Sage act! 2013 sales presentation


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2013 Sage ACT! Sales Presentation

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Sage act! 2013 sales presentation

  1. 1. Welcome!The presentation will begin shortly.
  2. 2. Sage ACT! 2013 Sales Presentation
  3. 3. Sage ACT! 2013 Sneak PeekMobility Social Media E-marketing Smart Tasks Propel Your Sales & Marketing Efforts
  4. 4. Sage ACT! 2013 Sneak PeekMOBILITY
  5. 5. MobilitySage ACT! Premium Mobile gives you and your team real-time, mobile access to Sage ACT! Premium contact, calendar, andopportunity details from iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  6. 6. Mobility with OpportunitiesSage ACT! Premium 2013 nowincludes Opportunities so youcan easily view, add, and edityour opportunities for a powerfulsales advantage. Focus yourenergy on high priorityopportunities by filtering your listview based on date, status,process, and stage—likecommitment to buy.
  7. 7. Designed for Team SuccessKeep everyone up-to-date and on the same page sinceworkgroups have secured, shared access to the most recent SageACT! Premium details. Sage ACT! Premium
  8. 8. Sage ACT! Connect• Makes it easy stay connected to your business from iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile.• Works with a broad range of mobile devices so you can easily work and be productive from wherever you are.• Gives you access to custom Sage ACT! data from your mobile device enabling you to make better and faster decisions while on-the-go.• Provides you the freedom to pay-as-you- go with an affordable yearly subscription—$69.95 PUPY.
  9. 9. Mobility Options• Access Sage ACT! (Pro & Premium) • Access Sage ACT! (Premium only) contacts & calendar, activities, and notes contacts & calendar, opportunities, & history. activities, notes & history, and attachments.• Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry. • Works with iPhone, iPad, and Android.• Requires subscription or included as part • Included with your purchase of Sage of certain Sage Business Care plans. ACT! Premium.• Hosted by Sage. • Hosted by you or a Partner. For Sage ACT! Pro For Sage ACT! Premium Customers Customers
  10. 10. Sage ACT! 2013 Sneak PeekSOCIAL MEDIA
  11. 11. Market Trends – Social Discovery • 70% of small businesses use social media or plan to in next 12 months – SMB Group and CRM Essentials. • “..the way our leads find us has changed. We need to be where our next customers are and they are on Facebook.” – Sage ACT! customer quote.
  12. 12. Social MediaDevelop unique insight based on a greater understanding ofyour customers through a centralized view of your contact’s last25 posts made on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  13. 13. Sage ACT! 2013 Sneak PeekE-MARKETING
  14. 14. E-marketingExtend your reach beyond email addresses by automaticallyposting your Sage E-marketing for ACT! messages to yourLinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Viewers who have “Like”dyour business Facebook fan page will immediately receive theseupdates as well.
  15. 15. Sage ACT! 2013 Sneak PeekSMART TASKS
  16. 16. Smart Tasks Defined• Smart Tasks aka Workflow helps you handle the things you need to get done every day by automating key activities based on steps you define, like sending a welcome email to a new customer.• Think of it like your own personal assistant to take care of the small details so you can focus on taking care of business.• Get started with one of many sample Smart Task templates or create your own to set in motion the most basic or advanced steps to occur automatically.
  17. 17. Smart Tasks OfflineSage ACT! 2013 now enables your Smart Tasks to run offline soyour designated steps can keep moving forward, even when SageACT! is closed.
  18. 18. Smart Tasks TriggersSave time with data/field triggers that automatically updaterecords once certain conditions are met—another critical SmartTasks improvement in Sage ACT! 2013!
  19. 19. What’s New Since Your Version + Sage ACT! 2013 features and bonus improvements.
  20. 20. Multiple Deployment Options Support your IT preference with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid options. • Sage ACT! Hosted • Sage Connected Services for ACT! – Cloud FaaS – Mobility and E-marketing • Hosted Partner Providers• Sage ACT! Pro – Windows only• Sage ACT! Premium – Windows and Web options On-premise• Sage ACT! Premium Mobile
  21. 21. Pro vs. Premium
  22. 22. Sage ACT! Hosted • Have on-demand access to Sage ACT! Premium anytime youre online. • No setup, installs, or upgrades—we automatically take care of it so you dont have to. • Start for as little as $2 per user, per day with subscription billing that allows you to pay-as-you-go.
  23. 23. Sage E-marketing for ACT!• Gives you a simple way to grow your business through impactful email marketing communications.• Powered by Swiftpage to ensure deliverability—ISP relations and a free spam check tool.• Integrates seamlessly with Sage ACT! for easy sending and results tracking.• Provides you the freedom to pay-as-you- go with low-cost monthly subscription plan options.
  24. 24. E-marketing Plan Options
  25. 25. Q&A
  26. 26. Pricing