storage based compression disk system for active primary data  Maximizes storage utilization up to 50% with thin provisioning, online migration, • Up to 40% reduction in cost per TB and virtualization • Directly integrated into IBM Storage  Simplifies storage management with Systems industries most advanced GUI  Enables easy migration accelerating the deployment of new storage 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  11. 11. IBM Real-time Compression• Primary Storage Efficiency – Supports Active & Replicated data – Improves I/O performance Compression Capability – Improves business analytics 100%• Ease Of Deployment – No changes to existing environment – Licensable capability on V7000 and SVC – Provides immediate results! 50%• Improves ROI 50% – Supports compression of existing data – Compelling compression rates – Reduces overall cost per TB 75% – Improves operational efficiencies 85% 85% 85% 0% Databases Database E-Mail Virtual Servers Text Logs 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  12. 12. Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface Getting Started Function Icons System recommendations Visual task flow guidance Integrated video instruction Link to more System status information if always available needed 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur12
  13. 13. Smarter Storage Lowers Complexity and Cost 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  14. 14. Efficient By Design in ActionIHK-Gfl IBM Office of the CIO“Our ERP system database access “Automated ‘right tiering’ reduced our users’times improved 10x, from 20ms cost of storage by 50%”to under 2 ms, with IBM Easy Tierflash optimization” Mike Silvia, IBM Director, IT Architecture, Dr. Andreas Himmelreich, CEO Application, and Infrastructure Services 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  15. 15. Analyst Opinions of Easy Tier• "IBMs rock solid high-end DS8000 system will no doubt keep its existing clients • “IBM continues to show its commitment to the high-end storage needs of happy; yet it should also capture the attention of users who are looking to enterprises by making the DS8000 product line into a more complete manage a diverse set of workloads not only easily and effectively, but also with enterprise solution. IBM recognizes that enterprises need storage that is an impressive feature set of advanced optimization and automation more than just highly performant, protected and policy driven; they also capabilities." need storage that is well integrated and pretested as a critical component of – Mark Peters, Senior Analyst, ESG common enterprise applications and solutions. With its latest enhancements, the DS8000 delivers more broadly defined qualities of service.” – Mike Kahn, Managing Director, The Clipper Group, Inc.• "The new Easy Tier intra-tier data rebalancing, combined with enhanced I/O Priority Manager QoS feature, makes the DS8000 more attractive for clients looking to consolidate more workloads on a single system." (1) – Benjamin S. Woo, Program Vice President, Worldwide Storage Systems Research, IDC • “IBM Easy Tiers "turn it on and it runs" approach is what clients continue to expect and enjoy with the DS8000, which contrasts starkly with other solutions that offer the equivalent of set of components for users to manually build their own automated tiering facility.”• "Easy Tier on IBMs flagship DS8000 disk system looks to be the most intelligent – David Hill, Mesabi Group and most automated block tiering solution on the market" – Arun Taneja, Founder, President and Consulting Analyst, The Taneja Group 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  16. 16. WHICH RESULTS IN:  Implement storage that analyzes andALLOWS YOU TO: adapts to ever- changing workload patters Automated,  Optimize flash optimized storage utilization performance  PERFORMANCE  Automate performance tuning — INCREASES OF UP TO 3X  Analyze big data… Better cost  STORAGE COSTS fast containment REDUCED BY UP TO — 50% Increased staff productivity 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  17. 17. How is XIV different?  Controller-centric  Distributed, Modular Grid – Custom HW & SW – Software only  Centralized Cache  Distributed cache – Needs bandwidth – No shared bandwidth needed – Complex cache lock management – No complex lock management  Scales ONLY in capacity  Scales in every dimension 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  18. 18. Deploying Storage: XIV Storage Distribution • COMPLETELY Automated Process • Zero Tuning • NO Pre-Planning • LINEAR Scalability • AUTOMATIC Load Balancing • NO Hot-Spots • EVEN Disk utilization • MAXIMUM capacity utilization • WORLD-RECORD disk rebuilds 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  19. 19. Move data to the 70% of data right place hasnt been accessed in 90 days or more 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur19
