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Manhattan,-Sunday-11_07-Am159 Manhattan,-Sunday-11_07-Am159 Document Transcript

  • Manhattan, Sunday 11:07 amlower ping tweaks
  • Hi, thanks for stopping by and reading this blog… Im Jeremy…full-timeIONM traveler I fly around the country and do neuromonitoring orintraoperative neurophysiological monitoring We call it IONM, dont worryabout the tongue breaker Youre probably wondering how I can afford tolive in Manhattan Well…two things make it possible: rent control and myroommate ;-) Phone rings… Ah, I should probably get that Could bework calling As an IONM traveler, I am married to the phone,so-to-speak (looking at phone display) Yep, its work alright (answersphone) "Hello?" "Good morning, Jeremy Lisa here from the schedulingoffice How are you?" "Hi, Lisa! I am doing fine How are you?" "I amdoing good, thanks… Im calling because we have sort of an emergencycase add-on in Denver…" "Let me guess, its Felix " lower ping tweaks"Howd you know?" "That snowboarding maniac was bound to break hislegs sooner or later " "Actually, its his collar bone
  • We need you to cover his cases until further notice His first casetomorrow morning is an ACDF, so you will need to fly out ASAP Can youmake a three oclock?" Cascade"Sure, no problem You know me, mybag is already packed and my Cadwell ready to go " "OK, great Checkyour messages for surgery details and well be in touch " "I know the drill,Lisa Talk to you soon " "Thanks, Jeremy! Have a good flight!" (hangs upphone) Good flight? Now theres a misnomer for you During my time inthe Air Force, I learned just about everything there is to know aboutflying, but no matter how prepared I am, longer flights always seem toleave me feeling less-than-optimal due to jetlag Did you know that jetlagcan diminish athletic performances and cause many physical stressesand, in some cases, even wars? Its a fact: in 56, John Foster Dulles,Secretary of State under Eisenhower, felt especially discombobulatedfollowing his long return flight from Egypt… upon home-coming, helearned that the Egyptians had entered into a weapons-deal with theRussians Not thinking clearly due to jet lag, Dulles immediately andundiplomatically reneged on the agreement to fund the Aswan DamProject The Suez Canal Crisis emerged and the rest is history The ColdWar was on Its true: virtually all passengers are affected by jetlag, whichrears its ugly head in many forms From diarrhea to constipation,dehydration, disorientation, nausea; even a modified reaction to drugs,fear, euphoria… headache, impaired vision; hypoxia and increasedsusceptibility to illnesses and muscle pain
  • Really, just about any physical discomfort could be blamed on jetlag!Medically speaking, jetlag is desynchronosis, the disruption of ourcircadian rhythm In narrowest terms, we experience jetlag during airtravel across time-zones from east to west and from west to east,however, traveling across hemispheres also has its perils for travelersOther nuisances not related to directional travel can leave you feelingjetlagged, too, for example, loud engine noises, thin air, lack of ventilationin the aircraft, and decreased blood circulation, just to name a few Jetlagis a serious problem and in order to maximize work productivity it needsto be countered systematically before the trip begins, in mid-air, as well
  • as after landing Jet Lag Dont lose your competitive edge to jetlag! Butwhat to do, you ask? First and foremost, the body must be hydrated tokeep the trillions of cells functioning properly The air moisture content incommercial passenger planes is on par with levels found in oursouthwestern deserts: about 10-20%, with most of the humidity beingsupplied by fellow passengers exhaling, perspiring, sneezing andcoughing Thats right So, by all means, keep drinking plenty of fluids andkeep visiting the lav! Did you know that as little as a 2% decrease in fluidlevel can leave your body feeling itchy, lethargic and constipated?Remember, dehydration also adversely affects the brain and our ability tothink! Needless to say, alcoholic beverages are a no-no Per jetiquette -the unofficial good-manners guide for flight passengers - it is perfectly OKto walk up to the flight attendants service station to help yourself forbeverages Flight attendants work very hard and will not mind if you pouryourself a glass of water…or two or three during the flight At the sametime, you will have an opportunity to stretch and visit the lav Retainingmoisture can be very time-consuming if you set out to do it right: drink atleast a glass of water per hour when flying At 62", I actually have to drinktwice that amount And apply plenty of lotion to your skin, especiallyaround the eyes Remove contacts and use moisturizing eye drops inaddition to coating the inside of your nose with oil to prevent virusesentering through cracks caused by dryness Sesame oil and coconut oilare my favorites
