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Inspired by Neapolitan Pizza, this Pinched Pan style pizza is perfect for the home chef. Fresh ingredients, simple technique, and mix and match toppings make it easy to make and enjoy one of the most popular foods on earth!

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Napoli Inspired Pinched Pan Pizza ecipe

  1. 1. Napoli InspiredPinched Pan Pizza!Pizza you can make athome like a pro – mix andmatch toppings galore!Prep time: 1 hour (doughrising time overnight)Serves: 1 pan serves 4 Watch the video for tips and tricks
  2. 2. IngredientsFor the Dough For the Sauce 1 cup hot water 1 can crushed tomatoes 1 package fast acting yeast 1 can tomato paste 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 ½ tablespoons salt Pinch salt 2 ½ - 3 cups flour Pinch pepperToppings 2 teaspoons oregano 2 cups mozzarella Pinch red pepper flakes Choice of toppings is Cooks Note: Top with fresh ingredients like Basil and Prosciutto for an up to you! alternative to classic pepperoni, cheese or other traditional toppings. Simply brush dough with olive oil, herbs and parmesan then bake. Top baked dough with fresh ingredients. For cooked vegies as topping, roast or sauté fresh mushrooms, peppers, zucchini or onions in olive oil and herbs before topping/baking pizza.
  3. 3. Step 1 – Prepare DoughIn a large glass or ceramic bowl, combine hot water and yeast – gently whisk until yeastbegins to bubble – then add salt and olive oil and whisk again.Add the first two cups of flour, a bit at a time, stirring constantly. The dough will appear to bethe consistency of pancake batter. As you add more flour, the dough will become sticky andwill require a large spoon, then your hands to combine and work flour completely into dough.The last cup of flour may not all be necessary. Continue to add flour and begin to form adough ball. Stop adding flour when the dough is tacky, but not sticking to your fingers.Working from the outside in and folding the dough into the underside of the ball, continue toknead for several more minutes. (Watch the video to see the technique)Place dough ball back into the bowl and cover with a clean kitchen cloth. Let it rise for a3-4 hours in a warm area (eg. on top of a kitchen shelf). Then punch it down, knead thedough again, cover with plastic wrap and continue to let dough rise in the refrigerator for afew hours or overnight.Let dough warm up at room temperature before forming pizza crust in pan (step 3).
  4. 4. Step 2 – Prepare Sauce Combine sauce ingredients and stir to combine Gently pulse using an upright or immersion blender Let sauce stand in the refrigerator overnight (if possible) to allow spices to infuse the sauce
  5. 5. Step 3 – Top and Bake Pizza Place dough in center of lightly greased jelly roll pan and gently push dough with fingertips to outer edges of pan and up sides to form crust. Pinch and pound any holes that occur from stretching dough. Spread sauce over dough using back of a large spoon. Do not over saturate with sauce, or dough will be soggy and limp. Add a light layer of cheese and your choice of toppings. Add another layer of cheese – you should still see you toppings through the cheese. Bake for 15-20 minutes in preheated 400 Watch the video for techniques and tips degree oven. Let pizza set before slicing.
  6. 6. Pinched Pan Pizza!For more great dinner party ideas, tips and inspiration visit Watch the Video
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