Croudsourcing and social lead generation


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Presentation by John Horsley at The Great British Business Show, 17th of November 2011.

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  • Where does this leave us? Well, As business professionals we’ve never been under so much pressure To Think Smarter Measure tangible ROI Manage marketing spend more effectively
  • Where does this leave us? Well, As business professionals we’ve never been under so much pressure To Think Smarter Measure tangible ROI Manage marketing spend more effectively
  • What is crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is the term used to describe people coming together online to collectively solve a problem. It’s about harnessing the collective wisdom and expertise of a crowd, the idea is that many hands make light work and that collectively you come up with better results than attempting the same task singularly and in less time.
  • I’m a huge fan of crowdsoucing and have used it in a number of my own projects. I’ve used this site DesignCrowd to crowdsouce a number of design projects. In this example I’m going to show you how I crowdsouced branding and then an entire website from this site. The site offers near 45,000 designers globally to work on and solve design challenges
  • Firstly you need to select the type of project that you’re posting Then set the fees that you’re willing to pay on completion of the project Next you need to create a brief that states what he requirements of the project are, what it should include and outline what you want to exclude.
  • Then you need to choose a design style specifying if you’d like people to create a wordmark, abstract, emblem, character or pictorial logo Once this is done you can dictate the look and feel of the branding by using sliders to give a clear representation of what’s required I wanted to create a logo that felt young, fun and less conservative for my business
  • At the time of the competition $170 = approx £100 Best quotes from an individual designers = £500 - £1000 Would have got only a few designs to choose from and may not have been right for me 73 designs submitted Worked into a few of the designs I liked the most with the designers 1/5th of the lowest quote with a better results
  • This was the final design that I selected and had the designer create a set of icons for me as well as the logo that I feel answered the brief the best and exceeded my expectations.
  • Equipped with logo in hand I went through the same process to source a theme for the website I got 28 designs from 7 designers for appox £380
  • £480 - total project costs £2K - total of cheapest quotes
  • £480 - total project costs £2K - total of cheapest quotes
  • Created a webplatform to source ideas and suggestions for a concept car called the Fiat Mio
  • Created Series On YouTube & a blog to show step by step phases of the design and development process through to the final production of the concept car. This created a truly engaged audience, drove customer loyalty and gave them a product that they wouldn’t have come up with using the traditional process that’s secret and closed off to the public.
  • Anyone can upload an idea to Quirky for $10 and then anyone in the Quirky community can respond to the design. The best designs become the “product of the week” and products that then secure enough buyers, a la StyleFactory, get a chance at production. When a product is complete and starts making money, 30% goes back to the Quirky community, a portion of it to the “ideator” and the rest to those who commented on the design during the one week community vetting period. This financial incentive encourages the Quirky community, now at 45,000 members, to stay active. The site, which Fast Company describes as an “interesting mishmash of a bunch of concepts that have been floating around in social media,” launched in 2009 and has spawned 80 products so far, 28 of which are being sold at retail stores worldwide, and is now averaging production of 2 products a week.
  • The Dell Community has: Contributed 16,387 ideas Promoted 749,085 times Posted 93,938 comments Dell has: Implemented 470 ideas
  • The second section I’m going to discuss is Inbound & Advocacy marketing and how they are used to generate awareness and demand as part of a social media strategy
  • Outbound or traditional marketing channels are about pushing your message out to the masses Costly Decreasing ROI as consumers loose trust in these channels as sources of information As a whole they are not so measurable as digital channels (excluding email in this example) We need to move away from using outbound channels in isolation to integrating outbound with our social media and inbound marketing activities
  • Neilsen surveyed over 25,000 internet users from 50 countries and found that consumers like to go online to review product with ratings and reviews followed by company website being the preferred sources of information in making a purchasing decision. The graph on the right shows the level of consumer trust in advertising with 90% of people trusting recommendations from people they know and a staggering 70% trusting in other peoples opinions posted online.
  • And for IT Vendors Hill & Knowlton found 58% of decision makers trust personal experience when short listing suppliers followed jointly at 51% by word of mouth and industry reports with only 17% trusting brand advertising.
  • This can be seen here in this example from a couple of simple twitter searches, you can see people are asking and valuing opinions of one another to help them make a decision. In this example people are asking about where to stay and where to eat. They could be asking similar questions about your products or service and who’s the best supplier and where to find them.
  • I asked marketers who belong to the Digital Marketing group on Linkedin “what the main objective of their social media strategy was?” the poll gained 238 responses and showed that Generating Awareness and Driving Traffic were clearly the 2 biggest drivers of their social strategy.
  • A social media strategy is all about taking part in the conversation and getting found to drive awareness in your product and services driving Inbound leads and sales back to your business.
  • Businesses need to become publishers and produce remarkable and valuable content that people want to talk about and want to share. They need to move from being secretive to being more public and have to get involved in building communities around great content to drive loyalty and engagement. Content that companies produce needs to be well optimised so that it’s found by people who are searching the web and the social web to make sure they land on your content and share it with their friends and work colleagues. Companies that are seen as useful and knowledgeable through the syndication of content will inurn attract a following, build reputation and grow their customer base as other recommend them.
  • A study from Hubspot, released by eMarketer shows that spending lead generation is 60% less when the company is spending half of their budget or more on inbound marketing, such as social media. Those who are still using outbound tactics are paying more per lead.
  • There are 434% More Indexed Pages for Companies that Blog Googles recent change to algorithm places even more importance on the timeliness of articles published 97% more inbound links for companies that blog It’s all about getting found!
  • eMarketer estimates there will be nearly 21 million Twitter users in the US by the end of this year, and a sizeable minority of those will use the service at least in part to follow brands. Research on Twitter users from Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey put the share following brands at 21% of the total. That falls closely in line with April 2011 research from Compete, which found 19% of Twitter users found brands to follow on the service. In the Constant Contact/CMB study, most brand followers kept up with just a few favored companies on Twitter. Their top reason for becoming a brand follower, cited by 64% who did so, was that they were already a customer of the company—far ahead of the 48% who did so just to get discounts and deals.
  • While Twitter followers may already be loyal customers, that doesn’t mean following has no effect on them. Overall, 50% said that after following a company’s tweets they were more likely to purchase from the firm, and among men the share was 55%. An even stronger majority said they would be more likely to recommend the brand to others, at least in the case of a few companies they followers If brands what them to do so, they will have to give their followers what they want. Aside from promotions and discounts, that means information—61% follow brands so they can be the “first to know” what’s hot—and exclusive content (36%), along with content they can share with others and pass along via retweets (28%). Corporate subscribers have access to all eMarketer analyst reports, articles, data and more. Join the over 750 companies already benefiting from eMarketer’s approach. Learn more.
  • Advocates do the heavy lifting
  • Advocates do the heavy lifting
  • Advocates do the heavy lifting
  • Advocates do the heavy lifting
  • Croudsourcing and social lead generation

