You Have Angels


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This e-book is designed to bring you to a starting place with comfortably connecting with your Angels on a regular basis for more peace, balance, and happiness, and to also help to resolve problems and difficulties more quickly than you could on your own.

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You Have Angels

  1. 1. You are encouraged to distribute this e-bookfreely as long as it is left completely intact andunchanged and delivered via this PDF file.If you were forwarded this e-book bysomeone else, do yourself a favor and sign upfor free material to further help you get intouch with your own Angels at:
  2. 2. Copyright (c) 2011 Paul Greblick. All rights reserved.Apart from giving this e-book to whomever the reader feelsmight benefit from it, no individual part of this e-book maybe reproduced without the prior written permission of theauthor.Disclaimer: The information contained in this book isintended to help you more deeply understand some of theways you can increase your own Angelic and spiritualconnectivity. It is not a substitute for licensed professionalhelp and/or services, or intended to treat, diagnose, or cureany illness, mental or otherwise.Your well-being always matters most, so this material shouldonly be used in context of your whole life experience. Pleaseallow yourself to get all the help you need in whatever formyou need it, without restriction to specific methodology.
  3. 3. Author’s ForwardNear the end of 2004 I was about to have a second majorbreakdown. I almost didnt make it through the first one, sevenyears prior, the horror having lasted the entire seven years.Recognizing that I wouldnt have made it through another one, Isimply told God “I give” and shortly after began to notice thepresence of Angels.This was a gift to me and has certainly served me and myhealing beyond anything I could have imagined. And not just forme, but for others, too. Shortly after the Angels showed up in mylife, I started to get information for others to get in touch withtheir own Angels. And the information brought them hope andhealing as well.This e-book is my gift to you in the hope that you can get thesame amount of help that I did in putting your life back where itbelongs.And how can I be I so sure of the Angels’ ability to help, serve,and heal?The second breakdown never happened.With love and gratitude, - Paul Greblick 2
  4. 4. IntroductionThis e-book is only the beginning.This is the beginning of a wonderful journey for you to beable to explore and experience life in ways that are morein-line with your well-being. This was my own experienceas I was first exposed to these principles that Im about toshare with you.No matter how much money, fame, or anything else theworld says is necessary for success in life, the one thingthats added the most to my own life was my own spiritualconnectivity.When I abandoned this connection and became involvedin the world’s limited focus, my life was a miserable wreckfor way too long.Once I understood at a gut level what was missing,however, I made the absolute commitment to go all theway with that part of my life. And its been a beautifulexperience that has brought healing to every part of mylife, too.I cannot fathom a greater spiritual connection than onewhich includes Angelic guidance. And because of this, Iwant to communicate this and share it with the world. 3
  5. 5. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comI have written this book for you to help you startconnecting with your own Angels. This will lead youtowards help, healing, and hope in whatever area of lifeyou need it, just like it has for me and the people whomIve worked with.Thank you for letting me share this starting point withyou, in what could be a special journey to your ownspiritual sense of wholeness, guided and directed by yourown Angels. 4
  6. 6. Principle One You Have AngelsYou have Angels.You always have.And you always will.Think of your Angels as your own personal team ofexperts in everything, especially everything about you,your life, and your needs. This will give you a clearerpicture of what they are in your life for.You have Angels….and they want to help you withwhatever you need to find peace, balance, and happinessas soon as possible...and to stay that way!“Angelic Guidance” is obviously a term that goes alongwith the topic of Angels.After, all, thats what Angels DO, dont they? Giveguidance. 5
