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We're creating a socially conscious fashion brand that leverages collective talents to restore and reveal the true value of those who are victimized by the commercial sex trade.

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TheBlindProject 2009Plan

  1. 1. TheIssue The problem is clear. An estimated two million young women and children are enslaved into the $28 billion commercial sex trade. Victims of sex trafficking are treated like meaningless commodities. Children are sold and bought, resold and bought again to as many as 30 strangers a day for as little as $20.
  2. 2. OurBeliefs We believe every life is important. Their hopes are worthy. Their dreams are precious. Their stories are valuable.
  3. 3. OurSolution We’re creating a socially conscious fashion brand that leverages collective talents to restore and reveal the true value of those who are victimized by the commercial sex trade.
  4. 4. Create OurSolution Empower Connect
  5. 5. Create OurSolution Empower Connect
  6. 6. Create Collaborating with TheBlindProject’s team of professional fashion designers, victims of the commercial sex trade design and manufacture a premium line of apparel and accessories. Every product reveals the hopes, dreams and stories of these women, and is created within a supportive environment at our partners’ local aftercare facilities.
  7. 7. Create OurSolution Empower Connect
  8. 8. Connect TheBlindProject connects a socially conscious generation to the victims of the commercial sex trade. Each individual is invited to join in the renewal of these women’s lives at three levels of engagement: Consumer Advocate Activist • One who purchases • One who actively • One who donates their product advocates for the time and talents to cause and brand work with victims
  9. 9. Create OurSolution Empower Connect
  10. 10. Empower Our profits are reinvested into aftercare programs that rebuild victims’ economic, physical and emotional well-being…
  11. 11. Economic • Employment • Scholarships • Microfinance Emotional Physical • Rehabilitation • Medical • Reintegration • Facility/Shelter
  12. 12. UniteWithUs
  13. 13. OurTeam AnthonyDodero, CoFounder “I hope we have the opportunity to make a difference globally even if it is for just one life” Graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design 2004 with a B.F.A., Anthony is now a freelance Motion Designer in New York City working in advertising and has experience with various television networks and national advertising campaigns. Born in Santa Barbara, California, he has been involved from an early age in relief efforts around the globe from aiding building efforts of low income houses in northern Mexico to restoration of Hurricane Mitch destroyed communities in Honduras. Recently his focus has been on the Southeast Asia region aiding in India following the tsunami of 2004 and more recently Thailand & Cambodia focusing in on economic solutions for areas torn with human rights abuses. LiemNguyen, CoFounder “Born in Southeast Asia, I feel blessed for my success in the States but, at the same time, I want to help those less fortunate in Southeast Asia” Liem is currently a Senior Art Director at a global advertising agency based in New York City. He creates advertising campaigns using television, print, online, outdoor and non-traditional media. Liem's work experience stems from popular brands such as BMW, Coca Cola, Oral-B, Jamba Juice, Whirlpool and Verizon Wireless. He has also received many advertising and design awards for his achievements. Liem received his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Baylor University in Texas and his Art Direction Certificate from The Chicago Portfolio School in Illinois. ChadRiley, CoFounder “I travelled to Southeast Asia to uncover the dark secrets behind sex trafficking. But what I also discovered was the raw beauty of the people and culture of Southeast Asia that could not be ignored” Chad was raised in the mountains of California. He studied at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and afterwards, moved to New York City to become a freelance Photographer shooting for a diverse client list from advertising, fashion and action sports industries. Also as a Photo Assistant to Annie Leibovitz, he travelled all over the world with Vogue and Vanity Fair Magazine on photo assignments with Bono, Giselle, Muhammad Ali, and even Queen Elizabeth (to name a few). Chad also recently photographed Annie Leibovitz, herself, for the cover of her new book “At Work”.