  • As all our colleagues in IONM and neurophysiology know, ourintervertebral discs, the shock absorbers between our vertebrae, consistmostly of H20 Discs consist of an outer annulus fibrosus, whichsurrounds the inner nucleus pulposus, distributing pressure evenly acrossthe disk The nucleus of the disk acts as a shock absorber, absorbing theimpact of the bodys daily activities and keeping the two vertebraeseparated Make sure you always drink plenty of water to keep the discsnucleus pulposus hydrated- especially if you already have aches andpains Dehydration is one of the common causes of "pinched nerves" ofthe spine and so-called slipped disk The "slipped" disk will actuallyrupture, herniate or split, rather than "slip" under abnormal conditions,such as injury and disease When the disk impinges on nerve tissue, theresult can be back pain and leg pain Proper hydration can helpcounteract nerve root irritation Dont laugh, but a large, cleanhandkerchief moistened with water can serve as a refreshing coolingmask and as a barrier to viruses when applied to the face, mouth andnose The hanky also wards off unpleasant odors High altitudes causethe bodily gases to expand, creating pressure and the need to escapeOnly two ways out! (winks) Unfortunately, swelling body tissue is one ofthe side effects we experience when flying Remember to wear shoesthat are easy on the feet, loosely-fitting clothes and finger jewelry shouldnot be too tight either Jet LagIf you are drinking plenty of water beforeand during the flight, your digestive juices should be diluted, so hold offon meals, unless you desire to cause swelling of the abdomen! Tryskipping the unhealthy sweet, salty and fatty foods offered by airporteateries and airlines in lieu of purely liquid forms of nutrition I like milk,water, V-8 and OJ myself Jet LagAnother thing to consider is thatexposure to electromagnetic (EM) fields can leave you feeling fatiguedand, well, jetlagged
  • Your usual suspects include radar from the ground as well as the planeand other planes, the jet engine, cockpit computers, electrical wiringthroughout the cabin, high levels of static electricity generated in thefuselage and radiation from the commercial transport of radioactivematerials All the more reason to drink plenty of water! Cold water hasdisinfectant and cleansing properties to help clear the body of EMpollution, so keep on drinking! The behavioral changes by EM fields havebeen researched and experimented with for many years… Adjusting tothe local time table ASAP is key to getting body and mind up to top speed Resetting the body clock begins in the air and this may mean sleepingright away or forcing yourself to stay awake - whatever the time changerequires Noise-canceling headphones or ear plugs will reduce mostambient noise caused by the engines, allowing for a more peaceful napor work session Some travelers resort to sleeping pills and alcohol todrown out the tedium of being compacted into a narrow seat with barelyenough air to breathe, but be warned: the escape into inebriatingsubstances is only a temporary solution with harsh repercussions
  • Intoxicating oneself will, in the end, not only intensify the unpleasant sideeffects of flying (dehydration, disorientation et cetera), but it is alsounsafe in case of an emergency If you would like to know about thesubject of jetlag, I can recommend a little book called Jet Smart by TravelGenie, Diana Fairchild Well, I have to check my messages and then I amoff to the airport Thanks, again, for stopping in… and remember: Travelsmarter, not harder Happy monitoring, my Colleagues! DISCLAIMER:The authors of this article do not dispense medical advice This paperhas been written and published solely for informative and entertainmentpurposes It is made available with the understanding that the authorsand publishers are not engaged in rendering medical and health adviceThe information should not be considered complete and does not coverall diseases, ailments, physical conditions or their treatment relating to jetlag It should not be used in place of a call or visit to a competent medicalprofessional, who should be consulted before adopting any of thesuggestions in this site or drawing inferences from it
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