  7. 7. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comAnd thats what people who connect with their Angels canexpect to receive.But the term “guidance” relating to Angels means a lotmore than the standard dictionary definition of thosewords might imply.The dictionary defines "angelic" as "of or pertaining toangels" and "guidance" as "advice", to summarize thevarious related entries. Therefore, its not too off-base toassume that a good definition of angelic guidance as"advice from your Angels".However, "advice" as a definition severely restricts thescope of help you can expect to receive from them.VERBAL INSTRUCTIONS OR A ROPE?Even though I use the term "Angelic Guidance" regularlywhen Im discussing the topic with people, I dont thinkthis is the most applicable phrase. And though people arenormally very thankful to receive any usable, practicaladvice to solve a problem, in many cases whats receivedgoes beyond mere verbal instructions or advice.Imagine sinking in a pool of quicksand. Though Im sureyoud appreciate all the verbal instructions someone could 6
  8. 8. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comoffer you, handing you a rope to climb out - or evenhelping to pull you out - is obviously much more useful,and much more needed.So going one step further beyond mere verbalcommunication, the help youll receive from your Angelsis more along the lines of "Angelic Services" rather thansomething of a more verbal answer to a question.In another example, imagine driving through anunfamiliar place and getting a flat tire. Lets say that a localpolice officer happened to be driving by and saw what washappening. Once stopping, would you like it if the officerhelped you change the tire, especially if youve never doneit before? THAT would be service, no?Or would you rather the officer just tell you what to dowhile you awkwardly go through the steps yourself. Ofcourse, it would be valuable to know how to change yourown tire, but what if it was raining? And you were stuck inthe mud? Would you want to do it all by yourself then?Out of some adherence to some principle, sufferingthrough it the whole time?Common sense dictates that you would allow yourself toget all the help you needed to move on from whatever in 7
  9. 9. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comyour life isnt working perfectly for you as fast, easy, andgentle as possible.Why withhold from yourself on purpose?Your Angels feel just as strongly that you deserve not onlythe verbal "knowing" of what the answer is, but all thehelp you need in getting there, too.They can help you with what you need for every step ofthe way, too. But for you to be able to receive this, youmust consider that they can do much more for you thanjust give you verbal or intuitive guidance. 8
  10. 10. Principle Two Benefits of Angelic GuidanceThere are countless potential benefits you can receive fromconnecting to your Angels more often. And the more oftenyou connect with them and let them help you, the morebenefits you will receive.Here are just a few of the many positive benefits you maynotice when connecting with your Angels:* Stronger intuition.* More frequent synchronicities.* Faster and less-costly resolution of problems, and withmore permanence, too.* Increased clarity about your lifes work, purpose, or“mission.”* More consistent happiness and joy – “just because” andfor no obvious reason. 9
  11. 11.* Greater insight into becoming more successful in everyway you choose.* Relationship difficulties are diminished, and evendifficult relationships can be resolved lovingly, rather thandisharmoniously.* It becomes easier to self-forgive and accept yourself nomatter what your present state or circumstances.* A feeling of greater momentum toward your right placein life, and that “helping hands” are assisting with this.These are just some of the many positive benefits you mayexperience once you start connecting with your Angelsmore frequently.There is no limit to the help, guidance, and support youcan have, no matter what the topic, circumstances, or need. 10
  12. 12. Principle Three Your Angels are Always with YouYour Angels have always been with you, and always willbe.They are with you in those times when you rememberthem, and things are going smoothly. And they have alsobeen with you in times where you forget about them, andthings were not going well, or maybe even horribly wrong.In fact, during those moments when things were flowingeasily, working out wonderfully and seemingly withoutyou having to put out much effort at all, consider that youwere naturally in-tune with your Angels guidance.And in those times were things werent going as smoothlyas you would have liked, you simply but temporarilyforgot about the help you had available.Your Angels say that its now time to remember theirpresence all the time, so you dont have to sufferneedlessly, or delay what would bring you happiness,wholeness, or peace. 11
  13. 13. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comWhy should you have to suffer when you have Angelswho are waiting to help you find everything that you need- for whats right for you - as you were designed? 12
