[AIESEC NUM&UP} Cambodia Exchange Learning


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[AIESEC NUM&UP} Cambodia Exchange Learning

  1. 1. AIESEC CambodiaCambodia Exchange Learning Project
  2. 2. What is AIESECAIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run bystudents and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. We do notdiscriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion,national, ethnic or social origin.Recognized by the United Nations as the worlds largest youth driven organization,AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop theirpotential. AIESEC offers its 40,000 members in more than 100 countries theopportunity to be a global citizen, to change the world, and to get experience andskills that matter today in order for them to be able to make positive impact to society.AIESEC provide its members with an integrated development experience comprisedof leadership opportunities, international internships and participation in a globallearning environment.What AIESEC envisionPeace & fulfillment of humandkind’s potential The AIESEC Experience The Experiential Leadership Development phase allows young people to explore and develop their leadership potential through different programmes, which are: Global Internship Programme Global Community Development Programme Team Member Programme Team Leader ProgrammeAIESEC Globally AIESEC in Cambodia Founded in 1948 Founded in 2009 Active in 110 countries and territories Active in 5 local chapters across 6 9,500 leadership opportunities annually universities 10,000 international internships annually 300 local members Over 470 conferences annually 150 international internships in 2011 45,000 high-potential students developing 50 leadership experiences annually into globally minded, responsible leaders 4 national conferences annually
  3. 3. Cambodia Exchange Learning ProjectCambodia Exchange Learning Project is a project run by Cambodian AIESECmembers and also international members of AIESEC. Together we would like sharesoft skills needed by young people. We hope by spreading this knowledge to youngpeople we will be able to develop youth with global mindset.Objective • Aims to exchange knowledge and skill between international students and Cambodian students. • Create cultural understanding between international and Cambodian youth. • Contribute on soft skills needed for students and to broaden student’s mindset.Short coursePresentations throughout the duration of the course will reinforce the learningexperience and will also allow the participants to widen their knowledge and mindset.We are packaging the course not just direct presentation but also in interactive andfun learning environment.Profile of presenterThe course will be delivered by AIESEC members from other countries (mostly AsiaPacific and Europe). They are university students who already gone throughselection process to ensure they have excellent English, ability to share and deliverpresentation ,have good attitude, and motivation to share their experience and givepositive impact to society.topics of CEL projectweek1: preparation and trainingwee 2 Cultural introduction The purpose of cultural introduction session is to broaden student mindset about world culture and the importance of understanding cultural diversity.week3 University life The purpose of university life session is to share about academic and student life in other country. The topic covered are learning style, tips in preparing exam and assignments, non-academic student activities, importance to improve soft skills.week4 Presentation Skill Sharing and practice about how to present powerful presentation.Week5 Project and event management 1 The purpose of this session is to share the ideas why knowledge of project management is important and stimulate students to generate ideas to create a project.Week6 Project and event management 2 Workshop about how to make the project happen (how to create proposal, how to make budget, etc.)*Topics can be adjusted to the needs of the university.The course duration each day will take around 2:30 hours. This course is deliveredfor 20-30 students. We are aiming to run the course 5 weeks. Logistical needed forthe course will be provided by the university.
  4. 4. Partnership Opportunities - Budget sharing If you are interested to partner with us, sharing cost with AIESEC to implement this program is $300 for 4 exchange participate. we would like to the school implement this program 50% and the program also 50% in order to make students involved in the program well. - If the students have complete the course, they will get the certificate byAIESEC and the universities - Description why we charge you: - TN Matching/Management -Raising (10$) -promotion -Interview (online—internet fee) -Keep in touch (maintain Communications with EPs and Org) -Pre-arrival reception - -Reception -Air-port pick up -Party -Culture Orientation -City tour - -Continuous Servicing - Member expanse -Transportation -Telephone expanse -Logistic -Maintaining communication with EP and Org -Transportation -Internet Fee -Telephone cost -Incentive for members - Opportunities for your students to be part of AIESEC organizing committee in managing this project. Organizing committee role is to assist logistical needs of international students (finding accommodation, preparing for cultural adaptation, assist international students in delivering workshops, etc.) For more information please contact Chea Sokeang Project Team Leader Email : cheasokeang@yahoo.com Phone : 077 67 66 33