  14. 14. OurTeam SheilaHarper, FashionDesign "In the sex industry a vicious lie is invasively affirmed daily in the heart of each girl. It’s crippling to the soul and of course she won't truly begin to believe an alternative exists until she finds she is living it. I want to help make those alternatives happen” Sheila grew up in England and graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2004 with a Bachelors in Textile Design. Born in the Philippines and having lived in India and Pakistan as a child she has seen firsthand some of the economic reasons that hold so many people from a life with dignity and hope. Sheila has also spent a year doing humanitarian work in eight East Asian countries. She currently lives in New York City and is excited to contribute her creative skills in textile and jewelry design. KevinKim, StrategicPlanning “We live in an inspiration economy, where we can lift up the dreams and ideas of a child not only to capture our hearts and our minds but now our wallets too” Kevin is a VP, Senior Strategic Planner at a global advertising agency. He helped develop a proprietary branding model based on consumer motivations and institutionalized a suite of innovative insight tools. Kevin also led efforts to establish sister offices in Melbourne, Tokyo and Seoul. Among the brands Kevin has helped become part of our cultural conversation are Applebee’s, ABSOLUT, GlaxoSmithKline, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Levi's, L’Oreal, Nestle Waters, Verizon Wireless and Xbox. Kevin studied at New York University Stern School of Business and the London School of Economics. ChristieYLee, CommunityOutreach “I hope to use my passions in life as a way of restoring beauty and dignity to women who have emotionally and sexually abused” Christie is a NYC based Makeup Artist and Hairstylist working in fashion, film, and television. She has been published in numerous magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Travel Adventures, H Magazine, Venice and done work for MTV, Fuse, IFC, WE, Glamour’s the List and much more. Along with acquiring a dual degree in History and Southeast Asian Studies at UCLA, Christie has a background in social justice and human rights advocacy.
  15. 15. OurTeam AnnaLynneMcCord, TheBlindProjectAmbassador “My heart is definitely in TheBlindProject. Actors are so lucky. We have so much power, and it’s wrong, criminal even, to have that kind of power and not use it” AnnaLynne has quickly become one of Hollywood’s hottest young actresses. Currently staring in “90210”, the CW’s highest- rated series ever, AnnaLynne shines as Naomi, the gorgeous bad girl with a heart of gold. Prior to 90210, AnnaLynne made a splash as the scandalous Eden Lord on FX’s Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning “Nip/Tuck”. Credits include: “Ugly Betty”, “The O.C.”, “Cold Case”, “Greek”, and “CSI: Miami” JessicaMinhas, Media “Media is powerful, and our ambition is to leverage it to raise awareness and financial support for victims of trafficking” Jessica’s media activism on international humanitarian issues has taken her to numerous countries including Nepal, India, Thailand and Cambodia. In addition to documenting world humanitarian issues, Jessica has also served as a Media Consultant to various institutions including MTV, PBS, Tiny Stars, The Foundation For Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, Chat the Planet and Events of the Heart. Jessica obtained her B.A. from the University of Central Florida (Interpersonal Communication) and is continuing her media studies at New York University. DownyNguyen, SpecialProjects "How can something be so obviously wrong (sex trafficking) and still be in existence today? I can hardly sit still, live my life and act like it's ok that this this evil exists. I've got to DO something!" Downy was born in Chicago, shortly after her parents immigrated from Thailand. She spent most of her life in Texas. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree at University of Texas at Austin and completed optometry school at University of Houston. Downy often provides vision care to inner city school kids and homebound disabled patients. She hopes to use her skills as an Optometrist to provide medical assistance for victims rescued out of sex trafficking.
  16. 16. OurTeam RyanTerry, InteractiveDesign "Aside from working with a great team of people, I love that I've been presented with an opportunity to use my talents towards a good cause instead of a simple paycheck" Ryan is an award winning freelance Illustrator & Web Designer based in Brooklyn, NY who studied Computer Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He has worked in the interactive industry for over 7 years as well as a children's education publishing company. He helped build and design TheBlindProject website. KyleWestaway, BusinessDevelopment “I believe in the power of market economics to create social good. I look forward to connecting the socially conscious consumer and the restored victims of trafficking” Kyle is the founding Partner of Westaway Law - a boutique Manhattan law firm that works with clientele who have an innovative dream to create something that will shape our culture. His practice areas include entertainment, start-ups and nonprofits. Kyle’s commitment to global justice drove him to focus his studies on economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa while earning his M.A. in Public Policy and J.D. at Regent and Oxford Universities. He has spent time in Africa studying entrepreneurial solutions to extreme poverty. ShinaeYoon, FashionDesign “I can’t wait to work closely with rescued victims and empower them with the knowledge of their self worth” Shinae graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design with a Bachelor's degree in Fashion and Graphic Design. Shinae currently lives in New York City working as a Women's Wear Designer in the fashion industry. She hopes to begin studying soon for a Master's degree in Social Work.
  17. 17. ThankYou