Wellness spa seekers find natural home in thailand


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Wellness spa seekers find natural home in thailand

  1. 1. Introduction Thailand has now emerged as the spa capital of Asia, and justifiably so: the country’s history, tradition, culture, and local healing techniques make the Kingdom the natural home for the booming wellness industry. Given all the country’s other amazing attractions, being a spa haven is one more jewel in her tourism crown. S Medical Spa
  2. 2. Thailand is famous for taking what they like from other cultures while maintaining the best of her own unique identity; thus, visitors can pick and choose from a smorgasbord of spa types and treatments. Whether one is seeking a cool, mountain retreat in northern Thailand or wishes to be pampered in a luxury spa by the sea, they will easily find exactly what they’re after in the Land of Smiles – and spas. When AsiaSpa magazine held its 5th annual awards in 2009, Thailand was given the big prize of the night: “Asian Spa Capital of the Year.” This is just one of many awards that Thailand regularly receives from the global media and the wellness industry itself. Introduction
  4. 4. The uniqueness and authenticity of all Thai- style treatments is due to the fact that Thais are very familiar with and comfortable performing these spa therapies. Many of the treatments now being sought are actually ancient Siamese health practices that Thais have used for centuries. Thus, it comes as second nature to them. Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas Thai culture and the modern wellness industry are a match made in heaven. Perhaps no other country possesses all the natural ingredients – both literally and figuratively – that Thailand has in such great abundance. Her culture is a perfect fit for the wellness spa boom currently taking place. The Oasis Spa WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT THAILAND THAT MAKES FOR SUCH GREAT WELLNESS SPAS?
  5. 5. While Thai spas have many unique aspects, perhaps the most unique and appealing aspect of Thai spa treatments is the charming natural warmth, gentle touch and graceful hospitality of the Thai people who administer the treatments. The most striking aspect of Thai spas that visitors cannot find in any other country is the famous Thai smile and the cheerful friendliness that is intrinsic in Thai culture. The warmth of the Thai touch adds that extra dimension to the Thai spa experience, and makes it stand out from others in the region. Spa Intercontinental WHAT’S SPECIAL ABOUT THAILAND THAT MAKES FOR SUCH GREAT WELLNESS SPAS?
  6. 6. A DIVERSITY OF THAI WELLNESS SPA APPROACHES Chiva Som International health Resort
  7. 7. Traditional Thai Massage - or “massage for healing” – has been practiced in Thailand for over 2,500 years, so you can rest assured that the locals know exactly what they’re doing. This is an ancient art that began as a spiritual practice in the temple, and is closely entwined with the teachings of the Lord Buddha. Thai Massage focuses on ten key energy lines in our bodies, and massages these lines to release blocked up energy in the body. Fans of Thai massage attest to its healing ability, especially for the alleviation of headaches, nervous tension, anxiety, backaches, and fever. A DIVERSITY OF THAI WELLNESS SPA APPROACHES TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE (NUAT THAI) Tantara Health Spa Silarom SpaSilarom SpaMassira Spa
  8. 8. The famous Thai Herbal Compress is a heat-based therapy using warm herbal compresses to induce deep relaxation, relieve stress and fatigue, assist with postural problems, improve circulation of blood and lymph, stimulate the internal organs, and generally boost the emotional and physical well-being of the practitioner. Hence the increasing international profile and popularity of Thai herbal compresses. The medicinal herbs used in the compresses possess a myriad of wonderful properties; they are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant. Accordingly, they are used to treat sore muscles, strains, and bruises as well as aiding with upper respiratory complaints such as bronchitis, asthma, and even the common cold. THAI HERBAL COMPRESSES (HERB BALLS) Cool Spa by Sripanwa Six Senses Spa Massira Spa A DIVERSITY OF THAI WELLNESS SPA APPROACHES
