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Final cyberbullying1



This slide show is about "Cyberbullying" Have you ever imagined that technology would cause negative views for students to misuse it to hurt others?

This slide show is about "Cyberbullying" Have you ever imagined that technology would cause negative views for students to misuse it to hurt others?



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  • Have you ever imagined that technology usage would become a death target to students?

Final cyberbullying1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Cyber-Bullying
    “Take Action to Prevent it”
  • 2. Cyber-Bullying
    This is a serious problem in the world today
  • 3. Cyber-Bullying is used through these devices
  • 4. Examples of Cyber-Bullying
  • 5. Cyber-Bullying should not be ignored for these reasons
    The problem that makes Cyber-Bullying so important is that a bully can hide behind an electronic veil, disguise his/her true identity which makes this become more dangerous around the world.
    Cyber-Bullying can include:
    * Threats
    * Sending Pro-vocative insults
    *Racial or Ethnic slurs
    *Gay Bashing
    * Attempts to infect the victims computer with a virus ; and flood their email inbox messages
  • 6. Cyber-Bullying Victim Gender Stats
  • 7. What can be done if you become a victim
    * Don’t reply to messages from cyber-bullying
    * Do NOT keep this to yourself! You are NOT alone and you did NOT do anything to deserve this! Tell an adult you know and trust
    Cyber-bullying is often done by students who have early assess to these technologies and use it to their advantage for the wrong reasons.
  • 8. Quote about Cyber-Bullying from President Obama
    This is something that professionals, researchers and politicians take seriously because it has caused students to commit suicide and go into deep depressions where they may harm others. Here’s a great quote President Obama made at an MTV Forum.
    “The law is a powerful thing, but the law doesn’t always change what’s in people’s hearts!“
  • 9. If we all work together we can prevent Cyber-Bullying and create a safer online experience
    Stand Together for a good cause
  • 10. Prevention Tips to remember
    *Never give out personal info
    *Don’t believe everything you see or read
    *Don’t open a message from someone you don’t know
    * If it doesn’t look or feel right it probably isn’t
    * You don’t have to be “Always On” turn off, disconnect, unplug, try actual reality instead of virtual reality
  • 11. More examples of cyber-bullying
    This can happen to anyone
    watch the signs of a Cyber-Bully
  • 12. Bibliography
    Tech Target (copyright,2008). From
    Belsey.B (National Speakers Bureau) .From Partner. Protecting children online
    Leicestershire County Council. ”Beyond Bullying”.
  • 13. Cont. Bibliography
    Obama, President (2011 Mtv Networks). President Obama says cyber bullying- gets out of hand at mtv-forum. From
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