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ICEW 2013 Allana Barber - Mobile brand community building strategies
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ICEW 2013 Allana Barber - Mobile brand community building strategies


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How will mobiles be used in emerging markets ? Remember, it's not just a smartphone world. What should be the framework for integration into cross-media and multi-channel ? Using case studies and …

How will mobiles be used in emerging markets ? Remember, it's not just a smartphone world. What should be the framework for integration into cross-media and multi-channel ? Using case studies and insight from real world campaigns, Allana will illustrate on how communities can be built centred on mobile technologies in Africa and emerging markets.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Today I want to share with you just how powerful a mobile device is in engaging with consumers. Its more than an sms or an email it’s all about connecting people and brands. Every time a consumer clicks on an app, responds to an sms, clicks a link off an email or browses on their device you get an opportunity to engage with them.
  • When I first joined Nokia it was all about direct marketing and giving consumers information about our products and services. Looking at how low our engagement numbers were I started working on bringing to life Mobile centric communities that bring together consumers who love Nokia, who own a Nokia, who are passionate about music or games. Our communities talk to peoples interests, needs and passions. Through them we bring together fans, influencers, advocates and owners of Nokia devices. The key is about creating an ongoing conversation that keeps them involved and loyal to Nokia.
  • Our key marketing strategy is about creating these conversations at all Touch points. No matter what the touch point is we have a Call to Action that is focussed on getting consumers involved and to start a journey with them as they buy a device and stays with them through the full lifecycle of them owning the device with the end goal being loyalty that they will stay on a Nokia device. Our communities allow us to profile, to interact, to socialise, offer specials, discounts, bundled deals and allowing them to earn and burn Nokia points within our ecosystem.
  • I’ve put together some examples so that you can journey with Nokia and see how we are changing the way we engage with Consumers across South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • Creating conversations that are based on interests allowed us to really get to know our consumers, they got to choose and identify to with local South Africans. In the Beyond Ordinary campaign consumers got to choose between an adventure, going to the theatre, enjoying comedy, creating movies, taking pictures and standing a chance to actually win that dream. We include a simple sms call to action in all our ATL, Social and Print media. Consumers could then engage, share, and get involved with Nokia and their core interests.
  • From the engagement and profiling in the previous campaign it showed us how many of our consumers were passionate about music so we gave them the opportunity to enjoy Kings of Leon. We seamlessly integrated Social and Mobile with ATL getting consumers to like, share, enter and enjoy their favourite band. With more than 13,000 opt-in it we generated 5000 mobile likes and rewarded our consumers with tickets, VIP experiences, music vouchers and phones. Showing just how effective understanding your consumers interests and passions can be in generating engagement past just a click.
  • As Smartphones and Feature phones allow consumers to access email from their devices more and more consumers have access to engage at any time where ever they are. Email to mobile is huge, we’ve found that more than 50% of emails sent and received on phones show a 35% higher conversion rate than those who receive it at work on a PC. We’ve changed the timing we send emails, we focus our content that is music, apps and games closer to the weekend when people have free time and we’ve brought incentives and rewards to say thank you for using our services.
  • Not only do we have a Nokia Lumia community but through our Lets QWERTY Movement campaign we’ve got a Asha community, provides a ‘headquarters’ type environment where community members can join to engage with the campaign, Asha products and each other. We introduced a series of Challenges that rewarded members with Points through Actions, these were displayed on a Leader board. Community members were incentivised to Talk to The World i.e. Share and Post as part of the Movement. For engaging we introduced Gamification elements which included badges, leader boards , challenges and peer-to-peer chat/posts.Seamlessly integrating the campaign idea with product content.
  • We doubled our YouTube views in a week
  • With the launch of our Nokia Lumia Windows Phone range in South Africa we ran real life scavenger hunt where clues related to physical prize locations were gradually revealed on a time schedule on our Facebook, Twitter and Lumia Community sites with participants racing to claim prizes by arriving at locations first. A complex array of functional and activation activities and mechanics were coordinated and deployed on a single day on 29 Feb 2012 in SA celebrating a month of amazing experiences. We had more than 5,000 concurrent users at one time checking out clues and engaging with our Lumia mobile community – more than 8000 registrations and 160,000 content engagements. On the ground traffic jammed up in multiple locations as consumers raced to get a new Lumia.