  9. 9. Thai foot massage is the extremely therapeutic – and very popular– massage of the feet, legs, and sometimes hands. While Thai Massage balances the elements of the mind and body, Thai foot massage stimulates the internal organs. The act of reading signs on the feet and of applying pressure using the thumb, fingers and hand through specialized combinations of pressure is a true art. Best of all, it feels sublime. THAI FOOT MASSAGE Silarom Spa Massira Spa Silarom Spa A DIVERSITY OF THAI WELLNESS SPA APPROACHES
  10. 10. Aside from the above, one can choose from a wide variety of other wellness treatments throughout Thailand. These include hydrotherapy, reflexology, shiatsu/acupressure, colon cleansing, tai chi, yoga, chineitsang, detoxification, homeopathy, meditation, as well as a wide range of beauty treatments. OTHER POPULAR THAI WELLNESS SPA TREATMENTS Aromatherapy is another very popular spa treatment that many visitors seeking better health enjoy, as well as body scrubs, which keep your skin healthy and beautiful through exfoliation. One leaves these treatments floating and glowing, with minds and bodies invigorated, and skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy once again. Hot Stone Massage, sometimes in conjunction with Swedish Massage, are two more sought after therapies. Their goals are to increase oxygen flow in the blood and remove toxins from the muscles. The vigorous methods used, with or without the use of heat, leave clients feeling nurtured, totally at rest, peaceful, and serene. RarinJinda Wellness Spa Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas A DIVERSITY OF THAI WELLNESS SPA APPROACHES
  11. 11. WELLNESS SPA DESTINATIONS Banyan Tree Spa Bangkok
  12. 12. Bangkok is indisputably one of the world’s great cities. What makes it great is a combination of its ancient traditions side by side with all the modern amenities you could ask for. Alongside Bangkok’s Buddhist temples are amazingly tranquil urban Health temples whose reason for existence is to nourish and pamper your body, restore your sense of tranquility and balance, and satisfy your soul. To wit, Travel + Leisure Magazine has rated Bangkok the Number One city in the world in both 2008 and 2010. The “City of Angels” has something for everyone, and with it comes the most amazing service at astonishing prices. This includes world-class hospitals, dental clinics, and of course superb wellness spa treatment centers. BANGKOK
  13. 13. Chiang Mai is a city that many a visitor has fallen in love with, and a large number of them have decided to make their home and never leave. If further evidence is needed, Travel + Leisure Magazine voted Chiang Mai – Thailand’s “second city” – the #2 city in the world in 2010! As far as spas and wellness centers go, Chiang Mai is the ideal place to indulge yourself, be it a day spa or a longer, more intensive stay at the health resort of your choice. This is because you get the finest treatment available at some of the best value in Thailand. The gorgeous northern mountain retreats, along with the cooler northern weather, make Chiang Mai a dream destination for spa seekers and other wellness travelers. CHIANG MAI
  14. 14. Hua Hin has emerged as a first-class destination in its own right over the past decade. A short 2 ½ hour’s drive from Bangkok, it has excellent golf courses, an amazing beach, its own floating markets, and an increasing selection of outstanding spas, health centers, and resorts. Hua Hin is also home to Chiva-Som, the only destination spa to have consistently appeared in the top three of Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. This is no longer a sleepy fishing village, but an outstanding city by the sea to head to for some serious spa-time. HUA HIN
  15. 15. Koh Samui is one of the most popular island paradises in the world, according to many surveys and rankings. Beautiful white sand beaches with clean, clear warm water next to lush tropical gardens and gentle ocean breezes await travelers to this ideal holiday destination. Nowadays, the island boasts of having many excellent spas that are truly world-class. From aromatic steam baths to herbal body-masques and more, these health centers and retreats offer the ultimate in rejuvenating body, health, and beauty treatments. It is also home to frequent “Spa Retreat of the Year” winner Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa, just one more reason to have Koh Samui at the top of your list. Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa KOH SAMUI
