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If you are needing a professional reliable partner to facilitate your project coordination duties, G. Bernard Williams is the man you need. Building Relationships, One project at a time.

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Global Works Media.Presentation

  1. 1. The Project Manager
  2. 2. G. Bernard WilliamsAbout G. Bernard Williams• A media broker, facilitating the advertising needs of your business• A strategically creative medium in brand and product placement• A consultative partner in the marketing and growth of your business
  3. 3. • MEDIA• Visual Productions – Film (Music Videos, Documentaries, Short Films) – Television (Commercials, Infomercials and Showcase) – Corporate and Sales Presentations – Special Events• Audio Productions – Local Radio Commercials – National Radio Infomercials• Print Productions – Press Releases – Ad Graphic Design and Layout – Point of Sale Collateral
  4. 4. • MEDIUM• A noun defined as: “Being In The Middle”• Understanding and Identifying opportunities for your brand product• Conceptualization and Development of supporting media for your advertising needs• Implementation and Management of your brand advertisement campaign
  5. 5. • MARKETING• Brand – Creative Consulting – Brand Activation – Opportunistic Branding• Experiential & Event – Direct to Consumer• Channel – Television, Radio, Internet, Mobile, DVD – Business to Business – Wholesale / Retail
  6. 6. Media Management/Production• Corporate Demo Tapes• Television Shows• TV Segments• Commercials• Radio Advertisements• Music Videos• Motion Pictures• Media Placement• Internet / Web Development
  7. 7. Television Television is a major component of orchestrating an advertising strategy, we can leverage our unique position in the industry to get exceptional value, regardless of your budget. Our media buying professionals work hand in hand with TV outlets to maximize your advertising dollars while capturing the attention of your target market, increasing your rating point levels, brand exposure. Our reputation and solid relationships in the industry often put us on the inside track for unique opportunities that can deliver even more value. When our team take on a project, we use our proven buying strategies to customize, execute, and track a plan that will help you reach your strategic objectives.T.V. Type To Include:• NATIONAL NETWORKS• SYNDICATED PROGRAMMING• CABLE AND SATELLITE PROGRAMMING• LOCAL,NATIONAL AND SPOT MARKETS
  8. 8. Print Global Works has made a reputation for providing the best print values in the industry, leveraging long-standing relationships with thousands of consumer publications and numerous business magazines. When it comes to newspapers, we have long-standing partnerships with national, regional, major metropolitan, and local newspapers. What do we do with the value, we pass the value on to you, and its a win-win all around.Publishing Media:• CONSUMER MAGAZINES• BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MAGAZINES• SUNDAY MAGAZINES• NEWSPAPER,ROP, SOLO AND SHARED INSERTS• CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ADS• FREE STANDING INSERTS (FSIs)
  9. 9. Internet Internet advertising is a must in todays business world can become overwhelming quickly. With all the different banner ads, portal placement, direct email marketing, CPA, CPM, CPC, pixel tracking - the list of possibilities seems endless and can feel so broad. Global Works can help you navigate through the maze of internet advertising and strategically integrate placement into your advertising plan. We thoroughly plan and test before we buy, and we execute, track, and optimize all along the way for optimum ROI. What gives us the edge in the world of cyber marketing is, our partnerships with premier content providers and analytics services help bring results.Internet Services:• Large Scale Banner Ad Campaigns• Strategic Development of Landing Page• Cost Program Management (Per Action, Per Thousand, Per Click)• Website Tracking (Behavioral, Network Behavioral, Pixel)• Geographical Targeting/Demographic Profile• Keyword Set Up & Management• Tracking Analysis with Website Optimization
  10. 10. Radio When it comes to radio advertisings unique combination of reach, target ability, and cost, it has made it an advertising mainstay for many markets and Greg Williams knows how to turn up the volume for his clients. We, work in close partnership with major and local networks to get our clients the best placement on national, regional and local radio. From local to national, no network is too big or small to play a strategic role in your advertising plan.Radio Types:• National Networks• Syndicated Programming• Local Markets
  11. 11. Consumer Direct Its hard to miss an ad thats two stories tall. Thats why consumer direct advertising is so successful in many markets. If consumer direct is part of your advertising strategy - or you think it may be – we can make it happen with no problem. We select the best locations and showing sizes based on a daily effective circulation (DEC) coverage of key trading areas and cost efficiencies. Bottom line: we help you determine where best to place your ads - from billboards to bus wraps - and ensure the lowest price.Consumer Direct Media:• Billboards/Bulletins• Mobile Signage (Bus Wraps, Railway, Mobile Ad Vehicles)• Specialty (Malls, Sports Arenas, Station Terminals)
  12. 12. Sports/Entertainment Marketing Sports and Entertainment has become one of the most high-performing forms of advertising, where your brand has the ability to shine with niche targets, as well as mass audiences, depending on your strategic objectives. When it comes to branding, an event or corporate sponsorship can make a powerful brand impact that stays top of mind with fans. Greg has experience in both the sports and entertainment arenas providing clients with single-source access to sports marketing opportunities in entertainment venues worldwide. From event sponsorships, to on-air and Internet opportunities, NFL Football to NASCAR, well make any sports marketing perform for you while negotiating the best possible value. Services to include:• Sports- MLB, PGA Tour, NHL, NASCAR, NBA, NFL• Racing Sponsorship, Rodeo’s, Professional Tennis• Events: NBA All Star, Super Bowl, World Cup Soccer• Licensing, Player Endorsements, Sponsorships• Corporate and Entertainment Hospitality• Title Sponsor Naming of venues and events
  13. 13. Raising Funds: You’re in the business of placing and raising capital, as well as developing business plans and joint venture agreements to mergers and acquisitions for a wide range of sophisticated clients. Getting investors to part with their money can be a challenging endeavor if you’re not equipped with the proper resources to convey to them that your venture will bring them a return on their investment. You need every advantage to help you secure the placement funding you need to get your client’s project to come to life. When it comes down to getting the attention of investors, one thing is for sure: The LeadStar “Living Design Document” program is the most valuable tool you can utilize. Over a million dollars worth of hi-tech graphic equipment, broadcast tools, and over 30 years of production experience will be put to work to transform business plans into a powerful multimedia 3D video presentation that not only captivates and informs but also entertains. Presenting intricate Wall Street caliber data with a Hollywood finish, these videos and books will captivate your investor’sG. Bernard Williams audience by highlighting critical technical data using 3D animated graphs and charts, displaying interviews with key individuals,Sales/Development 3D fly through presentations of products, and outlining the development of business plans, all to ensure a clear understanding of the venture. Television and movie production companies have long understood the science of influence. They know that even the toughest business decisions are persuaded by emotion. Investors part with their money based on emotion, desire, and potential wins. They then justify that decision with logic. How much emotion does a Power Point presentation evoke? Does it excite? Does it motivate? Does it inspire? We can say yes to all the proposed questions regarding a Power Point Presentation. The LDD program is the big brother to the Power Point Presentation. LeadStar LDD, For more information on LeadStar LDD Contact: CAT Studios 620 Exposition Dallas, TX Office: 214-827-2287 Mobile: 214-205-1889