Texxi email to the DNC2008


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What was shared with key folk about what Texxi is and when it was made. We started with SMS, but planned for Smartphones, Plinths and Email to enable largescale ridesharing. The patent is about "mobile device sending a message" and in any case we had smartphone development in 2006 ongoing.

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Texxi email to the DNC2008

  1. 1. Eric Matthew Masaba/Texxi/CraneDragon 22/03/2008 16:35 To Jerome Wiley Segovia <phpwiley@yahoo.com>, contact@puente-latino.com, Pat Brown <john.patrick.brown@gmail.com>, Jennifer Lubrani cc Davewetzel@tfl.gov.uk, tonyvickers@phonecoop.coop, Matthew David Burden/Texxi/CraneDragon@CraneDragon, Paul.Clein@liverpool.gov.uk, STAPLETONJ@parliament.uk, bcc pbooth@iea.org.uk, JBlundell@iea.org.uk, RConnorton@iea.org.uk, sepschool@psnw.com, Tom.O'Flynn@Hammonds.com, walker.turaco@btinternet.com, mark.woolley@db.com, stephenkgreen@hsbc.com, derek.c.wylde@hsbc.com, nanbillj@yahoo.com, M.Kasirye@commonwealth.int, ffisseha@imo.org, Greg.Rowell@qld.alp.org.au, eb@object.com, ian.chu@citi.com, ianhmchu@yahoo.co.uk Subject Democratic National Convention, Colorado 2008 cc: Matthew Burden, Chief Operating Officer Texxi cc: Dave Wetzel, Vice Chair, Transport for London cc: Rosie Winterton, UK Ministry of Transport cc: Matt Searle, Lucie Blackman Trust (Women's Safety Charity) cc: Anna Bligh, Premier of Queensland cc: Cllr Tony Vickers, Councillor & Chair Lib Dems ALTER (Action on Land-value Taxation & Economic Reform) cc: Cllr Paul Clein, Councillor for Liverpool Wavertee cc: Jane Kennedy, MP (Congresswoman) for Liverpool Wavertree & Financial Secretary to the UK Treasury cc: Michael Butler, Partner, Hammonds Law Firm cc: Joe Milazzo, North Carolina RTA cc; Phil Blything, Glow Internet cc: Dr Sam Maresh, Chief of Staff to the Premier of NSW. cc: John Tighe and Greg Webb of Black and White Cabs, Brisbane Jerome, We will be soon having a large scale trial of Texxi on the Isle of Wight (an island of 380sq. km off the South coast of England). This will enable you to see how it may work and also maybe to start to suggest to the Democratic Party how Texxi can start to repair some of the economic damage the US has sustained over the last 7 years. We also hope to persuade Black and White Cabs in Brisbane, Australia to try out Texxi since Brisbane suffers from some severe infrastructure challenges and traffic congestion. Black and White were the only large cab firm which would talk to us continuously. They also have one of the largest and most advanced fleets in Queensland. With the credit crunch biting, it will be much harder for state and municipal governments to get the funding they need to keep services running. Especially across Australia and the USA. We have had many meetings with Government officials in Queensland and New South Wales as well as with cab firms themselves in the large Australian cities over the last 2 years. Texxi itself is a dynamic form of land value taxation (similar to Landing Slot Auctions or Spectrum Auctions). If implemented on a large scale, it will raise tens of billions of euros in extra revenue for a state Government, allowing the government to reduce tax to a flat 10% or eliminate income tax completely. Texxi was originally a project to model contagion effects from credit defaults (I was offered a very well paid role at Paloma Partners back in 2003). It used to be called Credit Satellite because it would monitor the environment, looking for possible areas where contagion would occur. It just happened that the same methods, techniques and algorithms that allowed one to group people in shared vehicles were the same techniques that allowed me to create scenarios for cascading credit defaults (a very topical subject).
  2. 2. This was how I managed to spot most of what went down in the markets recently up to 3 years ahead of many industry insiders. Our first confirmed investor, William W Johnson, in his private time is Chairman of our Advisory Board (he is also head of Municipal Finance at JP Morgan and a legend on Wall Street). He has backed me for 10 years since I met him on the FX Trading Floor in London / Connecticut when he was a General Manager and Board Member at UBS. He was President of Paloma Partners back in 2003. Bill recognised early the potential of the system and having someone of his reputation as an anchor investor helped us to get further than we could ever have hoped to alone. Now we have a chance to prove the benefits of RoadSpaceTime Auctions to reduce congestion, make on demand point-to-point transit available and affordable for everyone, everywhere, all the time AND stabilise the banking system - really. Because a Demand Responsive Transit (DRT) Exchange would allow investors to invest in something other than direct Municipal Bonds while still being able to get a good, relatively safe return from a transparent set of securities and the cashflows generated would allow cities to stay afloat without them raising taxes on an already stretched population. Imagine how many people would be able to come off welfare if they had cheap, affordable means of getting to work? Regards ----- Forwarded by Eric Matthew Masaba/Texxi/CraneDragon on 22/03/2008 15:45 ----- Jerome Wiley Segovia <phpwiley@yahoo.com> 18/06/2007 20:26 To Eric.Masaba@CraneDragon.com cc Pat Brown <john.patrick.brown@gmail.com>, Jennifer Lubrani <meningioma@aol.com> Subject Re: Inquiries Yes - please send it! I am putting together a team of county citizens and officials to push a three phase project (2008 - 2011): Phase I (late 2007): Biodiesel interactive museum: provide for a non-threatening interactive exhibit in Arlington County where the general public can learn about biodiesel. Phase II (2008): Request an extension for the approval of local production of biodiesel from recaptured vegetable oil from restaurants, in situ (as museum has already gained public acceptance, the possibility of negative public reaction will be reduced). Production begins and registered pilot program users as well as County fleet equipment are allowed to consume the 500 to 1000 gallons produced per month. This phase would last for two calendar years, to include 2009 and 2010. Phase III (2010): Launching of an SMS-based minibus transportation system (using diesel Dodge/Mercedes 10 passenger Sprinters or similar) to aid in reducing the traffic congestion in the metro area: Washington DC, and suburbs rank as the third most congested metropolitan area in the United States, as of 2007. http://biodiesel.meetup.com/1