  20. 20. Move data to the right place Optimize price/performance for all workloads Solid-state storage Integrated IBM solutions deliver  Data migration between tiers Highest cost per TB  Automated and policy driven Hard Disk IBM IBM System Storwize V7000 Storage DS8000 Tape & Virtual Tape IBM Scale-out NASLowest cost per TB 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  21. 21. Self Optimizing Storage in ActionMadura F &L Edison Group“Madura Fashion & Lifestyle managed to save “Edison analyst testing has shown savings24 lakh per annum after migrating data to the of over 47% in administrator time andIBM XIV Storage which also has the most user 31% less complexity versus performingfriendly GUI” the same set of tasks on competing NP Singh, CIO, Madura F&L storages” 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  22. 22. IBM Cloud Agile storage simplifies cloud adoptionIncrease Information Access and Improve ROI Virtualize your Storage Deployments • Storage adapts easily to unpredictable workloads • Data is available anywhere, anytime Automate Cloud Management • Simple, fast, self-service provisioning • Policy based data management, data moves to users automatically Enable Robust Cloud Expansion • Administrators manage far more capacity • Leverage existing storage systems 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  23. 23. So, How Does this Relate to StorageLeast efficient data centers Most efficient data centersUse of new technology: Use of new technology:43% first and fast technology adoption 86% first and fast technology adoption1% move virtual machines to meet desired outcomes 58% move virtual machines to meet desired outcomes21% use storage virtualization 93% use storage virtualization3% use a storage service catalog (tiered storage) 87% use a storage service catalog (tiered storage)Results Results New projects New projects 35% 47% 65% 53%Maintaining existing Maintaining existinginfrastructure infrastructure Data Center Study: ( ) Source: 2012 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  24. 24. Server Hypervisor -What does virtualization help you achieve 1. Resources are consolidated & virtualized – pooled together and accessed anywhere.- Virtual machines – better utilization (as opposed to physical array-boundary limitations) 2. Services are standardized & Data Mobility – selected from a service catalog. (as opposed to customized configuration)- Vmotion 3. Provisioning is self-service – administrators use automation to allocate capacity from the catalog. (as opposed to manual component-level provisioning) 4. Usage is paid per use – end users are aware of the impact of their consumption and service level choices. (as opposed to paid from a central IT budget) HOW ABOUT A HYPERVISOR FOR YOUR STORAGE 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  25. 25. Storage Virtualization - Consolidate & Common Capabilities• Deliver tier-1 service regardless of hardware choice SLA (Service Level Agreement) is encapsulated with the data in a virtual volume.• How? Common capabilities delivered by the storage hypervisor – I/O caching, thin provisioning, automated tiering, application-integrated The desired service is delivered by the Storage hypervisor independent snapshot and mirroring, of the underlying hardware platform. mobility-driven disruption avoidance 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  26. 26. Virtualize the complete infrastructure Virtual Server Infrastructure Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Midrange Enterprise Storwize V7000 SAN Volume ControllerVMWare optimizes the x86 server infrastructure. ManageNow, Storage Infrastructure doing the same for the storage infrastructure. Virtual consider Storage Hypervisor 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  27. 27. Compute Cloud Storage CloudVirtualized servers, storage, and network Storage provided as a service; managed as a single platform or cloud typically a file or object storeChina Telecom German National Library• Multi-vendor storage pool • 240 Terabytes of files• Integrated volumes for applications • Cultural assets must be preservedSolution: IBM Power Systems Solution: IBM SONASwith SAN Volume Controller• Improved new application time-to-market • Reduced TCO by 35x (3-4 months down to 2-3 days) • Automated, policy-driven tiered storage• Increased hardware utilization by 50% • Automated life cycle management • Automated tape migration 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  28. 28. Storage Hypervisor: Customer case study IBM Global Account (IGA) Business challenge: IGA (IBM’s internal operations) is a massive operation. Data growth and labor costs were outpacing budgets. Provisioning responsiveness was not meeting objectives. Size and Scope Total Storage 24+ PB Block Storage 9 PB File Storage 1 PB Block Storage Solution Tape Capacity 15 PB components:  IBM® SAN Volume Controller Block Storage Solution:  Increased utilization Implement a Storage Hypervisor with IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller and Tivoli Storage Productivity Center. With 9PB of tiered storage now  Live performance balancing virtualized and connected to over 35k fibre channel ports, IGA can improve labor  Concurrent maintenance productivity and storage efficiency while delivering higher service levels.  IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center  Performance and Capacity Benefits: Management  Provisioning time reduced from months to days  Smarter ILM  20% increase in storage utilization  50% reduction in cost / TB through consolidation and tiering 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur
  29. 29. Transformative Approach to Infrastructure Optimization Product Infrastructure Cross platform innovations efficiency optimization  Transformation is required to significantly change the cost curve Current course and speed Take sub-optimal action Costs Transformative Approach Transformation Current Plan Investment Short term decisions for Roadmap for success sustainability and agility 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur29 Time
  30. 30. TALK TO US TODAY Ask for a Storage Visualisation Study Begin your journey on Storage Virtualization 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur30
  31. 31. 22nd – 24th November 2012, Jaipur