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Trailer question 1

  3. 3. NARRATIVE THEORIESThe narrative of a film and the way it’s portrayed are very important aspects in a trailer as the audience isable to get a clearer. Through the use of narrative the audience knows what to expect of the film and they canalso be manipulated as they only see a short section it. Overall it means that the audience becomes attached tothe characters and want to find out more about their storyClosed: More often found in films and contain a beginning, middle and an end. The audience is also fullyaware that they are watching a complete story and this enables them to predict an ending. Whilst opennarratives have chronological time sequences, closed narratives are compressed and not linked to any eventsin the outside world. There are less characters and they are ranked in order of importance so that the storylinerevolves primarily around only one of them and the audience therefore experiences the film from thatcharacter’s perspective.This is the type of narrative I’ve used in my trailer.
  4. 4. NARRATIVE THEORIESTodorov believed that all narratives shouldbegin with a state of equilibrium whereeverything is calm. This should then be followedby some sort of disruption which is finallyresolved and a new equilibrium is found. This isa very ‘Hollywood’ approach to narrative andwould often be found in romantic comedies.Levi –Strauss on the other hand believed thatany narrative is formed by the juxtaposition ofbinary opposites such as good vs. evil,empowered vs. victim or domestic vs. alien/foreign.I think my trailer conforms more to Levi-Strauss’s theory as my trailer begins with a titleascending containing information about humantrafficking and people are walking in thebackground showing humans as the victims persay the moves onto the main characters Sofia andAleksandra looking sad, which shows that theyare obviously the good people within the story asthey’ll be perceived as victims but then movingonto a shady looking man smoking a cigar andalready the audience make a connection thenlater on moving onto the same shady man playingpoker with other men and they get more of a feelof the situation. This shows the empowered sideand the victim or domestic side of the situationalso by using women as well it makes it easier tosee the idea of them being victimised.
  5. 5. SOCIAL REALISMWhat is social realism?Social realism is a genre of film that focuses on topical issues alive in a modern society whichis represented by different ideologies. It has different themes such drugs, prostitution, sex,religion, class, racism etc. The theme I’ll be focusing on in my trailer is prostitution. Theforms and conventions for social realism are usually the use of unknown actors, this supportsthe social realism genre because the actors could be anyone which makes it realistic. Socialclass is an important form and convention as most social realism films deal with the workingclass like ‘Fish Tank’. The locations of a social realist film are usually set around a councilestate or run down areas of different cities but can be in a nice neighbourhood. Age isimportant to the forms and conventions of social realism as most social realist films useteenagers usually from the ages 13-20.
  6. 6. CONVENTIONS OF THESOCIAL REALISM GENRECONVENTIONS OF SOCIALREALISM Location shooting (NO STUDIO) Wide shots Non-professional actors Semi improvised scripts Humour and seriousness The erosion of regional identities Wider social issues explored viaemotional and dramatic individual stories Triumph over adversityLOCATION SHOOTINGSocial realist films aren’tfilmed in studios instead theyare shot on council estatesand parks. By using councilestates and parks etc thismakes the film feel morerealistic so that the audiencewill be engaged.Non-professional actorsNon professional actorsare used as most socialrealist films can’t afford alist stars and also usingnon-famous people makesthe audience relate moreto the actors.Humour and SeriousnessSocial realist films consist of everyday problems such asunemployment etc there’s a lot of serious with a pinch of humour.
  7. 7. AUDIENCEEXPECTATIONSWhen beginning to plan my trailer I first researched existing products that were aimed at the same targetmarket I had selected and were also the same genre –social realism– these trailers I looked at were ‘Trade’ and‘Human Trafficking’. I chose both of these as they had the same look and feel that I was aiming for with myproduct. I specifically chose these two as they both focused on the same subject as I was which was humantrafficking. An element I chose to challenge is the typical placing of the credits at the end of the trailer. Iincorporated the name at the finish as I felt it was a good way of closing the footage. A particular conformitythat I followed was the lack of voice overs overlaid over the footage. When researching trailers and theirconventions I found that social realist films very rarely have voice overs as this is a feature more commonlyfound within the romantic/comedy or the spoof genre.Another key feature that I found was present in most social realist films is the character choice. Mostly, withinsocial realist films, the plot consists of teenagers who get into trouble with older men or drug dealers and theyend up being sucked into the facade. This feature was found within ‘Trade’ and many others. In general I foundthat the person who most commonly either was attacked first or ultimately was the cowardly reluctant one.
  8. 8. TRADE TRAILERCOMPARISONMytrailerTradetrailerTrade vs. The ArrivalMy inspiration for my trailer was the Trade trailer as it focused on similar things my trailer focused in the terms ofconventions and the plot. I thought the way in which it is presented to an audience is particularly unique. By using alot of wide shots and establishing shots it helped to draw the audience into the film and make them feel involved inthe action itself whilst they become attached to the different characters. As the ‘Trade’ trailer follows normal socialrealist conventions my trailer also follows some but not all conventions of social realist films for example both mytrailer and the trade trailer begin with an ident. But my trailer challenges conventions of a normal trailers by notbeginning with an establishing shot as most trailers would have and also my both our trailers use titles to let theaudience know more about human trafficking by posting statistics by using this method this really shows theaudience that human trafficking is a real problem and that they should be more aware this makes them feel moreinvolved but sticking to another convention I used non-famous actors and so did the Trade trailer directors.