Leveraging Digital to Fuel Innovation by Ben Wood, Innovation Director


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How to generate fresh insights and ideas? Presentation by Ben Wood, Added Value's Innovation Director at an Adetem conference on Innovation.

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Leveraging Digital to Fuel Innovation by Ben Wood, Innovation Director

  1. 1. AV-id™Leveraging Digital to Fuel InnovationADETEM PARIS May 26th 2011by Ben Wood, Innovation Director
  2. 2. The digital revolution is happeningin marketing as well as culture
  3. 3. It’s not just about shifting traditional media,marketing and research practices online
  4. 4. It’s about leveragingdigital to engage andco-create with peoplein a changing world… 4
  5. 5. Why is digital so powerful for innovation?For Our Participants: For Us:A rich and intuitive platform for Flexibility to adapt insightself-expression and idea exploration and creative taskscreation A meaningful dialogue with living,Freedom to generate insights breathing insight and ideas in richand ideas in their own space multi-media formatsand time Global reach without prohibitive costsEncourages interaction andco-creation
  6. 6. And it allows us to form bespoke creativecommunities around the world:1. Leading Edge Consumers2. Extreme Users (category/brand haters, challenged users, customizers…)3. Experts (from our Expertz™ panel of over 3000 experts)4. Target Consumers5. Client Communities
  7. 7. AV-id™ enables a more flexible, dynamic and iterativeapproach to insight and idea generationLinear Innovation Process Dynamic Innovation Journey(Traditional Multi-stage Approach) (Creative Digital Community)Stage 1 InspirationInspirationStage 2 Lead Recycling & Ideas IdeationInternal Ideation OptimizationStage 3Evaluation Co-creation 7
  8. 8. We have the tools to facilitate interaction,self-expression and creation. Text inputting and meta-tagging The community can add links to websites and interesting points of reference Quotes from authors and resources that can enrich the research data can be added The community can upload and embed Hi I’m Audrey and I’ll be your community videos from third party resources as manager YouTube or Video The community can record their thoughts on video, direct from their PC using a webcam …with the active encouragement of a Pictures and sketches can be uploaded dedicated community manager and shared with the community Live conversations can be initiated between community members and Added Value staff 8
  9. 9. And can build bespoke co-creation platforms 9
  10. 10. Enough TheoryLet’s see the types of insights and ideasthat AV-id™ can generate…
  11. 11. Iced Tea (AV-id™ Insights for Innovation )Emergent Expressions of Freshness Pitching starter Ideas for a new naturaland Naturalness from the Community iced tea: Green Oasis in Urban Jungle 11
  12. 12. Iced Tea (AV-id™ Insights for Innovation ) Ideation developed concepts and potential identities New product to be launched in Russia in June 2011 12
  13. 13. Home Furnishing (AV-id™ Insights for Innovation)Trend Inspiration Product & Colab Ideas My Desired IKEA “Imagine there is a small village with a furniture workshop that frugally and efficiently makes this stool. The stool its self has nice hand and a true craft feeling. Imagine if the engineers at IKEA and this workshop collaborated to make a version of this stool for a higher end IKEA collection. Imagine if that story was told to the consumer so they could 1) understand the process 2) appreciate the item 3) be offered a new look that is generally quite expensive by comparison 4) the price considerably reduced by IKEAs participation. Consumers would feel the joy of seeing a small private workshop benefit, get a high end piece of furniture for less, be educated on how great furniture can be more affordable thanks to IKEAs ability to reduce costs through their way of working... IKEA then seen in an improved light and the sales of the better furniture pay for themselves. Marketing that pays for its self, helps others and produces a great product” (Retro Remix Trend) 13
  14. 14. A More Detailed Case Study:Levi’s® Strauss Personalization Innovation
  15. 15. Global Creative Community for Levi’s®: Personalization InnovationTwenty – four 18-25 year-olds personalizing their worlds across the world…
  16. 16. Meet DUSTIN, 24, New York (part of the community) Freelance graphic designer and artist Loves graffiti, Japanese anime, Artoyz, tattoos, etc. Anti-conformist, enjoys & seeks to display his difference through everything he can, starting with his physical appearance Personalization is a philosophy infusing every part of his life & universe "Im very against conformity. Too many things can look the same in this world, so I need to make everything I own my own style and design" 16