  14. 14. Principle Four Your Angels WANT to Help YouYour Angels WANT to help you and have the same goalsfor your life as you do - complete peace, balance, andhappiness.It doesnt bother them to help, guide, and serve you.In fact, they have no higher purpose than to serve thoseGod created - and thats you.Your needs are important or you wouldnt have beendesigned with them just as they are. Notice that the wordis “designed” and not just “created”. You were carefullydesigned to be exactly as you are, and with your specificneeds. Your needs are all designed to be met in every waythat is right for you.Other people might have accepted the thought that byconnecting with God and the Angels, they might be toldthey would have to join the priesthood or a convent orsome other role with lots of sacrifice involved. (And whilethere is certainly nothing wrong with being “called” to one 13
  15. 15. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comof those professions, the fear of obligation to it is apotentially troublesome worry.)But there really is nothing to worry about, and nothingfurther from the truth.Since most, if not all, dictionary definitions of Goddescribe Him as all-powerful, why the heck would you,personally, have to sacrifice anything that would beingyou joy and wholeness and freedom to just be yourself?After all, with God being all-powerful, Hed just createwhatever He needed without having to wait or rely onyour sacrifice to do so.And dont think this isnt the case - its what “Creators” do.They create things. What things? Solutions to anything theyneed.And since this is an All-Powerful Creator, at least bydefinition, He can create solutions to whatever YOU needto be happy - and fully happy - without even much effort.So consider from this point on that your Angels arentgoing to ask you to sacrifice anything at all. In fact, theyalready know how difficult your life is, what youremissing, and how to get you to what you need in ways 14
  16. 16. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comfaster, easier, and more gentle that you could do on yourown.Your Angels, in fact, do have the same goal as you do foryour life - complete peace, balance, happiness, andeverything right for you, all the time.This is how youre naturally designed and what your owngoal is for yourself, too - to find complete wholeness,completion, happiness, peace, and joy…and to be able toSTAY there.And your Angels WANT to help you get there as fast as“Angelically” possible. 15
  17. 17. Principle Five Your Angels Have the Ability to Help YouThe Angels aren’t restricted to the 3-D human world, andthus dont suffer with the same limitations that humansdo. Because of this, they have more access to be able tohelp you with any problem, difficulty, or issue you mayhave when your own options seem limited.In fact, it might be good to associate them with having aconnection to All-Power and All-Knowing, since they alsoreside on Heavens side of the tracks.The Angels also dont have limits on patience. And thoughthey dont have human limitations, they are completelyaware of the world you find yourself in, and how difficultit can be. So with their infinite love and patience, they willoffer all the help you need for as long as you need it. Andthis will help you make it past whatever difficulties youfind yourself in, or to help you find everything that willbring more joy, peace, and happiness to your life.Angels also dont get tired, and dont need to sleep.And one thing they certainly dont get tired of is helping you. 16
  18. 18. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comThey also dont have any quotas or limits to the amountthey can help you with.Your Angels want to help you overcome any limitationsthat are keeping you from having peace, balance, andhappiness all the time.You just needed to know that they can. 17
  19. 19. Principle Six Angelic Guidance is FreeThere is no cost to getting help from your Angels.They are with you through your whole life - beginning toend - and they offer their help, love, guidance, and supportfreely.There is no cost to having them in your life, no matter howmuch you need them, and no matter how great the need.You will simply get their help and assistance to your well-being as dictated to them and sent by the loving God whosent them to you. This is the same loving God who createdyou – designed you – to be exactly as you are and wantshelp you meet your needs exactly as you were designed.Since this world can often be fraught with people whodont consider your needs valuable enough to be that highon their own personal agendas, God has sent the Angels tohelp defend you and your needs from those who wouldsquander them. This is needed while you are still on thepath to becoming whole and to make you “immune” to theoutside world. 18
  20. 20. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comIts the world that wants to take from you, not God and theAngels. Everything that comes from the world has a price,but everything that comes from God and the Angels isfree. 19