  • After the Lumia campaign ramped down, we didn’t close down the sites, but changed to having an Always On Lumia community on mobile which sits on top of our Silverstone OpenWorx CRM platform added each Nokia Lumia phone as we launch it, we adapt and promos change fluidly, along with our content strategy. The Lumia family product profiles now have a standardised format. All Windows features are housed in a standalone section enabling easy inclusion of Windows 8 when it launched. Accessories, Marketplace Apps, Windows Live Demo, Store-finder and where to find the best deal are now sections independent of product profiles.Promotional engagement campaigns are hosted on our community and cross promoted across the entire portal allowing consumers to continue engaging and to share in every new product or service Nokia brings out.
  • Closing the loop between on the ground activations, retail sales and consumer marketingNokia runs activations in Malls, we’ve identified that its essential to get our promoters to record who they have engaged with and be able to continue the journey with Consumers who have shown an interest to purchase a device. We’ve created an app that a Promoter clicks on allowing them easy registration of consumers , we then trigger an SMS to the consumer to opt-in to either the Nokia Lumia or Asha communities and get them to engage with us. Additionally we incentivise our Promoters with have leader boards which show them how they compare to others in their team and/or location for any given day, and over the entire campaign period…Promoters can log any sales they make into the app, and top performers get rewarded. We’ve since extended this app to allow a social aspect, Promoters can take pictures at events or activations or promotions and get consumers excited about Nokia camera abilities allowing them to engage socially.
  • Now that Nokia Lumia phone were in the market we launched a Lumia owners community, where we inform, support and reward Nokia Lumia owners allowing them to connect, share, tweet, refer and engage with Nokia from the comfort of their Lumia. It as a Natural evolution from basic CRM through direct marketing to Consumer engagement and loyalty. Unique to South Africa, the Nokia Rewards platform provides consumers with a place to go and Discover the benefits of owning a Nokia, with How to Guides, Showcasing and promoting of Services and a place to engage, share and get connected with Nokia. Consumers earn and redeem points as they journey though out their lifecycle with Nokia and when its time for renewal Nokia brings them the best deals from our operators so that they can enjoy discounts and even bundled gear.
  • Retention is essential in a world of so many new devices so quickly. In partnership with our Operators we create Bundled offers to Nokia consumers who upgrade from an Old Nokia device to a new Nokia Lumia.We activated Lumiaowners by sending out an SMS to owners to redeem anOffer to get a free Nokia 360 Wifi speaker. In order to quality consumers had to update their profile, active their Nokia account and verify details all on our mobile community. We found that Operator drivenSMS campaign to mobile was 100x more effective than the global email activation campaign.
  • So where to next? We are taking CRM directly to the Consumer on their device. Allowing them to engage real time with Live Windows tiles within an app. Giving the full benefit of our Community and enjoying their rewards on their Nokia device.
  • So to leave you with things I have learnt in our Consumer engagement journey to Loyalty. Is think mobile from the start, Experiment, measure and keep Learning. Its important to integrate Social with your communities as consumers what to share, recommend and stay in touch on their favourite channel. Go Always on, don’t stop after the campaign, keep in touch, create conversations, know their interests, passions and needs and get involved in who they are. Lastly keep engaging and keep rewarding your consumers so that they know they are important to you.Thank You .
  • Transcript

    • 2. IT’S STILL ALL ABOUT CONNECTING PEOPLE Most Powerful Consumer Engagement channel is in their hands
    • 3. NOKIA COMMUNITIES Mobile Centric Communities are personal, intimate and perfect for enabling or extending conversations Profile Acquire • Media • On Pack • POS / POP • Community • Social • Direct Comms Push and Pull Segment Engage • Special Content • Products • User Generated • Social • Comps • Utility Opt-in • Communication • Promotions • Special Interest Content • Using Cell/Email • Social Connect thru Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Promote (pull) SellRewardInfluence Inform & Entertain Conversation Nokia SEA CRM Programme
    • 4. Integrated ATL, BTL, Web, Mobile & Social Strategy 4 Creating Conversations at all Touch Points
    • 5. Nokia Internal Use Only Let’s Journey Multi-layered mobile consumer relationship strategy Nokia South East Africa Traditional Media SMS Engage & ConvertReply | Click
