Inhabitants of the mind full script
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Inhabitants of the mind full script



The full script for my A2 media film, 'Inhabitants of the Mind'

The full script for my A2 media film, 'Inhabitants of the Mind'



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Inhabitants of the mind full script Inhabitants of the mind full script Presentation Transcript

  • Inhabitants of the Mind Script Lewis Joslin
  • CHARACTERS Aaron Adams: Subject experiencing vivid nightmares because of past events. Giles Gray: Psychiatrist with special abilities to explore mind. Attempting to help Aaron. The Source: The alter ego of Aaron Adams and the main antagonist. Seeks revenge on those who have wronged Aaron. Lily Adams: Aaron's sister who cares greatly for Aaron, but never came back for him when she moved away from John, their abusive father. John Adams: Aaron's abusive father. Takes a large amount of rage out on Aaron and Lily as he blames them for things that couldn't have been stopped. Gregory Jackson: An egotistical, yet non-violent bully. Him and his gang spent much of their childhood tormenting Aaron. Matthew Brook: An incredibly aggressive and strong headed bully. Whenever Matthew needed a violent hand against Aaron, Matthew was the one dishing out the damage. Aiden Phillips: The more reserved and timid bully of the group. Never completely agreed with the bullying that Aaron went through, but never had the courage to speak up about it. Anne Miles: Aaron's ex-girlfriend. Considered Aaron her world until the Source started to creep through and slowly break the relationship. Scene List Scene 1 - Opening titles: Introduction Scene 2 - No secrets: Aaron and Giles first meet. Scene 3 - Get out: Giles explores Aaron's mind for the first time. Scene 4 - Alter: Aaron tells Giles about the Source. Scene 5 - Return: Giles meets the Source. Scene 6 (I) - Don't touch him: Aaron's memory of Lily. Scene 6 (II) - Leave him alone: Aaron's memory of the bullies. Scene 6 (III) - Come back: Aaron's memory of Anne. Scene 7 - Release: The Source escapes and wreaks havoc.
  • SCENE 1: OPENING TITLES (Scene of Matthew attacking Aaron.) Greg: Come on! Fight back! (Cut to black.) Giles: How long have you been experiencing all of this? (Cut from black.) (Cut to close up of door being knocked very loudly.) John: Get the hell out here! (Cut to black.) Aaron: Depends on what you mean. The dream - or the reality. (Cut to a series of fast-edit close ups of the source with a torch under his face.) (Cut to black, title appears.) Aaron: Either way, far too long. (Title fades out, leaving the black for a few seconds.) View slide
  • SCENE 2: NO SECRETS (Fade from black into establishing shot of Giles and Aaron. Giles is wearing a reasonably smart shirt and trousers with a tweed jacket while Aaron is wearing a plain white shirt with skinny jeans. Giles is seen sitting straight on a chair while Aaron sits on the side of his bed.) Giles: And why is it you've brought me here today, Mr Adams? Aaron: (Hesitating) Well - I've been - I've Giles: Yes, come on. We haven't got all day! Aaron: (Slightly annoyed) I've been experiencing these nightmares. They seem so crazily real. I don't even know how to describe what I saw. Giles: Well try. You're beginning to bore me. Aaron: (Through gritted teeth) I just see visions of pain. All of them happening to me in some sort of way. And the figures - in the dreams, they all seem so familiar. Giles: For god's sake! Stop being so enigmatic and just tell me what exactly was in the bloody dreams! Aaron: You know what. To hell with it. (Gestures towards door) Please leave Giles. Giles: (Almost mocking Aaron) Oh don't be like that... This is so predictable. Aaron: (Getting up from his bed) I'm serious! Get out! Giles: (Almost disappointed) Oh never mind... I was hoping to ease you into this. An extreme close up is shown of Giles closing his eyes. Stop motion is used to direct the camera from Giles towards Aaron with an echo of Aaron saying 'What are you doing?' At a lower volume. A flash of white happens as the camera reaches Aaron's forehead. View slide
  • Scene 3: GET OUT An establishing shot is made in a dark room in which a torch is turned on. It is shown that Giles is the character holding the torch. The light of the torch is slowly shifted as Giles scans the room in search of answers to his previous question that Aaron refused to answer. Aaron: (An echo in the background)(Scared) What in the hell is going on?!? Giles: (Sarcastically) Nothing to worry about Aaron! I'll be out in a moment! Giles continues to search throughout the dark room, rummaging through drawers, opening cupboards and looking through shelves, until finally finding a photo on the floor of Lily and Aaron looking happy. Aaron: Come on! Get out of my head! Please! Giles: (In a jolly manner) Should've told me about your sister! On my way out now! As Giles is about to make his exit, a second torchlight turns on behind him, revealing the source. A series of jump cuts are used to convey the source as a psychopathic entity. He is the same form as Aaron, only simply wearing a darker shirt. Giles: What in the... Source: GET. OUT. The Source charges at Giles to push him directly out of Aaron's mind, this being shown with a side on long shot.