  21. 21. Principle Seven You Are Entitled to Your Angels’ HelpThere are plenty of unhealthy concepts that come fromold-school restrictions and control-based religions thatdramatically interfere with your ability to receive spiritualguidance, including getting help from your Angels.So lets examine these to see if they have any merit andvalue in keeping -Have you ever heard someone who is completelyconvinced that the following is true?"Gods too busy to bother with you...God has too many more important things to do...Your needs dont matter......and besides, theyre too petty. Theres people starving inthe world and you want fulfillment, for Gods sake? Howselfish can you be?...” 20
  22. 22. on and on and on until it gets to the point where youmight think that someone is trying to keep you fromAngelic and spiritual help, not to mention God’s helpdirectly.It seems like someone, somewhere, is trying to give youenough “reasons” that sound legitimate to NOT connectwith Heavens side of things to help you with what youneed.Ideas like these havent been questioned for centuries, itseems. But they should have been questioned a long timeago, and seen for what they are.These types of restrictive beliefs are often expressed bythose who may have personal agendas to keep you fromgetting answers from God directly, so you would possiblyhave to keep getting your answers from them.To put it more directly, there are people who have a vestedinterest in having you NOT receive guidance directly fromGod and the Angels. They try to keep you in fear to keepyou from doing so.The crazy part is that those ideas have often beenexpressed in some sort of religious environment, whereyou are supposed to be helped and supported in 21
  23. 23. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comconnecting with God and all of Heaven more deeply. Butbecause of these false concepts, the opposite has oftenoccurred.You end up “fearing” God and your own naturalconnection with Heaven’s helpers. It causes you to shyaway from your natural connection with God, so youmight end up thinking its best to just stay on your own, nomatter how bad the circumstances, for fear of not doingthings right. Or asking too much. Or that your needs don’tmatter.Get rid of those so-called “beliefs” right now and don’t letthem back in your life for any reason. They were alwaysfalse to begin with.And try to shy away from giving anyone else too muchcredibility or relevance who might want to make youfearful of direct guidance from God or the Angels. 22
  24. 24. Principle Eight Angelic Guidance is Normal, Easy, and NaturalConnecting with your Angels and receiving theirguidance, help, and support is one of the mostcomfortable, normal, and easy experiences in the world.You might have seen movies that depict Angels and theAngelic realm as "supernatural" and with having badintentions toward humanity. And if the movie was ahorror movie, it might especially seem like the presence ofAngels is certainly NOT a good thing.It might depict them and having them around as too"weird", or having some sort of distorted agenda to hurtsome people while helping others, and God forbid ifyou’re on the wrong side, huh?But consider the following:Often times, people begin to get a high degree of comfortin their lives once they’ve asked the Angels to assist them,or to “just be around” for whatever they need. Even 23
  25. 25. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comfeelings of loneliness started disappearing and it often feelslike an “extended family” is around.This is certainly the opposite of what those movies basedon fictional beliefs would suggest, isn’t it?What you might find, too, is that having your Angelsaround might also bring feelings of deep peace and"okayness" with yourself. And it might even give you thesense that everythings going to be okay, even if you dontknow the specifics of how things will work out in yourcurrent circumstances.The feelings of comfort and familiarity that come from theAngels’ presence is because your Angels have been withyou since you were born. They have been with you yourwhole life but you could sense them much more easilywhen you were a small child. That is, before the world’sconditioning began to move your focus away from yourown natural spiritual connections and sense of wholeness.When you were very tiny, your Angels brought you asense of love, support, and deep peace that you consideredcompletely normal and natural at the time. Getting intouch with them again and allowing them to help you willagain bring you back to that sense of deep peace, love, andsense that everythings going to be okay once again. 24
  26. 26. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comAnd not only that, but the Angels want to make that yournatural and normal state.Could this be anything BUT appealing? 25