    • 6. Creating conversations based on Interests Traditional Media SMS Engage & ConvertReply - Click Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes: What’s in it for me… How do I connect? Wi n The Adventurer The Muso The Entrepreneur Include a Call to Action Focus on Value Exchange Appeal to Pins and Needles
    • 7. Seamless Social Integration Leveraging Facebook And Driving Likes More than 13,000 opt-ins, generating 5000 mobile likes on Facebook SMS Raymond, if u liked Nokia SA on Facebook click bl/aaa to complete the KOL VIP entry. Ur Password is 12345 Radio and Activation SMS KOL to 41801 Paid/Owned Banners, Social and Mailers… Direct click to tracked URL Reply SMS: You’re on your way to Rocking out with Nokia and the Kings of Leon. Complete your entry- click on or dial *120*9473*565# Rules apply. Traditional Media SMS Engage & ConvertReply - Click
    • 8. Email to mobile is HUGE More than 50% of emails are sent and received from phones – conversion 35% higher Device Detection Emailer Web Mobi Register + Profile Complete Survey Music Voucher 1 SMS Music Voucher 2 SMS Activate and Redeem on Nokia Music Engage & Convertemail Click – Detect - Route Rewards
    • 9. Join, Earn, Win>>> Let’s QWERTY Gamification and Rewarding engagement Tiers Interests Moderator #Sessions >300,000 #PageViews >1,200,000 #Registrations >20,000 7% Registration Rate Average 4.3 EPS #Points earned > 580,000 How To My Dashboard Winners Share, Tweet, Like Challenges
    • 10. Don’t Break the Beat Seamless integration with YouTube Cyphering In East Africa Contribute, Listen Vote User Generated Content Nokia SEA mobile/CRM: Body of Work 2012 / Company Client Confidential10 Gallery Judges Live Feed & Chat
    • 11. Social on mobile is powerful Treasure hunt – 5,000 concurrent users – 160,000 engagement actions Call to Action User sends SMS to Short code Receives Reply Message with Link to Mobi and secret code Gets SMS to present to Promoter at Mystery location Engage & Convertemail Click – Detect - Route Rewards SMS
    • 12. Evolve from a Campaign to Always On content Lumia Family – integrated launch and sales promotion Nokia “Global Truths” Localized Idea Engage & Convert email Click – Detect - Route SMS Traditional Media m Online media
    • 13. Nokia Retail Promoter & Sales Incentive Apps Deploy Retail Sales Incentive Apps on Mobile Use data to drive Lumia Activations Get consumers involved in Lumia Community 13 Promoters & Sales Consultants • Refer prospective customers • Register Sales • Incentivize and Reward • Consumers get sms to Opt into Community • Take-on consumers to CRM Promoter’sApp Jesse – U are invited to the Nokia Lumia Amazing Everyday Community where you could win a Nokia Lumia 800! Click http:/ e to start. Enter promoter’s cell number Check in to a location Capture Lead Refer More or Access Options SMS 2 CONSUMER Check Out Leader Board NOKIA REWARDS
    • 14. Direct Activation during /post purchase From Campaign Participant to Lumia Owner Nokia Phone Owners Reward Community 14 Campaign Activation Lumia Ownership Validation: 1. Detection of device 2. IMEI validation 3. Direct from 121/3rd party Activate • Warranty • Nokia Services • Getting Started Tips Discover • Nokia Community • Content • Social Services • Nokia Services • Drive/Maps • Music/Mix Radio • Features and Functionality How To • Lumia Features and Functionality • Windows Phone Services • Troubleshooting • Tips Rewards • Competitions • Promos • Exclusive Content • Points Redemption Support • Nokia Care • Contact Form • Store/Location Finder Engage
    • 15. Nokia’s growing Communities generating Engagement Engaging communities to drive loyalty Reach Engagement Conversion [CATEGORY NAME]; 50million [CATEGORY NAME]; 11.4million [CATEGORY NAME]; 3million [CATEGORY NAME]; 1.4million Promotion, 100, 000 1,084 1,588 1,193 3,411 3,602 3,049 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 Asha Lumia Rewards Thousands #Sessions #PageViews 186,770 78,708 342,006 - 200,000 400,000 Asha Lumia Rewards Members Owners ~70m impressions - multiple channels ~4m Engagements on Mobile ~600k Community Members on Mobile (>10% owners)
    • 16. Owner Incentive Campaign… Bundled Offer to drive Activation and Sell Out at Retail 16 Push email Click – Detect - Route SMS SMS to Short Code Pull
    • 17. Nokia Rewards App Truly Mobile Centric CRM 17 12:38 12:38 12:38 You have 654 Points Promos Poll Badge News… Challenges Apps Music Tips Burn Points Games Bonus 12:38 You have 654 Points Claim Your Rewards 50 Win a Kings of Leon VIP Lounge Experience 400 Gift a Nokia Music Album to a Friend 100 Win EA Games 50 Chance for Free Upgrade to a Lumia 920 200 Publish a Nokia Mix Radio Playlist Phone Start Rewards App Home Earn/Burn Points
    • 18. Nokia Internal Use Only Consumer Engagement is a journey to Loyalty • Think mobile from the start • Experiment, Measure and Learn • Integrate Social with Communities • go ALWAYS ON • Engage and Reward In partnership with