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Day1 1645 joanna_macleod Day1 1645 joanna_macleod Presentation Transcript

  • PRESENTED BY: Joanna Macleod AMERICAN EXPRESS BUSINESS TRAVEL Adapting to a changing environment – our journey so far ECEW 14-15th May 2103
  • AGENDA • The way we live is continually changing • The customer service industry has evolved to meet the service demands of our customers • Virtual networks are now a proven model with American Express transitioning more of its front line travel consultants to a home based network • Internal and client resistance to the evolving model are focused around four themes 14th May 2013 AXP Public 1
  • THE WAY WE LIVE IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING COMPUTING: CONNECTIVITY: THEN… (Classrooms / Lectures / Reading Materials) NOW… (Tablets / Smartphones) THEN… (Dedicated Camera / Manually Transfer Digital Files / Develop Films NOW… (Instagram / Always With You Camera (Smartphone) / Instant Digital Effects / Share / Sync / Discover) THEN… NOW… NOW… (Codecademy / Coursera / Interactive / Online / Accessible by Anyone Anywhere Anytime) PHOTOGRAPHY: THEN… (Desktops / Notebooks NOW… (Tablets / Smartphones) EDUCATION: 14th May 2013 AXP Public 2
  • GLOBALISATION AND 24/7 DEMAND HAS CHANGED HOW WE SERVICE OUR CUSTOMERS 14th May 2013 AXP Public 3 Consolidation Standardisation and centralisation to large centers Home Based Servicing Virtualisation model becomes proven and starts growing exponentially We need to be more flexible with a global network of skilled customer facing professionals Adaptive Global Network Leveraging Home Base Servicing, offshoring and local service centers Localised Disparate, non- standardised-servicing Realignment Responding to cost pressures and demands from customers for increased quality of service Offshoring and multi- lingual regional hubs Leveraging labour arbitrage and achieving economies of scale
  • THE TREND FOR CUSTOMER CONTACT EMPLOYEES TO MOVE HOME IS PROVEN 14th May 2013 AXP Public 4 As the US heads towards 63MM home workers by 2016, continued advances in technology and process innovation present additional opportunities globally 20% of current customer contact employees are home based with plans to double that amount by 2014 Participants saw increased results in: • Employee Attendance 74% • Employee Retention 64% • Productivity 58% • Seasonal Staffing 45% • Intraday Staffing 38% 2013 AHCC Benchmarking 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 0-20 21-40 41+ % of Customer Contact Team at Home 2013 2014 Connectivity • High speed broadband Staffing • Desire for flexible shifts New Hire Effectiveness • Improved Virtual training capabilities Engagement • Social platforms Enablers AHCC = At Home Customer Contacts, AHCC_Benchmarking_Survey_Results 2016 increase, Gartner, Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, August 2012
  • OUR HOME BASED SERVICING FOOTPRINT NOW EXTENDS ACROSS 13 COUNTRIES 14th May 2013 AXP Public 5 Home Based Servicing Agents as a % of total agents Potential remains for expansion in both existing and new markets 45.4% 3.5% 7.1% 13.8% 21.0% 23.3% 23.5% 24.8% 24.9% 25.3% 56.9% 65.8% 77.8% 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 60.0% 70.0% 80.0% 90.0% 100.0% Global Singapore Switzerland Argentina Mexico France United Kingdom Netherlands Belgium Nordics Canada Australia United States Current 2013 Exit
  • THE BUSINESS CASE IS STRONG... 14th May 2013 AXP Public 6 Better Services & Solutions Engagement & Loyalty Expense Reduction • Fixed Cost reductions - real estate & related • Flexible Cost Model • Work-Life balance • Work place happiness • Platform Flexibility • Crisis Management • Retain/Attract Best Talent
  • Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2012 Q1 2013 Non-Virtual Virtual 2.3 ppt ...and their experience when calling out of hours GREATER FLEXIBILITY IS CLEARLY BENEFITING OUR CLIENTS 14th May 2013 AXP Public 7 Trend in Customer Satisfaction HBS migration After Hours ServicingCore Servicing 0.7 ppt 1.4 ppt 2.6 ppt With increases in customer satisfaction during their travel booking experience…
  • WHAT ARE THE KEY CONCERNS? 1. Can’t control the home environment from a security perspective 2. People won’t work as hard at home 3. Cultural connection weakens at home 4. Service level slides because people are distracted 14th May 2013 AXP Public 8
  • QUESTIONS? 14th May 2013 AXP Public 9 Joanna Macleod, GM/VP EMEA Service Delivery