  27. 27. Principle Nine Angelic Guidance is Always Good for You in Some WayAngelic guidance always comes in a form that serves YOU,not takes away from you. There is never the possibility ofyou being “ordered” around like a slave, soldier, or ofsomeone bossing you around.Your Angels are experts in everything about you, and theysimply want to offer suggestions and options in the formof thoughts, intuitive feelings, and inclinations that couldlead you out of difficult situations and toward morepositive ones.Guidance from the Angels always comes in a way that willbe recognized as adding to your life in some way, witheither making it easier, better, or more productive in someway.The answers that come from them will have a quality offeeling like it’s a workable answer, a path that would begood to lead you to something where all roads before havebeen lost, lonely, or taken already and found wanting. 26
  28. 28. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comThey will give thoughts full of self-worth and why thatgiving up on yourself doesn’t lead to success, peace, andbalance, even if the world has given up on you. 27
  29. 29. Principle Ten The Angels Want for You What YOU Want for YouThe Angels dont have messages of sorrow and sacrifice tobring you. If God is all-powerful, at least by definition, Hecertainly doesnt need your sacrifice to fulfill Himself. Andas a “Creator”, He doesnt need to wait for you to “get itright” according to the world. He just “creates” what Heneeds, hence the term “Creator”.Therefore, for you to have all the good that is coming, andto be led there by your Angels, know that they are taskedwith leading you to a life of wholeness, completeness, andloving goodness in every way for YOU.It certainly doesnt serve God for you to have a “battleshipgray” life instead of one that could delight you in everyway.I already mentioned how God cannot profit from yoursacrifice, but any good parent takes joy at their childrensfulfillment, and God is no exception. 28
  30. 30. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comThe difference is, God has the ability to help you get toyour ideal state of joy and completion.He is sending you Angels for just that very thing. 29
  31. 31. About the AuthorPaul Greblick helps people learn how to connect andreceive guidance from their Angels on a consistent, dailybasis in order to have a greater amount of peace, balance,and wholeness in their lives.He is the developer/creator of the Inner Influencing self-empowerment set of tools and techniques which canquickly, easily, and gently help you to eliminate emotionaldiscord and remove the subconscious blocks to greater andgreater well-being.On the eve of what would have been his second majorbreakdown, Paul said, God, I give" and shortly afterstarted to recognize the presence of Angels who gave himinformation to help him heal from the experience and tohelp others connect and receive guidance from theirAngels, too.Paul teaches clients over the phone from across the globehow to connect with their Angels, as well as how to applythe Inner Influencing tools for their own unique needs andsituations.He is dedicated to bringing concepts that were oftenconsidered mystical and unapproachable to the masses in 30
  32. 32. http://www.YouHaveAngels.coma way that is easy to understand and implement for theimprovement of their lives in every area.His "no holds barred" teaching style has earned him greatpraise for being fun, friendly, and refreshingly irreverentto experience, especially with material that could often beconsidered too emotionally challenging or even difficult toapproach.His phone clients have often expressed great surprise tomild shock in his ability to tune into their emotional stateand being able to recognize the subconscious factors thatare contributing to the problem, even if he was talking tothem from the other side of the planet.He has also had comments from professional psychicssaying that hes given them the best reading that they,themselves, have ever been given.However, he concedes that anyone should be able to dothis, and strives to help people develop and nurture theirown unique gifts. It was only out of his own great needthat his own strengths developed.His goal is to help everyone with an interest in doing so tofind complete wholeness and self-realization as quickly, 31
  33. 33. http://www.YouHaveAngels.comsafely, easily, and gently as possible...and to help themstay there. 32
  34. 34. Additional – for an inspiring messageabout your Angelic – Paul’s web site on AngelicGuidance - go here for more info on how to connect withyour – Paul’s self-empowermentsystem based on a new breakthrough discovery within oursubconscious mind.Follow “AngelicGuidance” on Twitter – (Paul’s “Angel”tweets) - 33