About me: an infographical guideEstablishing executives as thought leaders. Insourcing latent storytelling and other talen...
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About Dr Liz Alexander


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Infographic illustrating the skills and experience of thought leadership consultant, author, and book/publishing expert, Dr Liz Alexander.

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About Dr Liz Alexander

  1. 1. About me: an infographical guideEstablishing executives as thought leaders. Insourcing latent storytelling and other talents to engage employees. author marketer “ As Liz provides feedback on my writing and strategic ideas for the messages I want to convey–I realize we are, together, accessing educator the heart of my business. It is so much more than writing a book–It is communication at its consultant ” core and I consider her a marketing whiz and speaker Born in very smart business thinker! journalist St.Andrews, Anna Carroll Scotland. Founder, Interaction Design Inc coach I hail from broadcaster the MacAlister Clan, whose mo o is Fortiter (meaning bravely). Australia Canada Ph.D Educational Psychology Czech Republic UT Austin Denmark France Germany Hungary Ireland Italy I’m most excited to have Japan my books available in Korea South Africa! Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland My favorite trip as a South Africa freelance journalist Spain was to St. Petersburg, Sweden Russia. UK (lots of caviar!) USA 500,000 copies sold } 12 books published ( 9 commercial, 3 self-published ) x 100 = 2,300 articles published “ Dr. Liz is sharp, professional and incisive. She does not mince words, stays on track and makes you feel at ease; not an easy 7 Step Book Development Process combination to pull off. I am thrilled with the marketer ” results we achieved together. Wendy Appel thought leadership coach Con uence Consulting International innovator strategist assess target 1 Vision: What’s the desired future outcome? 2 Assess: What are your current capacities? create 3 Target: Who are you targeting and why? vision 4 Create: What can you combine to strengthen the original concept? 5 Relate: Who are your key influencers? book development 6 Organize: How best to scope, structure, and organize content? relate 7 Launch: What are your best channels? launch organize networker publishing consultant developmental editor, storyteller past clients “ If you could grow your business by publishing a great book, there is no better professional you could retain to get the job done. Liz is truly a business growth strategist ” and consultant. Mark Faust “ Principal, Echelon Management International. When it comes to thought leadership and the production of great books there’s nobody better than Liz….she gets my full personal recommen- ” Sco dation as a professional speaker, and she’s worth every cent! Ingram Founder & CEO, NetworkInAustin1988-96 2011-12 1999 2000 2001 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 1992-94 www.drlizalexander.com