Cross Media Measurement: A New Approach to Tracking


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Presentation to the ARF Print Council

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Cross Media Measurement: A New Approach to Tracking

  1. 1. PRESENTED TO Cross Media Measurement A New Approach to Tracking ARF Print Council March 2008
  2. 2. Agenda The Call for Cross Media Measurement The InsightExpress Advantage Cross Media Measurement: Methodology & Deliverables Getting Started 3 9 21 35
  3. 3. 3 MEASURING OFFLINE & ONLINE The Call for Cross Media Measurement Our Services Our MethodologyThe IX Advantage Getting StartedThe Call
  4. 4. The Call for Cross Media Measurement Traditional media planning and optimization is more challenging than ever Proliferation of channels - Internet, TV, print, radio and mobile. It’s crucial to identify the optimal media mix to best drive results and prevent uninformed decision making Increased media fragmentation, a cluttered media environment, and consumers’ decreasing reliance on a single media source Continued need to quantify impact and ROI for media investments Advancements in ad-serving, tracking of actual exposure (i.e. online) and point in time measurement have led to significant breakthroughs
  5. 5. Moving Beyond Traditional Tracking The advantages of traditional tracking are also available with Cross Media. Longitudinal measurement of brand health Marketplace representation Conversely, the limitations found with traditional tracking don’t apply to the Cross Media methodology. Very difficult to attribute brand perception change to specific advertising or marketing efforts Limited insight to aid campaign or media optimization
  6. 6. InsightExpress’ Cross Media Solution A comprehensive look at your advertising and marketing efforts across any combination of print, television, radio, online, and mobile 360° measurement yields combined and isolated effect, media allocation recommendations and optimization strategy Quantification of return on advertising investment per media Combines strengths from both online and traditional tracking studies Advanced technology, point in time recruitment and gold standard design Brand Equity and advanced analytics provide a panoramic view, depth and texture
  7. 7. Overview of Cross Media Measurement As leader in online media measurement, we provide the same powerful measures across all channels Brand Awareness (aided/unaided), Message Association, Brand Favorability, Purchase Intent, Emotional-Driven Responses Once campaign performance is determined, the media analysis will reveal: Combined and isolated effect of multiple media channels Impact of media frequency Cost per branding effect Optimization recommendations Predictive brand performance
  8. 8. Our Customized Approach The InsightExpress Cross Media approach is centered around meeting individual client research needs There is no standardization, no formulaic processes by which to abide Flexible survey design Each study is tailored around the client’s specific, unique goals Client objectives are fully integrated into the process, yielding powerful, actionable results Senior research team dedicated to each client
  9. 9. 9 A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION The InsightExpress Advantage Our Methodology Getting StartedThe IX AdvantageThe Call
  10. 10. A Comprehensive Solution, 5 Key Benefits (1) Superior methodology (2) Advanced analytics (3) Brand equity expertise (4) Progressive recruitment methods (5) Sophisticated technology ◄ The InsightExpress Cross Media Solution ► Online · Print · TV · Radio · Mobile · OOH
  11. 11. A Comprehensive Solution, 5 Key Benefits 1. Superior methodology: For offline exposure tracking, OTS (Opportunity To See) offers a better read on media consumption. For online exposure tracking, Experimental Design precisely isolates the advertising effect. 2. Advanced analytics: More advanced than historic tracking data, Cross Media analytic outputs are both predictive and diagnostic moving beyond trends. 3. Brand equity expertise: Enhance Cross Media data with unique brand performance barometers and key drivers analyses.
  12. 12. A Comprehensive Solution, 5 Key Benefits 4. Progressive recruitment methods: Innovative sampling options based on our patented methodology. 5. Sophisticated technology: Our powerful survey platform can streamline your research and significantly improve efficiency.