  • Scene 4: ALTER A transition is used to continue the side on long shot back into Aaron's room to show Aaron pushing Giles straight into the wall. Aaron: WHAT IN THE HELL (Has Giles pinned against the wall at this point.) WAS THAT?!? Giles: You have 5 seconds to put me down or I'm marching right back in that little head of yours. Aaron is shaken by the thought of this and slowly releases his grip, causing Giles to collapse on the floor. A brief pause. Giles: (while still on the floor) I have the ability to explore minds. I've had it since birth and I originally used it in interrogations to crack down on criminals. (Gets up) But after seeing one too many disgusting mind-sets, I felt a career change was the right option. So this is why I'm here, and this is why there's no point in keeping anything from me. Aaron: No. That's not right. I don't want you anywhere near me. (Opens door) Please leave. Now! Giles: This isn't the right choice and you know it. I'm staying until your problem is fixed. Now stop being such a pathetic coward and sit down! Aaron eventually gives in, closes the door and lays down on the bed. Aaron: (quietly) What do you wanna know? Giles: What exactly did I meet in your head? Aaron: (The Source will echo parts of this) You met it. I don't know what it is. So I just call it the Source. The Source of all my problems. That creature, that beast, that monster. All I can think is that it somehow causes the nightmares. It feels like it's trying to take control. Giles: Now I'm interested. And now I'm going back in. Don't even bother protesting. I'm going to hopefully get rid of this thing. (Giles closes his eyes and travels back into Aaron's mind.)
  • SCENE 5: RETURN Upon entering Aaron's mind, Giles locates the source almost instantly. This is represented by fading into a black screen with two torch lights pointing in each other's directions. Source: I told you to leave. Why in the hell are you back? Giles: The £80 an hour paycheque I get for my job. But mostly curiosity. The Source mockingly laughs at this statement and begins to walk over. Source: Quite the comedian we have here. You hear that Aaron? (Increasing volume) There's a funny man here trying to help us! Go on! (Insultingly) Tell us more jokes! See if it helps! I FUCKING DARE YOU! (Teleports straight at Giles during the last sentence.) The teleport doesn't startle Giles and he stands strong throughout the Source's monologue. The Source slowly walks even closer to Giles before whispering in his ear. Source: You have no idea how fucked up we are. Giles: Oh I'm pretty sure I do. Source: Oh I'm pretty sure you don't. Let's take a look, shall we? The Source pushes Giles down onto the floor during the last line and a transition is made into a past event of Aaron's life that Giles will experience through a first person view.