    1. 1. How To Build Business Through The Social Web 17th November, 2011 John Horsley | CNO – Ace-A-Metric
    2. 2. FUBAR The Economy
    3. 3. FUBAR The Economy
    4. 5. Section 1. Crowdsourcing to create products, drive engagement, build loyalty & make money
    5. 6. BAR What Is Crowdsourcing?
    6. 7. BAR
    7. 9. BAR
    8. 10. BAR Results 73 Designs 33 Designers Cost = $170
    9. 11. BAR
    10. 12. BAR Results 28 Designs 7 Designers Cost = $720
    11. 13. BAR
    12. 14. BAR Summary Total Project Cost - £480 Total Cheapest Quotes - £2K Less than 1/5th Of The Price More Choices + Better Results
    13. 15. BAR Fiat Crowdsource Design Concepts - Fiat Mio Over 10,000 Submissions 160 Countries Suggestions Included: Size Environmental Specifications Entertainment Options
    14. 16. BAR Fiat Crowdsource Design Concepts - Fiat Mio
    15. 17. BAR
    16. 18. BAR
    17. 19. BAR Results 16,387 Ideas Contributed 749,085 Ideas Promoted 93,938 Comments Posted 470 Ideas Implemented
    18. 20. 2. Inbound & Advocacy Marketing For Generating Demand & Awareness
    19. 21. FUBAR
    20. 22. Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of over 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries.
    21. 23. Decision makers consider their personal experience (58%) first when short-listing tech vendors, followed by word-of-mouth and industry analyst reports, tied at 51% . Advertising (17%) and direct marketing (21%) were listed as the least important information sources when short-listing possible vendors. (Study: "Tech Decision Maker," Hill & Knowlton, January 2009)
    22. 25. Reasons For Implementing A Social Media Strategy
    23. 26. FUBAR Getting Found
    24. 27. FUBAR
    25. 28. FUBAR Source Hubspot, “2010 State of inbound Marketing” Feb 16,2010
    26. 29. FUBAR Source Hubspot, “2010 State of inbound Marketing” Feb 16,2010
    27. 32. Whitepaper Campaign : Oracle Corporation Leveraging the Power of Social Media Oracle Corporation Social CRM campaign targeted IT, Sales and Marketing job titles at US and Canadian companies with 500+ employees
    28. 33. Clicks 3,198 Forms Submitted 944 Marketing Qualified Leads 197 Whitepaper Campaign : Oracle Corporation Leveraging the Power of Social Media
    29. 34. Whitepaper Campaign : Oracle Corporation Leveraging the Power of Social Media
    30. 35. <ul><li>Capture inbound marketing leads </li></ul><ul><li>Reach more people with your message </li></ul><ul><li>Reduce time and cost of identifying buyers </li></ul><ul><li>Shorten the sales funnel and reduce sales cycles </li></ul><ul><li>Gain immediate market insights </li></ul><ul><li>Measure ROI </li></ul>Why we built
    31. 37. Thank You John Horsley CNO +44 794 905 0711 [email_address] @johnhorsley
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