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Detox with a doc presentation, Spring 2013.

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Detox with a doc

  1. 1. “DETOX WITH A DOC”Dr. Dino Pappas&Dr. Marie Tholl-Pappas
  2. 2. What is “Detox With A Doc?”• A structured, easy to follow group medicaldetoxification program• A program that can transfer into a healthier lifestyleand weight loss• A program that has been tried and approved by Dr.Dino & Dr. Marie• Active participation by your doctor in this program• Built in support: Group participation, encouragementemails, video blog updates by the doctors• Flexible Program– Can be tailored to the patient’s goals
  3. 3. What the “Detox With A Doc” Isn’t• Fad• Crash Diet• Difficult To Execute• Harmful
  4. 4. Purpose of a DetoxImprove the liver’sability to process andeliminate harmful toxinsAnalogies:Changing Your FilterControl + Alt + Delete
  5. 5. What does the liver do?• Filter Blood• Store Glucose• Protein Synthesis• Breaks Down Hormones• Produces & Secretes Bile• Primary Organ of Detoxification
  6. 6. Where Do We Get Toxins?• Polluted Air• Auto & Factory Exhaust• Solvents• Heavy Metals• Pesticides/Herbicides/Insecticides• Radiation• Inhalants• Nicotine• Alcohol• Fried Foods• Bacteria• Yeast/Fungus/Mold• Viruses• Home Furnishings• Recreational Drugs• Prescription Drugs• Caffeine• Over the Counter Drugs• Food Additives• Preservatives• Sugar/High Fructose Corn Syrup• Fast Foods• Meats with Hormones &Antibiotics• Genetically Modified Food• Undigested Food• Stress• Trauma• Construction Materials: Plastics,Glue, Paint, Carpet, Etc.*** In some cases, the byproducts of our own detoxification process can be moreharmful than the original toxin ingested ***
  7. 7. Signs Of An Impaired Detox• Constipation• Bloating• Diarrhea• Nausea• Heartburn• Elevated Cholesterol• Overweight/Underweight• Allergies• Skin Disorders• Fatigue• Anger• Depression• Insomnia• Irritability• Dark Circles Under Eyes• Blood Sugar Control Issues• Hormonal Imbalances• PMS• Asthma• Frequent Colds & Infections• Muscle & Joint Pain• Fibromyalgia• Chemical Sensitivities
  8. 8. Results ofImpairedDetoxification
  9. 9. The Solution - Core Restore Kit• Remove: Eliminate the incoming burden of toxinswith the kit components and dietary modification• Restore: Restore the liver’s ability to do it’s job &restore the normal balance of the gut.• Revitalize: Start the year on the right note. Makethis a New Year’s Resolution you can keep!
  10. 10. The Program• Dr. Dino & Dr. Marie will be participating in a 2 weekdetox• You have a choice of shorter or longer– I Week– 3 Weeks– 4 Weeks• Poor overall health and chronic conditions may requirelonger detoxes• All detoxes include 1 Core Restore Kit• Start Date: Tuesday May 28, 2013• Kit Pick Up: Tuesday, May 21st – Sat May 25, 2013– Please schedule a pick up time by calling our office 708-532-2346– Pick up will take approximately 15 minutes
  11. 11. Preprogram Helpful Hints• Before You Start Program– Notify Your Friends and Family– Set some specific goals– Remove all bad food from the house– Go grocery shopping– Photocopy the 28 day protocol and place it in an easy toview location– Take the toxicity and inflammation questionnaires as a“pretest”– Read the user guide in the kit– Create a simple exercise program that you can follow afterday 3 to assist with weight loss• If you have trouble creating a program, please contact us at 708-532-2346. We can either give you a generic program or refer youto a personal trainer (Paul Magsombol – Tenacity 708-620-4612)
