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Overview of Career Key's new College Match Up! service, where we scientifically map and display your college's majors by Holland personality type.

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  • My name is JWJ, I’m the VP of CK and CK Canada\nwelcome to my overview of our new service, College Match Up\nwhere we scientifically ... Students can then choose one of your college majors that fits their personality, boosting their chances of success & retention\n
  • Career Key was founded in 1997 - to help people make the best career and college major choices. Dr. Jones created The Career Key test, which is based on Holland’s Theory. Recently, Dr. Jones matched our test results with all 1,400+ majors in the U.S. and Canada. \n
  • This is The Career Key Home Page.\n
  • Top Half of the Page\nGroup Discount, Choose a College Major, Solutions for College (Professionals)\n
  • Our college major advice focuses on helping students choose a major that fits their personality.\n
  • Created web article with advice designed to guide students through the process of choosing a major\n
  • with a link to our College Match Up pages: where for each institution, we create a page with their list of majors classified by Holland type\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • All on one page: Top half of the page:\n1st: students take The Career Key test with your Group Discount code ($1 per test taking). A new window opens.\n\n
  • Students do not need to come to your office - although we hope this is only the start of their engagement with your office\n
  • \n2nd: Students return to this page to see your school’s list of majors by Holland personality type and Career Key work group - they scroll down...\n\n
  • Students scroll down - all on the same page, and there they are. Each one is linked to whatever webpage or information (like a PDF in CCRI’s case) with information about that major.\nClick “top” to return to the top of the page.\n
  • 3rd: Students are linked to the departments and places you think are most important to get more information about majors and advice.\n\n
  • 4th: Our research based advice on making a good decision, including a free “decision balance sheet” download.\n\n
  • You’re thinking, what’s the catch? But there isn’t one - we just want more students to make better college major choice - and we think you do too.\n
  • \n
  • If you’d like to learn more, please contact me by phone or email - I would be glad to answer your questions.\nDr. Jones and I are very excited to work with you - I look forward to hearing from you!\n
  • College match up! career key service

    1. 1. “We scientifically map and display your college majors by Holland personality type and Career Key work group...” careerkey-ca.orgCollege Match Up!A unique new service from Career Key® and Career Key® CanadaFor Career Services, Academic Advising, Offices of Retention, AdmissionsBy Juliet Wehr Jones, J.D., GCDF Vice President, Career Key
    2. 2. The Career Key® Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D, NCC Professor Emeritus, N.C. State University College of Education President, Career Key✤ Launched in 1997 by Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, NCC✤ First scientifically valid career test offered on the Internet Juliet Wehr Jones, J.D., GCDF Author, The Career Key Blog✤ No ads, registration Vice President, Career Key✤ Our Focus: expert, professional help in making career and educational choices - affordable to all.
    3. 3. Importance ofPersonality Major Match✤ Major research studies show importance of a close “personality major match”;✤ Good match: predicts GPA, persistence in major, timely graduation;✤ Good match: predicts future job satisfaction and higher earnings;✤ Our goal: Help students match their Holland personality to majors Download our free e-books summarizing the research at our website.
    4. 4. Features: College Match Up! PageWe create it on the Career Key website✤ Displays a list of the college’s majors scientifically classified by Holland personality type and work group;✤ Provides information about each major that interests them;✤ Links visitors to departments like Advising and Career Services; and✤ Gives sound advice based on best practices and research in the field.✤ No ads, no registration, no marketing to students.
    5. 5. What does a College Match Up! page look like? Our first participant:Community College of Rhode Island ccri.eduLargest community college in the Northeast
    6. 6. The Career Key® test✤ Takes 10-15 minutes; ✤ Each job linked to accurate, up to date information about each✤ Access from any Internet- one, from the Occupational connected computer or tablet; Outlook Handbook;✤ Scientifically valid measure of ✤ Results and jobs lists saved for Holland’s 6 personality types; 90 days from test taking; and✤ Students explore occupations ✤ Includes download of “What that match their personality, Your Test Scores Mean”, our organized by work groups; test interpretation booklet.✤ Students identify jobs that interest them: saved to a list;
    7. 7. College Match Up!Easy to participate, Affordable✤ You provide us a list of your college’s majors and what you want to link each one to;✤ We scientifically classify them to match our test results: by Holland personality type and Career Key Work Group;✤ You take advantage of our $1 per Career Key test Group Discount - a minimum annual test purchase is required but no set up fee.* *Please contact me for details as this may change.
    8. 8. Ideas for Using Your Match Up! Page✤ Introduce Incoming Freshmen to Career Services and/or Academic Advising with a short test that matches their personality to your majors;✤ Freshmen career workshops, “First Year Colleges”;✤ One on one counseling or advising sessions;✤ Recruitment Tool: Introduce prospective students to your school’s majors. Get more qualified leads.
    9. 9. For more information Juliet Wehr Jones, J.D., GCDF✤ If you would like to participate Author, The Career Key Blog Vice President, Career Key and have questions about College Match Up!, please (206) 850-6195, PST contact me. Join us on: Linked In: The Career Key Twitter: thecareerkey✤ Facebook: CareerKey✤ (206) 850-6195, PST This presentation also available on Slideshare.