  13. 13. Superior Methodology: Opportunity To See OTS is the gold standard in Cross Media Endorsed by the ARF OTS provides the most reliable method of identifying media consumption Employs a true exposed/unexposed research design. OTS places emphasis on whether the respondent had a true “opportunity to see” an ad, rather than relying on an unpredictable source of recall measure Even when traditional trackers (infrequently) capture media consumption data, it’s not incorporated into analytics Online exposure is not well documented by traditional studies a comprehensive solution: superior methodology: ots
  14. 14. OTS Print Example Which of the following publications do you read or subscribe to? (Answer choices: Publication 1, Publication 2, Publication 3, etc). Which of these issues of Publication 1 have you read or looked through? (Sample answers: 6/15, 8/10, 9/7, etc. as issues go to print and cover images become available). Which of these issues of Publication 2 have you read or looked through? (Answer choices again include specific dates) Test OTS = “Read or looked through” issues containing ads Frequency = Number of issues read containing ads a comprehensive solution: superior methodology: ots
  15. 15. OTS TV Example Which of the following television networks do you watch? (Answer choices: ABC, NBC, FOX, etc). Please indicate the times of day and days of the week you usually watch TV: Test OTS = Watch the networks carrying ads during time slots ads ran if surveyed after ad launch Frequency = Number of time slots watched * Time between campaign start and survey time stamp. Late Night (After 11pm) Prime Time (8pm- 11pm) Early Evening (5pm- 8pm) Afternoons (Noon-5pm) Morning (6a-Noon) SaturdayFridayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayMondaySunday Late Night (After 11pm) Prime Time (8pm- 11pm) Early Evening (5pm- 8pm) Afternoons (Noon-5pm) Morning (6a-Noon) SaturdayFridayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayMondaySunday a comprehensive solution: superior methodology: ots
  16. 16. a comprehensive solution: superior methodology: ots •Television •Magazine •Newspaper •Radio •Outdoor •Online •Others •Online
  17. 17. Superior Methodology: Experimental Design For online and mobile exposure tracking, Experimental Design precisely isolates the advertising effect by pre-assigning individuals to either the test or control group using ad server segmentation, and then comparing their responses. Through our proven AdInsights® offering, the exposure to each online ad is recorded in the Web user’s cookie file. This data lets InsightExpress determine frequency, exposure to individual creative units, and sites visited. Norms across verticals and publisher genres provide category- wide benchmarks For offline media, Experimental Design is not viable, therefore OTS is employed. a comprehensive solution: superior methodology: experimental design
  18. 18. Advanced Analytics Frequency optimization: A model built to examine the impact of frequency levels for individual media channels and identify the most effective range. Cost per branding effect: Determine the most cost effective channel(s) for optimizing lift among key branding metrics (unaided ad awareness, unaided brand awareness, aided brand awareness, preference, etc.) Media channel comparison: Understand the brand delta for each channel, holding frequency constant InsightExpress provides sophisticated analyses that uncover valuable and actionable learnings. a comprehensive solution: advanced analytics
  19. 19. Deeper Analytic Insights With Brand Equity Start with a snapshot of current brand equity. Establish a baseline from which brand equity can be gauged moving forward. Continuously track equity over time. Deliver strategic brand-building intelligence to make real-time decisions. Monitor how your media strategies affect your brand. To further enhance your data, consider including a set of brand attribute questions and analyze key driver measures. a comprehensive solution: brand equity
