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Music vido director study on Tyrone Lebon

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Tyrone lebon

  1. 1. Tyrone LebonResearch on music video director <br />By Benjamin Clarke<br />
  2. 2. I have chosen to look at the music video directing techniques of Tyrone Lebon as he is doing something which is bring a fresh bread to music videos. Although Lebon is a very understated music video director he has worked with fashion videos working for Nike and Topshop in the past. His style of filming is very distinctive as he works with a style you may have seen MTV use in the early 90’s. The use of an old video camera has really worked to his advantage creating a unique portfolio that flows. His music video career has only come around recently as he has been working with an up and coming band Mount Kimbie and has currently directed all of the music videos. His style can alliterate between Photography as well in the ‘Before I Move Off’ Video he only uses photographs creating a stop motion feel which show his travels through over 3500 images. The reason that video stands out as his greatest piece is down to two things, The quality of the images and the amount of them really do show a story which keeps you enthralled throughout. Also the way he has managed to match the imagery with the beat this gives off a very trance like feel to it.<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x1TFxao0oI – Before I Move Off.<br />
  3. 3. Lebon is also a Photographer this is showed throughout his music videos as you can see how it has inspired he way of possessing images. He generally works with film when working this is because of the way it can be damaged so he gets unexpected interesting results. I wanted to learn about what he had done before entering into music videos and I came across a wide spectrum, I found a promo video for Nike which work is in a very similar way to the Mount Kimbie– Would Know video, matching up the beat with the visuals and also using the same filming techniques which get strange light exposure on them he also uses some animation techniques, making hearts move etc which add even more to the viewing experience. He has kind of created a style which has been left untouched and made it his own. Although there is not a large amount of information on him I still find him a very inspiring subject and I would like to try experiment using some of his techniques in the future.<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fnv1CpfMq8 Mount Kimbie – Would Know<br />You will be able to find some of his photography and Nike promo video on my blog: http://benjaminclarkemedia.tumblr.com/<br />