  12. 12. 1 Week Detox• 1 Core Restore Kit– Shakes, Vitamins, Capsules, User Guide, Mixer• Days 1 & 2– No Food– 2 Shakes (Morning + Evening)– 4 Multivitamins (2 Morning + 2 Evening)– Lots of Purified Water (6-8 glasses daily)– No Exercise• Days 3-7– Incorporate Food: Organic Fruits + Veggies + Meats, Fresh Spices, Nuts(Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, etc.), Rice Milk/Almond Milk, Good Fats (Olive Oil,Flaxseed Oil), Organic Herbal Tea– Avoid: Avoid Packaged & Processed Food, Canned Food, Sugar, Syrup, Oranges,Grapefruits, Corn, Soy, Flour, Gluten (Wheat, Rye, Oats, Barley, Etc.), Peanuts,Dairy (Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Ice Cream, etc.), Eggs, Margarine, Butter,Mayonnaise, Coffee, Alcohol, Artificial Flavored Products/Beverages, Black Tea,Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Fish/Shellfish, Non Organic Meats + Produce, Fried Foods,Preservatives (MSG)– 2 Shakes (Morning + Evening)– 4 Multivitamins (2 Morning + 2 Evening)– 4 Phytocore Capsules (2 Morning + 2 Evening)– Resume Exercise Slowly (to assist with the goal of weight loss)– Take the toxicity and inflammation questionnaire as a “post test”– Notify Dr. Dino and Dr. Marie about your experience
  13. 13. 2 Week Detox• Days 8-10– Same Eating Recommendations (Foods to Include & Foodsto Avoid)– Drink Plenty of Water (6-8 glasses daily)– 2 Shakes Daily (Morning + Evening)– 4 Multivitamins Daily (2 Morning + 2 Evening)– 4 Phytocore Capsules Daily (2 Morning + 2 Evening)– Gradually increase your activity levels• Days 11-14– Same as days 8-10, but more phytocore capsules• Take 6 Phytocore Capsules Daily (3 Morning + 3 Evening)– Continue to increase activity levels– Complete a toxicity and inflammation “post test”– Notify Dr. Dino & Dr. Marie about your experience
  14. 14. 3 & 4 Week Detox• Same General Structure– Week #1 and Week #2 are the same– Week #3 and #4• 2 Shakes (2 Morning + 2 Evening)• 4 Multivitamins (2 Morning + 2 Evening)• 6 Phytocore Capsules (3 Morning + 3 Evening)• Clean Eating• Drink Plenty of Water• Increase Your Activity Levels Further• Complete the “post test”• Notify Dr. Dino and Dr. Marie about your experience
  15. 15. Medical Benefits• Weight Loss• Increased Energy• Decreased Fatigue/Improved Sleep• Mental Clarity/Improved Memory• Better Looking Hair, Skin, and Nails• Reduced Cravings (Sugar, Caffeine, Etc.)• Decreased Muscle & Joint Pain• Decreased Headaches• Improved Digestion• Unmask digestive or detoxification problems• Simplify Complex Gut Issues• Reduced Toxic Burden• Reveal Chemical Sensitivities and FoodAllergies• Improve Hormone Balance• Reinforce Healthy Lifestyle Patterns
  16. 16. Costs for “Detox With A Doc”• A 10% discount is available for orders placed prior to May21st.• Prices before May 21st:– 1 Week = $90 total• Includes: 1 Core Restore Kit– 2 Weeks = $199.80 total• Includes: 1 Core Restore Kit + 1 Core Support (Shakes) + 2Phytocore (20 Capsules) + 1 Alpha Base Caps w/out Iron(Multivitamins)– 3 Weeks =$279.90 total• Includes: 1 Core Restore Kit + 2 Core Supports (Shakes) + 1Phytocore (120 Capsules) + 1 Alpha Base Caps w/out Iron(Multivitamins)– 4 Weeks = $345.60 total• 1 Core Restore Kit + 3 Core Supports (Shakes) + 1 Phytocore (120Capsules) + 1 Alpha Base Caps w/out Iron (Multivitamins)
  17. 17. Questions• Please feel free to contact us• Office Info:– Address: 9442 W. 179thStreet – Tinley Park, Il60487– Phone: 708-532-CFIM (2346)– Email:– Website:– Facebook: The Center for Integrated Medicine– Twitter: @drdinopappas– YouTube: TheCFIM