  17. 17. Meet MARA, 24, Los Angeles (part of the community) Loves acting, singing, dancing Fond of theme parties, role playing… and being glamorous and noticed ! Besotted with Princess Monroe… her beloved pooch Huge fan of Marilyn & Madonna Personalizes absolutely everything and is particularly keen on stamping her M on whatever she can (pooch, boyfriend…) "I am really obsessed with Ms…since my first and last name start with M. Also… Marilyn Monroe, Madonna…" 17
  18. 18. Dogs dig personalization too…(Well at least Maras pooch Monroe who hasher own doggy blog and pals…)
  19. 19. Meet YENA, 24, Seoul (part of the community) Student in design & architecture Very creative & avant-garde Fond of deconstruction at present & loves anything peculiar & poetic Into experimenting…in various fields (photography, crafts, painting, fashion…) Has built and personalized a pink toilet she keeps in her bedroom… Personalization is an existential quest "Because I wanna find Me who is totally different from other people. I wanna feel that Im special" 19
  20. 20. 1. The WHAT of personalization
  21. 21. Their naked body(skin)Tattoos are the ultimate form of Personalization for many: a unique and indelibleexpression of yourself, a daily walking piece of art… what could be tattooed onto denim?
  22. 22. Their environmentIts not just their private spaces that are personalized….the street is a canvas for personalexpression and graffiti in particular is an interesting source of inspiration for Levis® 22
  23. 23. 2. The HOW of personalization
  24. 24. Strip Down CUT OUT BACK TO THE ESSENCE REMOVE DECONSTRUCT SIMPLIFYTraditionally, jeanswear personalization has been about adding things/decoration:what can be removed and simplified to create new forms of personalization andfresh aesthetics?
  25. 25. Recycle/Rebuild MODIFY FUNCTION TRANSFORM CHANGE CONTEXT NEW & OLD SECOND LIFEA particularly creative expression of personalization in which objects can be givennew lives and functions: definitely an interesting area to explore for jeanswearpersonalization – denim resurrection and second life? 25
  26. 26. Let’s Meet the Community 26
  27. 27. 3. Generating Breakthrough Ideas
  28. 28. Levis® Resurrection/Denim Graceland(ideas that emerged from AV-id™) Insight: You never want your favourite jeans to die Opportunity: Give your favourite jeans a second life when they start to fall apart Starter Ideas In Store Levis® Resurrection via in store Denim Doctor’ in the ‘Jeanius Lab’ Resurrection ‘wall of fame’ with before and after repairs Recycle wall e.g from 501® to skirt/bag Online Doctor Denim Avatar (e.g Japanese Denim master) User to send in digital photo of jeans with close ups of areas for repair. Levis® to send back mocked up visual of solution and cost Jeans-bay of loved to death jeans etc… 28
  29. 29. Fit Perfect (ideas that emerged from AV-id™) Insight: The perfect fit is the holy grail for denim jeans…especially for women Opportunity: A jean made for your body alone… no other jean looks and feels so ‘yours’ Starter Ideas In Store Bespoke fit service in store Old school: garage with mechanics as tailors, shrink to fit ‘carwash’ etc Future: 3D cyberscan followed by laser pattern cutting and sowing Online Ability to stock your 3D body shape (e.g virtual mould) and replicate for future jeans and finishes 29
  30. 30. An inspiration behind Curve-Id Fit Perfect Levi’s® undertook a worldwide exploration of female bodyshapes to identify the different shapes that could satisfy the majority of women around the world (80%) Levi’s® took the principles of the ‘low-tech’ version of Fit Perfect e.g in-store ‘tailor’ to measure you and provide you with the perfect fit just for your bodyshape Supreme curve Bold curve Demi Curve Slight Curve Celebrating the fact that all women are different and all can be beautiful (vs. skinny top model media ideal) cf. Dove ‘real beauty’ campaign It has now gone digital with the ‘Levi’s® Digital Fitting Experience’ where online guidance can help you identify and purchase the perfect fitting jean for you 30
  31. 31. To recap…1. Leverage digital communities to create a new brand/consumer dialogue and generate fresh global insights and ideas2. Identify the community that is best placed to deliver against your strategic innovation objectives (internal, leading edge, expert etc.)3. Break out of the linear insight to ideation process to facilitate insight and idea generation as well as optimization throughout the innovation journey4. Maximize the multi-media possibilities that digital offers to share intimate insights, pitch ideas and co-create with the community5. Learn from our mistakes! We’ve been running digital communities since 2007 and have continuously optimized our approaches and technology to build successful creative networks
  32. 32. To continue the discussion…1. Read our latest thinking on our blog: Source http://www.added-value.com/source/2. Check our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/3. Follow us on Twitter: @AddedValueGroup4. Join our LinkedIn discussion group on Innovation
  33. 33. THANKS ! 33