Walmart Marketing 360° Measurement A Kantar Collaboration


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At the Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) 2011 annual re:think convention, a key issues forum presentation was held entitled Walmart Marketing 360° Measurement A Kantar Collaboration. The presenters were Heath Greenfield, SVP of Millward Brown & Chris Petranto, VP of MaPS, Millward Brown. The presentation posed an answered questions such as, “How Do We Measure ROI of Online Campaigns/Partnerships?”and “How Can We Optimize Digital Marketing Resources?” and “How Do We Ensure Optimal
Campaign Delivery?”

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Walmart Marketing 360° Measurement A Kantar Collaboration

  1. 1. Walmart Marketing360° MeasurementA Kantar CollaborationHeath Greenfield Chris PetrantoSVP VPMillward Brown MaPS, Millward Brown
  2. 2. Background on MaPS and Walmart 5 year relationship MaPS functions as a strategic partner on multiple research-based programs
  3. 3. Program Goals and Return on InvestmentUnderstand the link between our digitalchannels and offline sales• How do we measure ROI of online campaigns/partnerships?• How can we optimize digital marketing resources?• How do we ensure optimal campaign delivery?
  4. 4. Kantar’s ApproachSIMPLIFY = using a digital frameworkCOLLECT = leverage existing data first;collect more if neededCONNECT = multiple data sets; online andoffline, behavior and attitudesSPEED = bring fast and slow moving datatogether for optimization
  5. 5. The Vortex • Who is our target, exactly?Strategy • How do we engage her? • What are her product needs? • Is our message right? • What media does she use?Reach • Are competitors reaching her? • Are we doing it efficiently? • What does she think of us?Brand • How do we compare to others? • Is she likely to switch? • Did she visit, click, buy?Behavior • What path did she take? • How does online drive offline sales? • How does she talk about us to others?Momentum • How do we encourage loyalty? • How can we dialogue and listen?
  6. 6. Kantar = Expertise and a Wealth of ResourcesStrategyReachBrandBehaviorMomentum
  7. 7. Kantar = Expertise, a Wealth of Resources… and an Integrated SolutionStrategyReachBrandBehaviorMomentum
  8. 8. How Do We Measure ROI of Online Campaigns/Partnerships? Online • Drive traffic to .com Brand • Enhance brand communications and impressionsIn-Store • Drive store traffic
  9. 9. A Holistic View of the ImpactOnline Digital Online Click/Search Campaign Brand Behavior Data Effectiveness Panel Data Metrics Digital Branded/ Media Generic Plans Search In-store Social Media Customer Metrics Experience Mobile In-Store Retail Attitudes Walmart Behavior and Behavior Basket Data Data Data
  10. 10. How Can We Optimize Digital Marketing Resources? Research Make Visit Online Decision Walmart List .com Visit Competitor Post Online Read Sites Review“Start” “End” Search Blogs Create Offline Account Purchase Online Explore Purchase Social Read Media Reviews
  11. 11. Segmenting the Market Segments based on Online clickstream data “sequence of events” (both online and offline) Seg 1 Needs, attitudes,Survey Seg 6 Seg 2 perceptions … Seg 5 Seg 3 Seg 4 Spend, basket data, and other in-store behaviors
  12. 12. How Do We Ensure OptimalCampaign Delivery? 3.0% 2.5% Site Impact 2.0% Viewthrough 1.5% 2.5% 1.0% 0.5% 1.0% 0.0% Control Exposed 2.5% % of Consumers who search for brand 2.0% Search & Ecosystem Impact 1.5% 1.0% 2.0% 1.2% 0.5% 0.0% Control Exposed Indexed Viewthrough Activity by Demographic Demographics 5% 4% 3% 2% 1% 0% -1% -2% -3% -4% Female Male <18 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ <$30K $30-60K $60-100K $100K+ Distribution of Campaign Impressions by Exposed Consumer Campaign Basics 30% 20% 21% 10% 7% 6% 3% 1% 1% 1% 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ Number of Impressions
  13. 13. Effective Targeting Build a digital Enable Refine the “Find” Classify strategy customization site-to-store segment Optimize store based on of digital program to members to web shoppers needs of campaigns to maximize uncover experiences for targeted high optimize store more messagingopportunity impact impact insights targets
  14. 14. Our Success Will Ultimately beDefined by Scalability Learn together along the way Build frameworks and models, not one-off analyses Continue to expand coverage of touch points • Ex: mobile, TV usage, social media