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Cheap Chance with MUSIC
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Cheap Chance with MUSIC


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This plays a similar track to the music that accompanies the PowerPoint when I present in person. It's fun! …

This plays a similar track to the music that accompanies the PowerPoint when I present in person. It's fun!

Proven advertising often is a simple solution that begins with your local media company, the newspaper. Today, news and information corporations offer multiple platforms for message delivery including the traditional paper that still delivers the largest audience of all local media. In addition, clockwork delivery, stable rates, printed rate cards, customer loyalty programs, volume discounts, anchored positions are all reasons to assess the options of the paper.

The audience continues to respond to advertising.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. By Carol Doane Don’t drown in the advertising pool Cheap is a chance
  • 2.
    • I need my message delivered
  • 3. Every day like clockwork in fact, around the clock We deliver local messages
  • 4. We package messages Online, in email, direct mail and in the newspaper
  • 5. Then along comes something cheaper
  • 6. Customers jump ship
  • 7. And when it doesn’t work out
  • 8. We rescue with effective advertising
  • 9. Unlike direct mail Newspaper users PAY to receive the product
  • 10. Cable customers Pay for the service and tolerate the advertising
  • 11. Radio Customers pay NOT to listen to commercials
  • 12. Newspaper customers Look forward to the ads
  • 13. Unlike other media Newspaper companies hold their rates steady for a year or more
  • 14. Other media companies Don’t publish their rates ? ? Guess ?
  • 15. Did the guy next door Get a better rate than you?
  • 16. Web analytics validated We are audited Circulation verified by independent auditors
  • 17. Loyal customers We reward
  • 18.
    • Volume discounts
    Rewards include
    • Pick up discounts
    • Color savings
  • 19. to our customers and our company. After all, we all want to stay in business. Fair pricing
  • 20. Sponsorships Section fronts Anchored positions in print and online We offer
  • 21. Polybags Post-it Notes ® Flyer printing Mini billboards Specialty print products
  • 22. Unlock dynamic potential Run sizes that break through into the news
  • 23. Cost per thousand Active audience Multi platforms Creativity Consider and compare
  • 24. We are small business specialists with a responsive audience We are affordable
  • 25.
    • Local message delivery
    • News and community
    We are local
  • 26. Will it really put cash in your drawer ? Cheap is only a chance
  • 27. You can swim like a pro You can drown in cheap choices, or
  • 28. And invest in effective advertising Get a consultation
  • 29. We craft strategies We are ad messengers We create campaigns We deliver results
  • 30. Thank you Carol Doane @TheClassicCarol [email_address] In collaboration with Carol Doane for The Columbian
  • 31. Sound Clips for PowerPoint Presentations Music ‘Nitefunk’ via Brainy Betty http://