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Study on Quayola

Study on Quayola

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  • 1. QuayolaMusic video director study
    By Benjamin Clarke
  • 2. Quayola is a visual artist based in London who is pushing animation to a new level. Using amazing techniques to create these videos. He hasn’t been recognised by many people which is kind of shocking when you think of the large amount of work he has actually done. He has worked with an artist called Jamie XX on projects that have taken his visuals to live performances which are projected onto the walls of clubs to make the gig experience that little bit more special. I have looked at a lot of his work and the first thing I came across was his city scaping, he takes individual images of building then he cuts out the background whilst still keeping things like trees and other objects. Then he puts the images together and makes then match up with the beat of the track. This really did astound me when I first came across these as they are remarkable.
  • 3. Quayola has also worked with shapes, he animates shapes to create patterns which go with the beat. These have a very ‘trippy’ feel to them and keep you enthralled throughout mainly because of the amount of things that are going on in front of you. Quayola specializes in working with artist who are very niche generally under the genre of house as the music can match the visuals with a peaceful nature. I also came across some of his work involving churches. He took still images of church artwork then animated them which show amazing ancient architecture with stunning new visuals. I am defiantly going to do some work like Quayola perhaps using the city scape idea as it would work well if it could be done correctly.