Mobile application development planning by Fuerte International

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Mobile application development planning presentation by Fuerte International on the 31st of March at Bluu in Hoxton Square, London

Mobile application development planning presentation by Fuerte International on the 31st of March at Bluu in Hoxton Square, London

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  • 1. Twitter : #dmldn ApplicationDevelopment Experts
  • 2. Developing iOS Mobile AppsHow to plan, cost and develop mobile apps
  • 3. Topics• Creating Apps• Costing Apps• Timings• How do I test my Apps• Top Tips for Awesome Apps• Apps vs. Websites• Q+A
  • 4. App Production Process Requirements Interface Wireframes Build Gathering Development Post Testing Store UAT Release & QA Submission Support
  • 5. Interfacedevelopment
  • 6. UATUserAcceptanceTesting
  • 7. Costing Apps
  • 8. Simple App Example 1
  • 9. Simple App Example 1 Singular Function Basic Feeds API Integration Local DB in App Connection Management* Please note this is a sample costing for illustration purposes only.
  • 10. Fitness App Example 2
  • 11. Fitness App Example 2 Training plans Meal plans Reminders iPod integration GPS tracking Social sharing Progress website Active voice coach* Please note this is a sample costing for illustration purposes only.
  • 12. Enterprise App Example 3
  • 13. Enterprise App Example 3 3-6 Months 3 Man Team 6 Months 4 Man Team 12 Months 6 Man Team* Please note this is a sample costing for illustration purposes only.
  • 14. TimingsApp development actual build time
  • 15. Timings – Small Project = 8 weeks minimum Weeks
  • 16. Timings – Medium Project = 15 weeks minimum
  • 17. Timings – Large Project = 7 months minimum
  • 18. How do I test my Apps?• Open a Developer Account (Recommended)• Onsite install of App fast and easy• Mobile Ad-hoc install (Sporadic Issues)• Enterprise account (Over the Air updates)• (New)
  • 19. Top Tips for Awesome Apps!• Screens are small and fingers are big• Use common interface features of the iPhone• Remember multi-touch and swipe gestures• Do one thing well
  • 20. Apps vs. Websites• Website frameworks started in 1980s• App frameworks were developed 2000s• Apps work offline• Apps are responsive and immediate• Apps are more complex to build + feature rich• Apps are more costly (Cross-platform)
  • 21. Location, Location, Location“Apps occupy the most valuable real-estate in the world. On a devicethat spends more time with you and has more of your attention thanany other person, system or influence in your life.”
  • 22. Marketing Apps!•  Traditional marketing – Including all channels, TV, Digital,Print and DM•  Location marketing – e.g. On-site, in-store, on-pack, etc.•  Viral marketing using social sharing•  Integral game mechanic•  App review sites and PR / blogging•  Featured in the app store•  Luck – Build a great App and hope for the best!
  • 23. Q&A
  • 24. Thank You!Greg JarrettFuerte International (0) 787 9476 130
  • 25. Appendix
  • 26. Simple App Example 1 Low Cost - Bronze Medium Cost - Silver High Cost - GoldSpecifications 0 1 3Wireframes 1 2 3Design 3 5 10Build 5 10 15UAT 1 2 2QA 2 2 3Project Management 3 4 5Total Days 15 26 41Total Cost 9,750 16,900 26,650(Average rate 650/day) Features: Features: Features: Singular service Singular service Singular service Simple App - No API work Basic Feed Integration API Integration Local DB Connection Management
  • 27. Fitness App Example 2 Low Cost - Bronze Medium Cost - Silver High Cost - GoldSpecifications 2 3 5Wireframes 1 2 5Design 5 10 20Build 15 30 45UAT 2 4 5QA 3 3 5Project Management 5 10 15Total Days 33 62 100Total Cost 21,450 40,300 65,000(Average rate 650/day) Features: Features: Features: Training Plans Training Plans Training Plans Food Plans Food Plans Food Plans Reminders Reminders iTunes integration iTunes integration Facebook Integration Facebook Integration GPS tracking Progress Website integration Live Coach
  • 28. Enterprise App Example 3Publishing System Low Cost Medium Cost High CostSpecifications 5 10 30Wireframes 10 15 30Design 30 80 250Build 50 120 500UAT 20 40 120QA 10 20 120Project Management 60 120 240Total Days 185 405 1290Total Cost 120,250 263,250 838,500(Average rate 650/day) Features: Features: Features: 3-6 Months 6 Months 12 Months 3 Man Team 4 Man Team 6 Man Team
  • 29. Greg Jarrett Ondrej Rafaj Simon Lee Jakub RafajManaging Director Technical Director Project Director Design DirectorFuerte! A Short History• We are a Shoreditch based agency founded in 2010• Our founding partners all have extensive digital experience• We create Apps for companies like, Warner, Universal, GSK, J&J and others• “Fuerte’! means strong in Spanish – We like to build Fuerte Apps!
  • 30. A list of our services1. We build amazing Apps
  • 31. Clients we work withPublishers like; Universal, Warner Music, HarperCollins. We also work with many of the top 10agencies to allow them to service their clientsacross many verticals including majorPharmaceutical and FMCG companies andleading car brands. Names withheld under NDA.
  • 32. Our Approach “App DevelopmentAgile Methodology• Sprints is not the same as• Focus group lead UX web development!“• Scrum meetingsAgile Processes:Jira, integrated with SVN and version release managementNative Objective C buildsKey features of Jira:• Advanced time tracking system• Granular task prioirty assignment and weighting• At a glance dashboard• Versions control integration with Subversion• Integrated agile managment dashboard
  • 33. Jira – Issue Navigator
  • 34. Jira – Project Summary
  • 35. Apple Guidelines to keep in mind• Push Notification - information not marketing messages• Watch-out for sinful elements - alcohol, smoking, sex• Apps can’t force personal data collection to function• Apps can’t target minors for data collection• Apps that are mostly advertising will be rejected