  • SCENE 6 (I): DON'T TOUCH HIM This whole scene is in a first person view to convey Aaron's past life, with Giles experiencing it. The first scene shows Aaron's sister, Lily, attempting to keep Aaron safe from John, their father. Several knocks on the door are constantly heard throughout the scene. Lily: Aaron, don't listen. He won't get in here. I promise... I - (trembling) John: (heavily banging on the door.) AARON! GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW! YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS. As the scene progresses, The Source's voice can be heard counting down the seconds from 5 to 1. The camera pans down at this moment (Five) and Lily recognises this and picks up the camera as if it's Aaron's face to try and comfort him. (Four) Lily: He isn't gonna get in here Aaron. (Three) Even if he does, I'll keep you safe. (Two) He won't hurt you. Source: One. At this moment, John bursts in through the door shouting and screaming and Lily instantly gets up to defend Aaron. Lily: NO! Don't touch him! Giles moves his arms in front of his face at this point. Source: Oh, we're far from done yet.
  • SCENE 6 (II) - LEAVE HIM ALONE Giles's arms move away from his face to reveal a different scene. One in which Aaron is being surrounded by a group of bullies and attacked. Gregory stands in the background laughing and mocking. Matthew is in the foreground violently attacking Giles. Aiden is on the other side of the background simply acknowledging the situation, but is in shock about it. Greg: (Through laughter) Come on Aaron! Put up some sort of fight! You're boring me here! Matthew is still violently punching towards the camera. Giles begins to lose consciousness. Matthew: OI! I ain't done yet! (Lightly slaps the camera as if to wake Giles up.) Greg: (Smiling) Alright Matt, I think it's time you switch with Aiden, let him have a quick go. Giles: Please The Source simultaneously speaks with Aiden. Aiden: I don't w-want to.. Greg: I beg your pardon? Aiden looking scared at this point. Aiden: (trembling) Come on guys. Look at him, he's had enough. Leave him alone. Matthew: You bloody weakling... Matthew turns towards Aiden and pins him against the wall. At the moment Matthew releases grip of Giles, he slumps to the floor and as Matthew walks over to Aiden to attack him, Giles slowly loses consciousness.
  • SCENE 6 (III) - COME BACK Giles opens his eyes to find himself standing in front of Anne Miles, Aaron's current girlfriend in this memory. They are in a heated argument about attempts of the source breaking out and how Aaron needs help. Giles is still looking around in a sense of wonder. Anne: Aaron! Look at me! Please. You need help. This problem, it's making me feel like I'm slowly losing you and I can't bear it a second longer. The source circles around Anne saying the lines that Aaron says at each moment in the argument. Anne takes no notice of the Source but carries on as if Aaron is replying. Source: (desperate) Look, I'm trying Anne. I wanna be with you so badly. But I'm so damn worried he'll break out and hurt you Anne: Then do something about it! Please! Anything! Source: You think it's easy? You have no idea how much I'd have to do to be rid of this thing.. I've tried and I can'tAnne: Keep trying! Just come back to me. Anything it takes. (Walks closer to Giles and holds his hand.) I'll help and I'll be here. At this moment, a jump cut is used that shows Giles's hand changing back and forth between his own and the Source's to convey The Source taking over at this point in the argument. Giles: (In unison with The Source) Get away from me. Anne: (In fear) No. No, not you. Leave me alone... Please. Get away! At this moment, The Source charges at Giles, pushing him out of the memory, back into the dark room.
  • SCENE 7 - RELEASE Giles has been pushed to the floor and is left in a weak and vulnerable state after all that has happened. With a torch flashing constantly in the background, The Source slowly approaches Giles, the jump cuts being used to show the Source as incredibly powerful but also insane at this point. Source: And now- now you understand Source has reached Giles at this point and has raised a knife. Source: - Just how fucked up we are. The knife plunges into Giles. A cut to black is shown. An establishing shot is made of the bedroom with Giles dead in his chair and The Source beginning to get up. After getting up, The Source walks out of the room in an ominous and slow manner, and the camera pans from The Source to a news story on a computer stating 'SERIAL KILLER GOES ON RAMPAGE.' Cut to black.