  20. 20. Progressive Recruitment Approach Employs our patented, cutting-edge e-RDD sampling methodology Data collected online for all media channels Online data collection for those experiencing online media Ability to target recruitment Quality of recall sample (based on actual exposure) Segmentation by creative, size, ad size, frequency, etc. Online data collection for those experiencing offline media An alternative to falling offline cooperation / completion rates Supports image, audio and video stimuli, enhancing recall accuracy Lessens economic research burden, maximizing media dollars Panel recruitment allows for representative audience outside online media footprint a comprehensive solution: progressive recruitment
  21. 21. Sophisticated Survey Platform The InsightExpress survey platform leverages the quality, access and speed offered by online recruitment Online analytic tools help you answer key research questions in real-time for measures outside of Brand Equity. Our technological capabilities are continually evolving to meet and exceed the needs of our clients, and stay ahead of the latest advances a comprehensive solution: sophisticated survey platform
  22. 22. 22 CROSS MEDIA MEASUREMENT Methodology & Deliverables The IX Advantage Getting StartedThe Call Our Methodology
  23. 23. Web Site Audience Online Exposed Segment Online Control Segment How It Works Brand Attitudes Brand Impact Representative InsightExpress Panelists Offline Media Consumption (OTS) Brand Attitudes Offline Exposed Segment Offline Control Segment
  24. 24. Our Survey Design and Recruitment Design: Factorial experimental (when feasible) Matched/split markets: TV, radio, etc. Ad server segmentation (when online advertising is in the mix) Recruitment: Exposed/unexposed ad-measurement techniques OTS: Media consumption behaviors intersected with media plan Actual exposure data (via cookie data when using online advertising) Sample: Representative sample source Ensure performance of all mediums is not over or under represented Understand market sizes and incidence Typically recruit minimum n=400/medium (n=200 exposed/n=200 control) Continuous recruitment Monitor the campaign build over time, reducing any time based shocks Pre/post reserved for roadblock type situations
  25. 25. Our Cross Media Analysis Approach 1. Combine survey results Core: survey results from representative source Proportional augment: results from the online ad media stream 2. Weight control and test groups to isolate advertising impact Key demographics Custom client/industry dimensions Media consumption habits 3. Determine exposure levels in aggregate by media type Offline: OTS by media plan and stated media habits Online: recorded ad exposures
  26. 26. Our Cross Media Analysis Approach 4. Measure branding metrics in aggregate and by media type, accounting for exposure levels Awareness (unaided, aided, awareness of advertising, message association, etc.) Persuasion (brand favorability, likelihood of purchase, likelihood of recommending to friends or relatives, brand attributes, etc.) 5. Calculate economic impact for each metric and media based upon: Brand performance Market size and reach Spend
  27. 27. Our Analytical & Decision-Making Deliverables Key deliverables that provide actionable learnings: Cross Media campaign performance summary (also available by target sub groups) Media channel comparisons Economic performance, including Aggregate Cost per Branding Effect calculations Branding/frequency elasticity and implications on brand and campaign metrics AdInsights® online media measurement analysis Brand Equity measures Media optimization, when appropriate
  28. 28. Cross Media Campaign Performance Summary 54.4%49.2%40.3%34.3%Magazine Ad Awareness 59.9%59.1%48.3%47.3%Likelihood of Recommending Top 2 Box Agreement: Brand X.... 73.5%69.4%58.5%55.4%Products allow me to XXXX… 71.3%69.2%58.7%55.9%Products allow me to XXXX… 57.9%56.5%45.9%44.4%Makes products that are simple and easy to use 66.8%68.1%54.5%53.1% Products provide me with the flexibility and freedom my busy schedule requires 61.9%59.0%46.5%46.1%Provides me best in class product and XXXX… 76.6% 69.8% 70.5% 30.9% 51.0% 95.2% 25.7% 651 Both Media 73.2% 65.4% 68.9% 22.1% 39.0% 92.0% 16.8% 562 Magazine 65.7%63.8%Likelihood of Requesting from Employer 59.2%55.2%Likelihood of Purchase for Self 59.7%56.2%Brand Favorability Persuasion Metrics: 26.9%16.2%Message Association: “XXXX..." 42.5%32.4%Online Ad Awareness 93.9%91.8%Aided Brand Awareness 20.5%14.8%Unaided Brand Awareness-First Mention Awareness Metrics: 1,366944Unweighted Sample Size OnlineControlSample Total Target AudienceBrand Metric
