Treatment sheet 2


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Treatment sheet 2

  1. 1. Print Form CCN Media Ipswich Road Norwich, Norfolk UK NR22LJ Phone: 01603 773311 Fax:Treatment www.citycollegemediastudies.blogspot.comDate: 22/11/11Name of Artist Joy OrbisonName of Track Hyph MngoWeb Address http://www.hotflushrecordings.comMyspace Account Ben Clarke and April Syder Mob: 07766653183Director Ben Clarke and April Syder Mob:Camera Ben Clarke and April Syder Mob:Editor Ben Clarke and April Syder Mob:Studio-shoot ideas - include any special effects (e.g. green screen):Are music video is split into three parts, the first is a time lapse of car lights at night which you see car lights movement out offocus which will be matched up with the track to create an artistic feel to the video. We already know that it works as are testfootage has proved this. This idea was inspired by photography we have seen I wanted to emulate this with video. There will beno special effects as the majority of his video will be done during the editing process.Location-shoot ideas - where and when you will be filming:For the filming of out of focus car lights at night it will have to be shot in a busy environment, this is why we have chosen a spotnear Norwich airport which is always very busy. I would like to do it at a peak time as there will be thousands of cars passingevery hour. The second idea for the video is involving photography rather than video we will take 50 individual image ofbuildings. We will be doing this in London as we feel there is more buildings that have different sizes, textures and shapes. Thiswill be shot at night as I feel the way the windows will be illuminated which will give of a nice effect. The next part of theprocess will be done during editing where we will put the images together and manipulate them using Photoshop this will bedone at college in the editing rooms.
  2. 2. Summary of Production:The majority of the video will be of the time lapse of car lights at night, this will be used for over a minute as the track builds upit really worked with the test footage we done. Then the video will use the Quayola inspired work which will run in front of thecars at night time lapse which will consist of photographs we have taken then rotated and adjusted to create more of ananimation feel to the video. Everything will be in time with the track with the track so that the visuals match with the audio. Thetime lapse will run behind the Quayola work. At 2.0 you will only see the time lapse then at 2.29 the Quayola work will appear infront which will be matched to the build up of the track again. At 4.04 in front of the time lapse the words Hyph Mngo will startto appear this was inspired by the opening credits to Enter The Void the difference is each part of the lettering till come up afterevery beat the the words Hyph Mngo will appear in full. The font we will use will be very similar to Enter the Voids which is verycolorful ares will be neon to go with the whole lighting feel are video has. After the text has appeared the screen will begin toflash this give of an entrancing effect which should almost shock he viewer.Stylistic Influences and inspiration (include any music videos, scenes from films, TV adverts etc that have influenced you):My youth culture work has inspired me, the whole scene surrounding the Boiler Room culture has always been something that Ihave been mesmerized me, The whole flashing neon lighting has always kept me entertained for hours with the trippy visualsplaying behind the DJs whilst they are playing really does show how we have changed the 80s club culture into something ofare own. The ideas of car lights at night was inspired through this deeper research. People who like this type of music generallylike he idea of visuals matching the audio like in the Mount Kimbie video Before I Move Off which I analyzed during my directorresearch of Tyrone Lebon who used individual images to create a stop motion video which is one of my favorite videos. Thetransition project of my space invaders video also led me onto match the visuals with the audio so that also helped me whencoming up with the idea of the car lights at night. My favorite inspiration is most defiantly Quayola the video he create to bearee something that is light years above modern music videos. The way in which I came across him was through the artist JamieXX, ihave always closely followed Jamie XX as I DJ myself and have always used his track in sets Ive created. Jamie worked withQuayola on a gig which Quayola matched visuals to the track that Jamie XX was playing. Joy Orbison is closely linked to theartist Jamie XXs genre so I thought it would be a good idea to do the same thing for Joy Orbison this lead me onto trying toemulate Quayolas work. The opening credits from Enter the video have inspired me as they have the same sort of process as theMount Kimbie video but with text. I wanted to create something that will entrance are viewer. All in all there are has been a lotof inspirations to my work videos by Simian Mobile Disco, Graphic Designers works and pieces of music have all piecedtogether my project. - Mount Kimbie, Before I move off. - enter the Void opening titles.
  3. 3. Production equipment needed (cameras, tripods etc.):We will need to use my Canon EOS to film with and my tripod.Dates you need the equipment:We do not need equipment only he computers which we can use in lesson and out of lesson.Times and dates you need the TV Studio:We will not need to use it as we are shooting in locations out of college.