The Texxi Opportunity


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A succinct overview of Texxi.

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The Texxi Opportunity

  1. 1. The TexxiOpportunityOverview of InvestmentConsiderations
  2. 2. The 100 WordsTexxi allows people to dynamically sharevehicle resources, whether they be privatecars, jets, buses / coaches, taxis, or trains.Even Rolls Royces can be used.In short it makes a vehicle fleet double as aprivate transit system, by using mobilephones and social networking ideas.It can also permit carclubs (carsharingcompanies) to gain more custom throughits effective trading platform
  3. 3. DescriptionThe worlds first and only proven real-time,dynamic ridesharing system (patent pending)It is a contraction for bothTransit Exchange for the XXI CenturyandThe Taxi You Text
  4. 4. Descriptionwhich uses a futures exchange idea, portablecomputing devices (mobile phones / smart-phones) and social networks coupled with ourclever back-end grouping algorithmsto enable people to get point to point"shared" transport in a city using any typeof participating vehicleSee Presentation "The Market Opportunity for Texxi"
  5. 5. Fallacy: "But people wont share!"When people say "but people wont share", wepoint out the multitude of trains, planes andbuses that defy this statement.Millions of people share transport (in closeproximity) every single day.However, if people do not want to share, theycan simply buy all the seats in a vehicle forthemselves.The actual price will finally be a truerepresentation of the costs.
  6. 6. How does it workThis (the real-time, dynamic ridesharing) is achievedthrough a patent pending processusing ideas behind financial credit contagion modelling,social networking (topology) and a futures exchangeto enable people to summon rides in vehicles(either shared or alone) by using variouscommunication / computing devices(e.g. tablet PC, plinth, web broswer, basic mobile phone or smartphone)
  7. 7. Company StructureIn March 2005 Texxi Ltd was incorporated - aUK operating company that licences theintellectual property (I.P.) it uses from a resellercompany called Crane Dragon (incorporated inFebruary 2005)This was about 18 months after the originalconcept was first floated to a small group ofinitial investors.
  8. 8. Company StructureThis structure is necessarily used to protect theprincipal investors from "death spiral" tactics.It also means that the overall Texxi Globallicensing entity can be situated wherever in theworld it makes most senseWhichever jurisdiction has the lowest taxes andlowest burden of operational costs
  9. 9. Company Structureand that "local" operating companies can becreated to interact with licence buyers in aparticular country.Think of KFC or McDonalds - there is a nationalmaster franchise for each country.We have 50+ investors and equity participants(services), but only 2 full-time personnel.
  10. 10. The Texxi ConceptsThe 4 main concepts underpinning Texxi dateback from 1992 - 2003● Futures Exchanges● Social Networking ( Topology )● Credit Contagion● Wing DesignSee Presentation "The Texxi Concepts"
  11. 11. Stage of CompanyThe relevant technology and know-how wassuccessfully proven on 3 separate occasions inthe UK.The algorithms and operational concepts allhave been proven to work under combatconditions and the focus now is on sellingfranchise licences to interested parties incities where the authorities desire to reduceroad congestion, reduce CO2 emissions,reduce fuel use and alleviate transport poverty.
  12. 12. Stage of CompanyWe are now looking for investors for specificfranchise opportunitiesThe IPR trust will license (through CraneDragon) the relevant intellectual property,knowhow and contract staff to a franchiseoperationSee Presentation "Relevant IP"
  13. 13. Investment SizeEvery Texxi Deployment needs 3 things:1. A licence buyer2. A vehicle operator (licensed taxi firm or licensed car service firm)3. A marketing partnerOn the proof-of-concept deployments, Texxi Ltd doubled asthe licence buyer and the marketing partner - spending a lotof the original invested budget.
  14. 14. What does it cost?Cost of licence depends on the areas soughtand on the modes used.For example, for a proposed system in NY/CTwe are seeking USD5m for the 3 modes in 2counties in NY and CT.There are 7 modes of TexxiSee Presentation "The 7 Modes of Texxi"
  15. 15. Contact DetailsEric (0) 207 993 2324