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Diversity Within the Asian American Market

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Presentation at the ARF Multicultural Council.

Presentation at the ARF Multicultural Council.

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  • 1. Diversity Within the Asian American Market Presentation to The ARF Multicultural Advertising Council By Phoenix Multicultural July 1, 2008 Chicago, IL
  • 2. U.S. Population Clock Projection According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the resident population of the United States, projected to 19:51 GMT (EST+5) June 30, 2008 was 304,479,549. GROWTH COMES FROM 1 birth every.................................. 7 seconds 1 death every……………………………….13 seconds 1 international migrant (net) every............ 29 seconds ……….Or about 2,980 migrants a day 2 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 3. The Landscape of America is Changing • Growth Occurring EVERYWHERE • Majority Minority States Increasing • Acculturation vs. Assimilation • Language vs. Culture • Asian American Influence 3 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 4. Multicultural Consumers are Different Compare and contrast to your current target segment(s) • Identify the CORE unifiers • Identify the MARKET differentiators Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Target Segments Overarching themes and commonalities Core Unifiers Important Important Important Market Differentiators distinctions distinctions distinctions for targeting for targeting for targeting this segment this segment this segment 4 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 5. Shared Asian Values Asian shared values provide common cultural denominators that can help differentiate this group from other ethnic groups. Saving Saving Respect Respect Family Family for Elders for Elders Asian Asian Shared Shared Values Values Community Community Education Education Group Group Orientation Orientation Source: PM/ISA Asian American Market Report 2005 5 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 6. Demystifying and Profiling The ABCDs of Multicultural Marketing Phoenix Multicultural’s A/B/C/D Model© for Consumer Analysis Demo- Culture graphics Multicultural Consumer Segment Access Behavior 6 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 7. Compelling Reasons… Demo- graphics …on why you should target Asian American consumers • Size of subgroup – Large and Growing • Household size – Large households • Age – Median years – Youngest • Education – Most educated • Occupation – Professional • Income – Highest HH income • Geography – Geographically Concentrated 7 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 8. The Mix is Changing Demo- graphics Chinese Asian Indian Vietnamese Japanese 6.9% Chinese 23.4% Filipino .8M 3M Korean Korean 10% 1.3M Japanese Cambodian Filipino Asian Indian 18.6% Hmong 17.8% 2.5M 2.3M Laotian Pakistani Vietnamese 11.3% Thai 1.5 Taiwanese Indonesian 2006, US Census figures American Community Survey In rank order by national population 8 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 9. Cultural Factors Affect Behavior Culture Heritage Acculturation levels Identity Language 9 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 10. Heritage • Compared to other Asian groups, Vietnamese in the U.S. feel the most connected to their cultural heritage • Asians overall stay connected to their cultural heritage mainly through language and food but this varies by segment • Indians tend to connect via music, religious services and festivals • Koreans and Chinese connect via TV programs • Vietnamese rated music and religious services high • Filipinos rated language the lowest Source: PM/ISA Asian American Market Report 2008 preliminary findings 10 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 11. Identity Culture • In general, over three-quarters of Asians strongly identify themselves with their own country of origin first rather than the umbrella term of Asian American. • Vietnamese are the most likely to do so; Filipinos are the least likely. DK/Ref Minority American 2% 1% 4% Asian American 15% Asian Ethnicity 78% Source: Phoenix Multicultural/ISA Asian American Market Report 2005 11 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 12. Acculturation Culture Country of origin can have significant impact on acculturation level, regardless of length of time in the U.S. – primarily due to level of English in home country and familiarity with American culture 100 Asian Indians Filipinos Chinese Filipino Japanese Indian Japanese Korean Vietnamese 0 Less Bicultural More Acculturated Acculturated Source: Phoenix Multicultural/ISA Asian American Market Report 2005 12 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 13. Language Usage Culture Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese Americans are the most language- dominant. Japanese, because immigration has slowed down considerably, are by far the most English-dominant speakers. 