  16. 16. Thailand’s favorite seaside resort, Pattaya, has an embarrassment of riches, both for the experienced wellness traveler and the casual tourist in search of a great massage. You name it and Pattaya has it: body scrubs, hands and feet massage, body wraps, water treatments, waxing, and facial treatment; different type of massages, including aromatherapy massage, Ayurvedic massage, stone massage and many more. A short drive from Bangkok and you can find yourself being massaged, steamed, kneaded, and pampered for a few hours or even better, by the day. PATTAYA
  17. 17. Phuket may be an island, but it is more like a world complete unto itself, offering global travelers and spa-lovers more than most can imagine – or handle – on a one- to two-week holiday. Thailand’s “Pearl of the South” seduces all who come within her grasp, from backpackers and honeymooners to playboy yachtsters and sun goddesses. The island has become one of the leading, most famous and popular spa destinations anywhere in the world, harboring secret gardens and decadent oases of health that one never wants to leave. Whether you’re after a one-hour massage or a two-week retreat with any number of treatments, Phuket’s got it. PHUKET
  18. 18. Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa POPULAR WELLNESS SPAS IN THAILAND
  19. 19. Banyan Tree Spa Bangkok www.banyantreespa.com I.sawan Residential Spa & Club www.isawan.hyatt.com RarinJinda Wellness Spa Bangkok www.rarinjinda.com Spa Cenvaree www.spacenvaree.com The Oasis Spa Bangkok www.bangkokoasis.com/index.php POPULAR WELLNESS SPAS (BANGKOK) Banyan Tree Spa Bangkok
  20. 20. Asia Herb Association www.asiaherbassociation.com Chiang Mai Spa Mantra www.spamantra.com RarinJinda Wellness Spa Chiang Mai www.rarinjinda.com Sabun Nga Spa Chiang Mai www.ayatana-resort.com The Dheva Spa www.mandarinoriental.com Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Resort POPULAR WELLNESS SPAS (CHIANG MAI)
  21. 21. Chiva Som International Health Resorts www.chivasom.com Devarana Spa www.devaranaspa.com Mandara Spa www.mandaraspa.com Six Senses Spa www.sixsenses.com THE BARAI www.thebarai.com RarinJinda Wellness Spa Chiang Mai Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas POPULAR WELLNESS SPAS (HUA HIN)
  22. 22. Absolute Sanctuary www.absolutesanctuary.com Anantara Spa www.spa.anantara.com Kamalaya Koh Samui www.kamalaya.com Silarom Spa www.silaromspa.com The Spa Resort Koh Samui www.thesparesorts.net RarinJinda Wellness Spa Chiang Mai Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa POPULAR WELLNESS SPAS (KOH SAMUI)
  23. 23. Let’s Relax www.letsrelaxspa.com/index.php Pattaya Royal Garden Spa www.marriott.com Ruan Samunplai Spa www.lookyoungerspa.com Spa Silavadee www.spasilavadee.com The Oasis Spa Pattaya www.oasisspa.net/ RarinJinda Wellness Spa Chiang Mai Anantara Spa The Oasis Spa POPULAR WELLNESS SPAS (PATTAYA)
  24. 24. Angsana Spa www.angsanaspa.com Cool Spa by Sri Panwa www.sripanwa.com Deevana Spa www.deevanapatong.com Spa by Burasari www.spa.burasari.com Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness www.sukkospa.com RarinJinda Wellness Spa Chiang Mai Anantara Spa The Oasis Spa Mission Hills Phuket Golf Resort & Spa POPULAR WELLNESS SPAS (PHUKET)
  25. 25. Thanks To Our Partners
  26. 26. We would like to offer special thanks to: illustrations contributors (in alphabetical order) Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa, Angsana Spa Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket, Banyan Tree Spa Bangkok, Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Dahra Beauty & Spa, Massira Spa, Mission Hills Phuket Golf Resort & Spa, Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Resort, Silarom Spa, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, Spa Intercontinental Find more information about Thailand Medical Tourism at www.ThailandMEDTourism.com TOURISM AUTHORITY OF THAILAND 1600 New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, THAILAND Tel: (66) 2250 5500 Fax: (66) 2250 5511 E-mail: info@tat.or.th Website: www.TourismThailand.org ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
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