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Research production document final

  1. 1. Derek VeneziaCIT 335Video #1: Research Production DocumentConcept: In my video, I will interview several friends residing in New York City about theirexperience of Hurricane Sandy this past week. The objective of my video is to documentfirsthand accounts of this major storm and the effects it had on the general public. Questionswill revolve around ways in which the storm affected interviewees’ lives including where theywere located during the storm, damage to residential or personal property, loss of electricity,flooding, lack of public transportation and the gas shortage in the greater metropolitan area. Iwill also question my respondents on their general thoughts about the storm as well as on thefederal, state and city governments’ response to the situation. I intend for the majority of my video to consist of the on-camera interview in which Ihost a discussion with several friends on the effects of hurricane sandy. I plan to begin myvideo with a voice narration over stills and/or B-roll, introducing the topic while providingphotographs of damage experienced in the greater New York area. After a brief introduction, Iwill transition to the interview segment in which I question my interviewees. Within theinterview segment I will also include B-roll and additional stills depicting the storms after effectsas described by interviewees. My video will conclude with brief credits over which music isplaying.
  2. 2. Research: Over the past week I have read numerous articles from a variety of news publicationsregarding Hurricane Sandy and its effects on the greater metropolitan area as well in additionto experiencing the storm itself firsthand.Sandy hit the New York region in the evening ofMonday, October 29 claiming at least 48 lives in New York City and leaving devastating effectsacross the tri-state area (Serna). Nearly all of lower Manhattan and 90% of Long island wereleft without power due to flooding, damaged power lines and explosions (Barron). Over 100houses in Breezy Point, Queens burned to the ground and the New York City subway systemwas shut down for several days due to massive flooding (Barron).Lower Manhattan, StatenIsland, Coney Island and coastal regions of Long Island and New Jersey experienced heavyflooding caused by the storm surge (Smith). In the aftermath of the storm, millions of NewYorkers were left without electricity, many for up to a week. In addition, due to the lack ofelectricity, an ongoing gas shortage arose creating hours long lines at the pumps for both carsand individuals filling containers to power personal generators. Bibliography Barron, James. "Hurricane Sandy Barrels Region, Leaving Battered Path." The New York Times. The New York Times Company, 31 Oct. 2012. Web. 07 Nov. 2012.Serna, Joseph. "Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Climbs above 110, N.Y. Hardest Hit." Los Angeles Times. Tribune Company, 03 Nov. 2012. Web. 07 Nov. 2012.
  3. 3. Smith, Matt. "Sandy Wreaks Havoc Across Northeast; at Least 11 Dead." CNN. Cable News Network, 30 Oct. 2012. Web. 07 Nov. 2012.Sample Questions:  Where were you residing on when Hurricane Sandy struck the New York region on October 29th?  What did you do to prepare for the storm?  What were conditions like outside as the storm hit?  Were you evacuated or displaced by the storm?  Did you lose power? If so, for how long.  Did you suffer any damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy?  What types of destruction did you witness in your neighborhood?  Overall, how did the storm personally affect your life?  How did the storm turn out in relation to your previous expectations?  How would you describe the mood in the days after the storm?  Did you have to deal with the gas shortage and long lines at the stations?  How did you feel New York City, New York state and federal governments prepared for/responded to the crisis?Location: I intend to carry out my interview in an indoor location, such as my dorm room. I do notanticipate any problems with lighting or ambient sound as my room is well lit and the privatelocation limits the existence of background noise. My room contains several overhead lightsthat sufficiently illuminate the entire area and ambient sound should be minimal. Therefore, Ido not foresee the necessity to make any modifications regarding sound or lighting.B-Roll: Included within my video will be several cuts to B-Roll in both the introduction as well asthe interview segment. This B-roll will provide video evidence of the catastrophic damageexperienced around the greater New York area. I expect to include B-roll depicting flooding,
  4. 4. damage to homes and gas lines in the aftermath of the storm. If possible, I would also like toinclude supplementary footage of lower Manhattan, nearly completely dark below 34 th streetas a result of flooding experienced in power substations. I will use transitions to smoothly shiftfrom the interview segment to B-roll and then back to the interview.