Our kids monthly magazine issue no 1


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Naxxar Parish Malta.

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Our kids monthly magazine issue no 1

  1. 1. JESUS DIVINE MERCY 2012 OUR KIDS MONTHLY MAGAZINE February Issue No 1 Divine Mercy Shrine. St. Mary Street, San Pawl tat-Targa, NXR 1400,MALTATelephone: (+356) 2158 1266 Mobile: (+356) 7961 8727 Email: fma@onvol.net
  2. 2. Magazine Index:  A word from Fr. Michael  Colouring page for kid’s with story  Crossword  Anagram  Recipes  Word search  Mazes  Crafts  A kid’s prayer  Sanctuary news for kid’s  Calendar for the month
  3. 3. Dear kids,It is a great pleasure for me to introduce this monthly magazine for those kids whoattend catechism at Divine Mercy Sanctuary.This magazine is compiled by one of the kid’s mummy. In it you will find material tosupport the great effort given by your catechist every Wednesday.I would like to dedicate my first spiritual thought toASH WEDNESDAY AND LENT.ASH WEDNESDAY is the first day of the Christian season of Lent. It falls 40 daysbefore Easter. In the bible the number 40 is very symbolicThe 40 days of lent remind us of the Time Jesus spent in the desert praying andfasting. The Israelites also spent 40 years in the desert walking towards the promiseland..So what are the Ashes all about? THE ASHESTraditionally the burnt Palm fronds from last year’s Palm Sunday are placed on ourforhead by the priest on Ash Wednesday.Ashes are a sign of:REPENTANCE, HUMILITY and RENOUNCING PRIDE.When Ashes are distributed the priest proclaims the following words:“Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel”, and “Remember that you are dustand to dust you shall return”.We do not wear Ashes to proclaim our Holiness but to acknowledge that we aresinners and are in need of Repentance and RenewalAsh Wednesday is not a day of obligation, but, it is a day when many Christians focustheir attention on their practice of........FASTING, PRAYING, ALMSGIVING AND DOING GOOD DEEDS. 1. Why do we fast? – depriving ourselves of the basic necessity reminds us of our utter dependence on God. 2. Traditionally, the money saved, while fasting is given to those who are in need. 3. Even more important is to do good deeds and help others.
  4. 4. WHY DO WE GIVE?What we are given by God is not meant just for us, but, it is meant to share withothers. It is also meant for the Service of others.WHY DO WE PRAY?Because we are not totally self sufficient, we pray God to help us.WHY DO WE PRAY?We have a need inside us that cannot be filled by ourselves or others.WHY DO WE PRAY?We must look to God for guidance and help.It is important to pray as a community, in the family, at school and in ChurchMay we continue to find a relationship with God.May you all enjoy the blessings of LENT that leads us to celebrate Easter or better theResurrection of Jesus.May Jesus bless you and all your family!Fr. MichaelRectorNational Shrine of Divine MercyP.S. MOTHERS ARE KINDLY ASKED TO ATTEND MASS AND ASHESTOGETHER WITH THEIR CHILDREN ON ASH WEDNESDAY.
  5. 5. Colouring page with story for kids:
  6. 6. Sarah and Abraham:Across:2. God told Abraham to look at these; this would be how much offspring he would have.4. The name of Abraham and Sarah’s son means ‘he will laugh’.6. Sarah and Abraham both did this when they found out they would have a child.7. Abraham was considered righteous because of his __________.8. Isaac was a _______ from God.10. God always listens to our ______.Down:1. God always keeps these.3. Abraham and Sarah were almost 100 years old when they had one of these.5. Abraham is called the ________of many nations.9. This was the promise God made to Abraham that would greatly increase is family.
  7. 7. Kids’ Recipe Corner:Rainbow CookiesHeres a good (easy) recipe 1 cup sugar 1 cup butter, softened 2 cups flour 1 tsp. vanilla 1 egg Food colouring-at least 6 colours (make sure one of them is Red!) remember - with red, blue and yellow you can make all the other colours.Mix sugar, butter, egg and vanilla. Add flour and mix well.Divide dough into six balls.Add a different food colouring to each ball.Roll each ball in a snake shape onto a floured surface. This isfun for the kids -- just like play dough!Arch snake shape and press onto cookie sheet.Add other snake shapes until the rainbow is formed.Bake at 350 degrees for 8-15 minutes.When cooled let each child taste a piece of the rainbow.
  8. 8. Crafts corner: Grass Friends Why not grow then groom these grassy friends. Its fun to watch their hair grow and even More fun to give them a haircut. Materials: Old beige nylon stocking Pair of scissors Grass seeds Sawdust Elastic band Bowl of water Plastic eyes Red felt Pipe cleaners (optional) - to make a pair of glasses PVA glue Method: Cut out a 30cm (12in) strip from one leg of a pair of beige nylon stockings. Tie a knot at one end and turn it inside out. Place a handful of grass seed inside. This will eventually become the hair. Fill the rest of the stocking up with sawdust or cotton wool or potting soil. Leave Room to tie another knot at the top. Pinch out a nose from the middle of the head and tie it with an elastic band. Place the head into cold water and let it soak until it is completely wet through. Now put the head onto a dish. Remember the grass seeds are now at the top, as it Will grow and become the hair. The nose should be in the middle. Glue eyes onto the head, just above the nose. Cut out and stick on the mouth, using the red felt. If you want to be creative, you can always add a pair of glasses made out of pipe cleaners. Sparingly water every day. Enjoy watching his hair grow.
  9. 9. A short prayer for the KIDS Here I am LORD! I thank you and praise you For all your wonderful blessing! I in will delight in everything You have given me. I put my trust in you. You are always at my side,And today I will have everything I need. Forgive me for the times I have disappointed you. Guide me and teach me. Fill me with your power, So that in everything I do I will be a delight to you! Amen!
  10. 10. Dear children,Please try and participate in the following:  Write your own story.  Write your own poem.  Be the star of the month; send us a drawing of Angels that will be put up in the church’s kid’s art gallery.  Tell us who you wish to include in our ‘Birthday Wishes’ section.  Send us recipes for our newsletters.  Attend the Pre-Teens meeting every Tuesday fortnight with Fr. Godwin Preca between 6.00p.m. and 7.00p.m at the Sanctuary.  If you are between 11 and 14 years of age, attend the ‘Preparation for Lent’ session led by Fr. Godwin Preca on the 23rd February between 9a.m. to 12.30p.m. at the Sanctuary.  There will be prayers for parents every Wednesday fortnight between 5.30p.m. and 6.30p.m. (During Catechism classes). Anyone wishing to participate is to send an e-mail divinemercynxr@gmail.com, send a note addressed to Jesus Divine Mercy National Shrine (Malta), St. Mary Street, San Pawl tat-Targa, NXR 1400. Don’t for get to write your personal details at the back of your story, poem or drawing.
  11. 11. Calendar for the Term:Wed 1st February - Catechism lessonWed 8th February - Catechism lessonWed 15th February - Catechism lessonWed 22nd February Mass – Ash WednesdayThu 23rd February - ‘Preparation for Lent’ byFr. Godwin Preca (9a.m. to 12.30p.m.)Wed 29th February - Catechism lessonWed 7th March - Catechism lessonWed 14th March - Catechism lessonWed 21st March - Catechism lessonWed 28th March Catechism lesson