60 60 52.9 54.5 50 47.2 46.4 Indian 50 Indian 39 Vietnamese 40 39 Vietnamese Filipino 40 33.4 Filipino 30 25.4 Japanese 22.6 22.1 30 Japanese 20 Korean 20.5 19.7 Korean Chinese 20 16.6 13.9 Chinese 10 White 10 White 0 0 Speak English less than very Only speak English well Source: Census 2006 13 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 14. Examples of the Cultural Mindset Culture Asian Saying Asian Saying American Saying American Saying • The nail that sticks up, gets • The squeaky wheel gets the knocked down grease • Treat every old man as thy father • There is no fool like an old fool • One is not a soldier in the battlefield • Good fences make good neighbors. 14 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 15. How to Drive Behavior Behavior First understand it Health Next, affect it Banking Habits Shopping Consumer Buying Cars Electronics Fast Telephone Food Usage Internet Usage Travel “Green” Attitude 15 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 16. Fast Food Behavior • McDonald’s was the first mentioned and the most mentioned fast food restaurant mentioned by ALL Asians • Pizza Hut scored the highest with Indians • On average, Asians spend the highest amount on food shopping per week when compared to other ethnic groups • Filipinos spend the most of any Asian group Source: PM/ISA Asian American Market Report 2008 preliminary findings 16 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 17. Shopping Behavior •Most frequented stores Asian Americans Costco Hispanics Wal-Mart African Americans Wal-Mart Whites Target Source: PM/ISA Asian American Market Report 2008 preliminary findings 17 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 18. Internet Usage Behavior • Asians follow Whites in Internet access and are ahead of Hispanics and African Americans. • Internet access at home is highest for Koreans and Indians • Koreans are most likely to obtain a weblog or blog followed by Indians • Asians are a bit behind Hispanics but on par with African Americans when it comes to maintaining a personal social site such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. Source: PM/ISA Asian American Market Report 2008 preliminary findings 18 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 19. Banking Habits Behavior • Indians are the most likely to bank online compared to any Asian/ethnic group • Asians are more likely to bank within a grocery store than any other group • But they are less likely to bank via telephone • Filipinos and Vietnamese are the most likely to send money overseas Source: PM/ISA Asian American Market Report 2008 preliminary findings 19 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 20. Accessing Your Target Market Access 20 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 21. Best Ways to Reach Asian Americans Access • Print • Word of mouth • Internet • Keep in mind the Shared Asian Values • Recognize key Holidays and Celebrations • Keep communications culturally relevant and determine based upon your situation if language comes into play 21 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 22. Media •Magazine Preferences Asian Hispanics African Whites Americans Americans News Health & News News Magazines Wellness Magazines Magazines Health & Women’s Health & Cooking Wellness Beauty & Wellness Magazines Fashion Cooking Business & Magazines Entertainment Finance Source: PM/ISA Asian American Market Report 2008 preliminary findings 22 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 23. Media •Radio Preferences – Music Formats Asian African Americans Classical/ Instrumental Jazz Hispanics Rock or Pop Source: PM/ISA Asian American Market Report 2008 preliminary findings 23 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 24. Direct Marketing/Outreach • The majority of U.S. Filipinos and Indians prefer to receive direct mail in English when compared to their Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese counterparts who prefer to receive bilingual or native language materials. • Over half (58%) of Asian Americans attend local cultural events or festivals. • This skews much higher for Indians and Vietnamese Source: PM/ISA Asian American Market Report 2008 preliminary findings 24 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 25. Holiday and Celebrations Access Tie into key Asian and American holidays/celebrations such as • Lunar New Year (Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean) • Moon Festival (Mainly East Asians) • Diwali (Indian) • New Year referred to Shogatsu and Oshogatsu (Japan) – Most important holiday in Japan – Celebrated Jan 1-3 • Obon (Japan) – Buddhist event, Aug 13-16, pray for ancestors’ spirits to reunite with the family • Christmas – Many Filipinos are Catholic and about 1/3 of all Koreans are Christian – Asian segments may still participate although to a lesser extent if not Christian (i.e. Japanese celebrate in a secular way) • Christenings – Again, mainly for Christian Asians • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day • Valentine’s Day • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 25 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council
  • 26. To learn more: visit www.phoenixmi.com PHOENIX MULTICULTURAL OR Contact: Sharmila Fowler Vice President, Business Development 630.357.8002 Sharmila.Fowler@PhoenixMI.com THANK YOU! 26 ARF Multicultural Advertising Council