  29. 29. Media Channel Comparison Example Associate Brand X with Message 16.2% 30.9% 26.9% 22.1% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% Control Exposed Online Exposed to Magazines Exposed to Both Understand the impact of advertising campaigns on metrics such as message association. In the example below, improvements in awareness of Brand X’s message are found in all media exposure groups, but are strongest when the online campaign is involved. Delta: 10.7% 5.9% 14.7%
  30. 30. Cost Per Branding Effect Example Cost per Branding Effect = Media Cost / (Qualified Audience * Brand Increase) Example: Unaided Ad Awareness for Broadcast - consider your objectives CPE = $10,000,000 / (21,369,990 * 4.3%) = $10.89 Actual Broadcast Spend Unaided Ad Awareness Increase Qualified Broadcast Audience Media Combination Unaided Ad Awareness Unaided Brand Awareness Aided Brand Awareness Preference Average Broadcast Alone $10.89 $7.03 $5.22 $53.85 $18.11 Cable Alone NA NA $0.72 NA $0.72 Online Alone $2.82 $1.86 $1.63 $2.35 $2.16 Broadcast and Cable $8.77 NA NA $33.72 $21.24 Broadcast and Online $4.10 $3.58 $3.25 $19.90 $7.71 Cable and Online $3.80 NA $0.83 NA $2.31 Broadcast, Cable and Online $4.80 $6.92 NA $60.24 $23.99 Average Cost Per Branding Effect
  31. 31. Frequency Optimization: Online alone: 4 (maximum improvement at 5) Television alone: 12 (maximum improvement at 22) Online with television: 9 total (maximum improvement at 15) n=295 control, 2,343 online test without exposure to offline ads, 873 television test without exposure to online or magazine ads and 3,723 combined online and TV. Extensive cross-media exposure prevents inclusion of magazine advertising in this analysis. "First Mention" Unaided Brand Awareness 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 Number of Exposures Increase(Delta)inAwareness Online Television Online with TV Actual Online Frequency =4 Actual TV Frequency=12 Actual online/TV Frequency=9
  32. 32. • In scenario 1, total spending is about the same, reach is reduced to 70% with savings applied to additional spending online, with slightly better results on most brand metrics. • In scenario 2, overall TV spending is reduced while maintaining overall online spending and campaign reach, with marginal loss in campaign impacts. Scenario 1: Reduce Reach to 70% Increase online frequency 8.3% 10.3% 7.7% 30.7% 12.6% 50.9% 32.4% 9.7% 9.8% 53.3% 30.5% 9.4% 33.2% 14.5% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Unaided brand awareness Aided brand awareness Recall of online advertising Recall of television advertising Message Association Brand favorability Likelihood of Purchase Increase (Delta) in Brand Metrics Scenario 1 Benchmark: Actual Campaign Scenario 2: Reduce TV frequency for $1.5MM in savings 7.5% 8.6% 7.7% 30.7% 12.6% 50.9% 32.4% 9.7% 9.8% 47.3% 28.7% 8.7% 30.2% 12.1% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Unaided brand awareness Aided brand awareness Recall of online advertising Recall of television advertising Message Association Brand favorability Likelihood of Purchase Increase (Delta) in Brand Metrics Scenario 2 Benchmark: Actual Campaign Media Optimization Example
  33. 33. Brand Equity Deliverables As part of a Brand Equity program, you will be provided with an unmatched view into your brand Insight Equity Index Score. The IEI is delivered in a concise thermometer graph that sets baseline brand equity measures. Over time identify what triggers your equity needle to move. Brand Strength Quadrant Map. Understand how your brand and your competitors’ brands stack up against one another on overall familiarity and strength. Brand Preference Share. Quantify how much of the market is yours today. Trending brand preference will tell you how much of the market you have captured through your efforts.
  34. 34. Understand Brand Strength Individual level utilities created from staging data are used to produce tools to assess brand strength. 70 80 90 Delta ATA SouthwestAm erican Northwest BrandStrengthIndex BrandStrengthIndex Brand Familiarity Power Brands Declining Brands Niche Brands Insignificant Brands
  35. 35. Make Us a Part of Your Future Thank you for your time. Molly Hislop Director of Market Research InsightExpress is building the future of market research.